Monday, September 11, 2006

Arzu Torun Must Be Released Immediately!


Don’t Let New Disappearances to Happen in Turkey!
Arzu Torun Must Be Released Immediately!
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In Turkey, which is known by ongoing violation of freedom of thought and long-years of imprisonment of many journalists, new attacks, arrestments and attempts of disappearing people under police custody are recently being of the agenda. While we are worried about the lives of some of the people who have been taken into custody because of letting them to speak with nobody and existence of torture in Turkey, it is being learned that Arzu Torun and somebody else together with her have been kidnapped by the police.

A human rights defender and lawyer Eren Keskin, who spoke at the press meeting organised by the weekly socialist newspaper Atilim and supported by many institutions, on Sunday, the 10th of September, stated that her client Arzu Torun, together with someone else, have been kidnapped somewhere in close distance to the Adana Airport by the police. Eren Keskin said that Torun shouted for help during the mentioned incident of kidnapping and said “Call Eren Kesin, my lawyer, they want to disappear me”. Keskin noted that the witnesses had reached her through phone call.

It is also being learned that the Chief Editor of Atilim Newspaper, Ibrahim Cicek is taken into police custody while traveling in a car in Manisa on 8 September, and the others, the Coordinator of Atilim Newspaper, Sedat Senoglu, Ziya Ulusoy, Ali Hidir Polar, Hatice Bolat, H. Tuncay Yurttas, Bayram Namaz, Rukiye Erbas, Hanefi Kinaci, Cemile Aktas, Fatma Siner, Naci Guner, Volkan Okumus, Seyfi Polat, Huseyin Ari, Arif Celebi, Elif Almakca, Erhan Ceylan, Ayhan Ocal, Ayhan Guzel, Gulden Guzel, Ozgur Gedik those who are known as revolutionaries and socialists and the Chief Coordinator of Ozgur Radyo, Fusun Erdogan are also being taken into police custody and brought to the Vatan Anti-Terror Branch in Istanbul, known as the torture centre. It has been learned that the people under police custody are not being let to speak with their solicitors, except Ibrahim Cicek.

One can see that such attacks in Turkey are being increased and the opposition is being tried to be put in silence after the introduction of New Anti-Terror Laws. We are witnessing the intense violation of human rights and freedoms as shown by the instances of police attacks on the people those who are protesting sending of troops to Lebanon, and their imprisonment, the torture in the police stations and the massacre of 3 people, including a 8 years-old child, Mizgin Ozbek, in Batman.

ICAD protests the Turkish State’s violation of human rights and freedoms, and demands the immediate release of arrested journalists and other oppositional people.
ICAD worries about the lives of arrested journalists and the people in opposition to state, and calls upon all organisations and individuals, those who are for the human rights and freedoms, to protest these anti-democratic practices of the Turkish State.
ICAD protests the Turkish State’s new attempts to disappear people, and demands immediate release of Arzu Torun and the other person who has been kidnapped together with her.

You can send your protest messages in order to prevent new disappearances to the following mail addresses:
The Justice Minister, Murat Baseskioglu, E-Mail:, Tel: 0090 312 296 60 00
The Minister of Interior, Abdulkadir Aksu, E-Mail:
The Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan, E-Mail:

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