Friday, October 27, 2006

Refugees on strike demonstrate in Hannover

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On Wednesday the 25th of October a demonstration went through the center of the capital of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) to protest against the inhuman treatment of refugees by the government of this state. Many refugees of the isolation and deportation camp Blankenburg outside the city of Oldenburg came to express their protest. They are already on a strike since 4th of October. Being on strike means to boycott the ugly food they are served inside the camp and to boycott the one-euro jobs inside the camp.
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Many protest actions have been taking place in the frame of their strike.
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Delegates from the deportation camps in Bramsche-Hesepe and Braunschweig joined the demonstration, too.
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The start was in front of the central station.
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At the parliament of Lower Saxony a delegation spoke to some parliamentarians.
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To the Ministery of Inner Affairs (Innenministerium) the office being primarily responsible for the refugees misery a declaration was issued.

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