Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stop the deportation of Felix Otto! 25.8.09, 9.30 a.m. - Protest action at Frankfurt/Main Airport

The Caravan for the rights of Refugees and Migrants in Germany.

Pressemitteilung von Karawane - Felix Otto kämpft weiter gegen die Abschiebung von 22.8.2009
Aufruf in deutsch

Update: Felix Otto now handcuffed in isolation Cell detention

Stop the deportation of Felix Otto!
Stop the mass deportation to Cameroon, stop the Charter of Shame!

Urgent fax action against the deportation of Felix Otto:
Fax template for download: hier der link zum download des Fax-update von 20.8.2009

Felix Otto, cameroonian activist of The Voice Refugee-Forum, who has been imprisoned in Suhl-Goldlauter / Thüringen since March 2009, first for „Residenzpflicht“ movement restriction law, later on for deportation, shall be deported on Tuesday, 25th of August 2009, at 10.40 a.m., together with other cameroonian refugees in a mass deportation charter-flight from Frankfurt to Cameroon.

With the charter-flight deportation, Felix Otto and all the other refugees concerned shall be deported as quickly and effectively as possible. Beyond any public perception and without any chance for resistance.

A mass deportation charter-flight means: The public, and even other flight passengers, are excluded from any possibility to witness what is happening to the people who are getting deported. Heavy police forces are in place to crush refugees' resistance - if necessary by making use of pepper spray, beatings and dogs. Any possibility for the refugees to stop their own deportation by protesting inside the plane shall be violently suppressed.

Felix Otto was imprisoned 5 months ago for violating the „Residenzpflicht“ movement restriction law because he had made use of his human right for Freedom of Movement. His case strongly rose public awareness and many people supported the struggle for his immediate release and for his freedom. Anyhow, the responsible migration authorities at Schleiz / Saale-Orla Kreis Thüringen are strongly determined to let Felix Otto disappear.

This must not happen! Come and join the protest action against the deportation of Felix Otto and against the mass deportation charter-flight to Cameroon at Frankfort/Main airport on:

Date: Tuesday, 25th of August 2009,
Time: at 9.30 a.m.!
Place: Halle B, Bus Station in front of Frankfort/Main airport

The Charter Flight of Shame must not take off! Felix Otto and all the other cameroonian refugees must stay here!

Stop deportation, abolish Residenzpflicht!

Protest the Colonial Injustice!

Send lots of protest-fax-letters against the deportation of Felix Otto!
Fax template for download: hier der link zum download des Fax-update von 20.8.2009

Pressemitteilung von The VOICE - Protest gegen die geplante Abschiebung von Felix Otto am 25.8.2009
Dt/Eng: Update - Felix Otto nun gefesselt in Isolationshaft // Felix Otto now in isolation Cell detention von 20.8.2009:

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Pagani Detention Centre - Lesvos, Greece

Here a couple of images which show how bad it is to be in Pagani, and a short video clip we produced with different material taken inside. It shows that even youngest kids are imprisoned. You also see detained women demanding freedom, and some young men show that their room is so overcrowded that they not only sleep on the ground, but also beneath the other beds.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Immediate release of Felix Otto! Stop his deportation!

Felix Otto, a refugee from Cameroon, who lives in Thuringia over 8 years.
Since March 30, 2009 Mr. Otto is in prison of Suhl‐Goldlauter.

Musterfax mit Vorlage zum Download
Fax template in english for download

He is sentenced to eight month imprisonment, because he has violated the so called “Residenzpflicht”. He only has taken his right, what according to the international declaration of human right is a basic human right, the right of free movement. Now he is punished double. The responsible Foreigner Office is additionally preparing his deportation to Cameroon. The Administrative Court of Suhl ordered accordingly his deportation detention. To do this all rules of a fair trial were excluded. Just two days before the hearing in the administrative court of Suhl Mr. Felix Otto, who is in a bad psychological and physical condition, was informed about the hearing. The hearing itself took place without his laywer, because the Foreigner Office did not inform the court that Mr. Otto has a legal representative. The chance was not given to him to prepare himself for the defense with the help of a legal expert and consultant.

As an asylum seeker and as a member of the refugee self‐organization “THE VOICE Refugee Forum“ in Germany he is in danger to be persecuted in Cameroon due to his activities as an oppositional. Cameroon is a country in which human right violations and corruption rule. Real opposition and political opponents are silenced with brutality. People are arrested arbitrarily and without a legal basis. The freedom of expression and the freedom of assembly are massively limited. Human right activists and journalists are intimated brutally or even killed. During the protests against thegovernment in February 2008 at least 100 people were killed on the streets by the security forces. Amnesty international warns from an increase of brutality prior to the presidential elections in 2011.

A deportation to Cameroon not only means a threat to the life of the deported but as well a silent acceptance of the human right violations.