Thursday, February 28, 2013

Refugees' Revolution Bustour

from 26th of February until 20th of March, 2013
Following a long tradition of refugee struggles against the violation of our human rights, we set up the Refugee Protestcamp at Oranienplatz, Berlin on the 6th of October. It‘s there, we are keeping our resistance on the streets since one year and we are still keeping our struggle on the streets and we will stay until our demands are met! We ask all of you, refugees and asylum-seekers, around Germany to break the isolation and to break the silence and join your brothers and sisters to the Protestcamp at Oranienplatz to take what is our right. To exchange experiences, put aside our common fears and start fighting together, we are heading for a ‚Refugee Revolution Bus Tour‘ which will start on the 26th of February from Oranienplatz, Berlin. For three weeks we will visit Lagers in different federal states of Germany in order to spread information about the protest and invite all of you, the refugees and asylum-seekers, to gather in Berlin for the big demonstration on 23rd of March. In order to fight against the inhuman laws in a mass protest, we call you to stand up with us hand in hand to:
Abolish the inhuman deportation law
Close the Refugee camps
Abolish „Residenzpflicht“

On the 20th of March we will be back in Berlin and all meet to join the ‚Refugees‘ Revolution – breaking Residenzpflicht, Lager and Deportation on the 23rd of March – to demonstrate the power of refugees fighting for their basic human rights! All strikers and supporters of the Refugee Protest are invited to join the bus tour. If you can, bring your cars and small busses with some free seats! We will leave Oranienplatz after a press conference the 26th of february at 12pm. But you can also join along the route. To spend time together, share information and be at the side of the refugees and asylum-seekers in the Lagers, we will stay near the Lagers for at least one night. For fruther details about our route and updated information about the Refugee Revolution Bus Tour, please check out:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Refugee demonstration in Vienna on 16th of February

We demand our rights!

Starting with their march from Traiskirchen to Vienna, the refugees themselves began to fight for their rights. Neither the agitation by the media, nor threats by the ministry of internal affairs nor the bitter cold could intimidate them. They fled from war, environmental disaster and poverty.
Here, they still face oppression: They are not allowed to work, hardly have access to education and are kept like prisoners. Asylum seekers are denied the right to basic rights. Their lack of rights affects us all: Corporations abuse them as illegal work force in order to lower wages.
Asylum seekers are not to blame for social issues and injustices. They are used by politicians as scapegoats, racist policies divert from real solutions to social problems.
We try to draw attention to this problem on an international scale. Each and every year, thousands of refugees die trying to flee to europe. The EU increased the budget of the anti-refugee border protection organisation Frontex tenfold – while savage austerity cuts in the member states are driving people to suicide by the thousands. On Februray 16th, we protest. In solidarity with the refugees in Austria and in the rest of the world. We make a stand against racism and right wing agitation with our international solidarity. Social problems can only be solved when we all have equal rights. Join the demonstration! Bring your family, friends and collegues! Equal rights for us all!
  • Solidarity with the Refugee Movement!
  • Stop repression!
  • Right to work for asylum seekers!
16. Februar 2013, 14 Uhr / February 16, 2013, 2 p.m.
Westbahnhof Wien / Westbahnhof Vienna
Sticker (PDF)

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Stop the deportation of Osman Tigani to Sudan

Osman Tigani, a Sudanese refugee and political activist from Darfur (West Sudan) is in deportation prison in Halle right now. Tomorrow (07-02-13) he will be transfered to Dessau, and on Friday (08-02-13) is planed to be deported to Sudan, to be arrested there and then to be killed by Sudanese Security Forces.
Osman asked for asylum in 2004, but unfortunately German authorities rejected his application. And he did whatever he can to stay, but last year his case had been closed, in the authorities asked him to leave Germany.
On behalf of the Sudanese refugee community in Germany, I repeat myself again and again, Sudan is a war and conflict area, and security forces there account refugees in Europe - mainly from Darfur region - as wanted persons, and any refugee deported to Sudan, will be arrested immediately and is to be be killed.
We are strongly warning the Ausländerbehörde of Bitterfeld, the Bundesamt and the German government, from any kind of violations that Osman Tigani may face. And the German government is fully responsible for his safety and his life.
And I clearly say, if the German government decided to deport Osman it means that it will participate in his assassination in Sudan, and we will be sure that any authorities who take part in this deportation will pay for it.
It is to declare and to inform everybody, that the deportation of Osman Tijani is threatening his life.
We call on everybody to stop this deportation immediately.
Maissara M. Saeed
Hannover - Germany

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

International Tribunal vs. the Federal Republic of Germany

International Tribunal vs the Federal Republic of Germany

Unite against Colonial Injustice and human rights abuses 13-06-2013

During the last 20 years, the Refugees have been fighting against all kind of human rights abuses in Germany. The situation of the Refugees in this country got worse especially after the racist laws of 1993, these laws crashed all what have been left from 'respect' to the rights of Refugees and more important to the right of any one' right to submit an application of asylum in Germany.

The German system keeping shining its picture around the world through its dirty propaganda. The 'Asylum laws' have shocked me and my wife the day we arrived in Germany as refugees, the racist behaviours and looks of the officers and the administrators were all to blame us for fleeing to Germany. Moving from one lager to another, made us discovering more how are refugees treated in Germany, the letters of deportation were coming and still coming and watching other refugees getting deported made our life a horror, and put other refugees under a huge pressure, many of them saw that making an end to their lives is the only solution to end the sufferance, others are psychologically crashed.

Germany took our right to move freely by Residenzpflicht, took our dignity by giving us Gutscheine instead of cash money, took our freedom by obliging us living in a lager made looking like a prison (ex-Lager in Zella-Mehlis), total Isolation from life. The system make us looking guilty by criminalising us everywhere through the police racist controls, on the streets, in the trains and stations... because we don't look German. The charge is being a Refugee in Germany.

Joining the Voice Refugee Forum in 2010, and working together with the Break-Isolation Network, the Caravan for Rights of the Refugees and Migrants, gave me a chance to defend my rights as refugees, many strong and successful events took place since then but The Tribunal in June 2013 is chance for me and for every refugee to have the right to say ''Enough... The Colonial Injustice must Stop Now''.

Therefore, I appeal to all Refugees in Germany to join us in Berlin, 13 June 2013 to say NO to the human rights abuses and being an Active by taking part in the Tribunal against the Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Miloud L Cherif
The VOICE Refugee Forum - Meiningen