Sunday, October 01, 2006

Antifascist symbols criminalized in Germany

Since one week the neofascist party NPD was elected inside the parliament of another German state, Mecklenburg Vorpommern. in Many rural areas the Nazis are alredy dominating the streets and make life hell for refugees who are forced by the state to live in theese areas and to everybody who still has the courage to oppose the Nazis. The German state is paying millions of tax money to mobilize thousands of police forces to enable the Nazis to march in every German city despite people trying to stop them from marching.

But for some authorities in the state of Baden Würtemberg this is still not enough! A court in Stuttgart has now sentenced the owner of the Nix-Gut shop and mailorder for selling antifascist symbols. The reason is according § 86 of the German law the use of symbols neglecting the constitution is baned where the nazis swastika is the most prominent symbol. Now antifascists from probably all over the world are using crossed out swastikas, swastikas being smashed by a fist or a swastika being thrown inside a garbage bin as symbols against fascism.

The aim of the cynical legal system or at least of the state prosecution and the judge in Stuttgart is to criminalize antifascist action and to ruin Nix-Gut mailorder.

The nazis have every reason to applaude this judge for the support they are getting.

But Jürgen Kamm, owner of Nix-Gut ist appealing against this decision and many people are supporting his struggle. Regular infos in German at:

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