Sunday, October 22, 2006

Solidarity Congress for Venezuela, 28./29.10.2006

A new bolivarian mandate for president Hugo Chvez
Convención Internacionalista, 28./29.10.2006
Defensa de la Soberana Bolivariana - Apoyo al Nuevo Mandato Bolivariano del presidente Hugo Chávez Frías

On December 3rd presidential elections will take place in Venezuela. According to all opinion polls available, 60% of the electorate will be voting for the re-election of President Hugo Chavez. During the seven years of his government the project of the Bolivarian Revolution has resulted in unique reforms in the educational system and the public health service, in the redistribution of more than two million hectare of land for the benefit of 150 000 families, and in economic growth with social justice. Among the poor popular masses a broad Bolivarian, anti-oligarchic and anti-imperialist movement has been emerging. This dynamic process to overcome the structures of the former system is reflected in the programme of Hugo Chavez, which means the sovereign development of the country opposed to US- imperialism, a participative peoples democracy and a new concept of socialism of the 21st century.

Within the last few years the Bolivarian government and movement in Venezuela have contributed decisively to broaden the anti-imperialist opposition to the US-Empire by condemning the war crimes of the USA and its allies, by showing solidarity with the nations attacked and threatened and by making concrete steps to enhance an international cooperation of the anti-imperialist movements.

Furthermore, the experiences gained in the process of building a new society with the perspective of a socialist development are a chance to develop alternative ideas of popular power and social justice resulting from and based on the anti-imperialist resistance.

The effects of the successful development of Venezuela on other Latin-American states and the positive reception of this development in Arab countries and movements opposing the US-American world order have alerted Washington. Faced with the dilemma of a re-election of Comandante Chavez, which appears to become reality, and with the traditional pro-American parties in Venezuela being completely disreputed, the USAs option is discrediting the elections internationally. The Pentagons wild claims about democracy being at stake mean nothing less than the fact that real democracy and sovereignty of the respective country is on the USAs black list. The USA will go to any lengths to prevent another Bolivarian mandate so as to stop the development of the radical changes which have begun to take shape in Venezuela.

Facing this situation, the European and international opposition against the US-American Empire is being called upon to raise their voices and take steps against the propaganda war of the USA and its allies.

We therefore invite all the democratic and anti-imperialist movements to participate in a solidarity congress in support of the people and the government of Venezuela, to express the support of the peoples of the world for the re-election of President Chavez.

Furthermore the experiences on the transition to a new social concept (The Socialism of the 21st Century) will be discussed with representatives of the Bolivarian popular movement and government, in order to enrich and strengthen the debate on social and political alternatives to the imperialist globalization inside the international resistance movement against the US-Empire.


* Breites Bndnis für Kolumbien, Berlin
* Initiativ e. V., Duisburg
* Antiimperialistische Koordination Wien

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