Wednesday, October 16, 2013

6th Wednesday-demo “Lampedusa in Hamburg – We’re staying here!

Every Wednesday 4:30pm at the Protest Tent Steindam 2 at Hamburg Central Station

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Faxcampaign for Salomon Wantchoucou: 12 years of opression is enough

write this letter to the German immigration autorities and demand political asylum o be granted

Friday, October 04, 2013

Lampedusa in Hamburg update!!!

Hamburg, news, 3rd of Octobre 2013 - Day of Germany's reunification

The Mayor of Hamburg/Germany and his Senators of social democrats (spd) demonstrate inhumantiy and misapply again their power against the church of northern germany.
While any political solution for the 350 libyan war refugees "Lampedusa in Hamburg" is still blocked by the Hamburg government now the Mayor Olaf Scholz /Spd announced to stop the church setting up containers for the group to overcome the wintertime.  From the 80 persons who are spleeping on the bare floor in St.Pauli Church 15 got already sick. In the other sleeping places it is not much better expecially where is no warm water, no shower and also bare floors.  Hunderts supporters together with the group "Lampedusa in Hamburg" marched today through the city on their weekly wednesday demonstration. Many bystanders expressed their sympathy as well their anger about the cruel ignorance of the Hamburg government which  damages the image of a city presents itself as international and open gate to the world. By the firm protest of the libyan war refugees now more people see the wickedness and the lies about the respecting the human rights. Ten thousands of citizens and far beyond have expressed in one way or the other their solidarity with the African victims of NATO war in Libya. 
Solidarity will win.
We are calling for another big demonstration on 2nd november (Central Station Hamburg  2 pm) to give our determination a strong voice.

and on 6th of november (5.30 pm) we are calling all to gather in front of the town hall during the goverment meeting. Our physical presence alone will make the difference.

come one - come all

What is morally wrong cannot be politically correct.
Together against inhumanity, injustice and racism

 "We hope for your solidarity" This call, by the group "Lampedusa in Hamburg" was addressed towards the public in May 2013. People listened, understood and engaged. For almost half a year "Lampedusa in Hamburg" is on the road and thousands of people support their demand for the right of residence. The voices for justice and humanity stand against ignorance and contempt for humanity of the Hamburg Senate.

For months, the 350 people of the group "Lampedusa in Hamburg" are living in a situation that truly is a non-ending nightmare since the outbreak of the war in Libya and the NATO air strikes - the horror of war, the fatal journey across the Mediterranean and their lawlessness, organized by the EU.

To "protect the civilian population" NATO bombed Libya in nearly 10,000 attacks. Italy examined the cases of people who escaped the war, issued individual refugee protection to all of those concerned, declared itself unable to implement this protection and drove the war refugees out of the country towards Northern Europe.

The need for war survivors to rebuild their lives after all their losses is blocked by the governments of the countries that preach democracy and human rights all over the world.

"It's like when someone tells you that you need to go into the fire again right after you fled from the fire. Without the war in Libya and without the catastrophic human rights situation for refugees in Italy, we would not be here. We are exhausted and worn out from a long involuntary and gruesome journey. We are looking for an end to the denial of our right to live. We are here to stay. "(Lampedusa in Hamburg)