Friday, May 29, 2009

Hessen (Germany) deports 26-year-old Rom to Kosovo

28 May 2009 – According to information by his lawyer, police officers arrested the 26 year-old Elvis A. on Monday, 26 May 2009, around midnight at his home in Fuldatal, to deport him back to Kosovo. His life-time companian and the two small children of the couple are left alone in Germany.
28 May 2009 – According to information by his lawyer (see press release on our website), police officers arrested the 26 year-old Elvis A. on Monday, 26 May 2009, around midnight at his home in Fuldatal, where he lived together with his life companion and their two small children, one and a half year and three weeks old, to deport him back to Kosovo, where he has no other family members. According to the same source, Elvis A. arrived in Germany, in September 1999, together with his parents and other siblings, in the aftermath of the Kosovo conflict.

Instead of receiving asylum, Elvis A. was merely granted a “tolerated status” (“Duldung”), which offers but a limited protection against deportation. Moreover, under this status, Elvis A. was not allowed to receive professional training or take up a regular job. Arriving in Germany 82 days too late, he missed the deadline for having his case to be considered by the so-called “Härtefallkommission”, which deals with cases of exceptional hardship among asylum seekers.

One month ago, Elvis A. received a letter, asking him to leave Germany on a “voluntary basis”. Referring to his family situation and social integration, his lawyer requested a residence permit. There was no response to this, until his deportation to Kosovo. According to his lawyer, there was no time to introduce legal remedies.

The German federal government has recently concluded a readmission agreement with the Kosovo authorities which allows for the forced repatriation of people originating from Kosovo, regardless their ethnic background. This agreement stands in contrast and de facto violates the UNHCR position on the continued international protection needs of individuals from Kosovo, according to which Kosovo Roma and Serbs continue to be at risk of persecution and should be granted asylum or subsidiary protection.

The deportation of Elvis A. coincides with the publication by Minority Rights Group International of a report highlighting the continued discrimination of ethnic minorities leading to their departure from Kosovo. The same day, the Council of Europe Commission against Racism and Intolerance, ECRI, issued its fourth country report on Germany in which it expressed its criticism regarding Germany’s restrictive policies towards asylum seekers.

In this report, ECRI devotes an entire section to the situation of people who have been admitted in Germany on the basis of the “tolerated status”. While praising Germany’s efforts to provide a provisional residence status to persons who have been staying in Germany for many years, which is referred to as “Bleiberechtsregelung”, provided their fulfilment of certain conditions, ECRI encouraged the German authorities “to work towards a solution which is humane and respectful of human rights for all persons, including those who will not benefit from the present provisions, who have been living in Germany with tolerated status for a long time and have developed close ties with Germany.” Elvis A. would certainly have fallen under this category.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Tamils present and future in Sri Lanka?

While Sri Lankan government praises itself for having defeated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and claiming the death of its leader, Vellupupilai Pirabakaran, Sri Lankan army continues the slaughtering of Tamil civilians.

On Sunday, 17th of May 2009, TamilNet reported on Col. Soosai, the Sea Tiger Special Commander of the LTTE saying that around 25,000 civilians injured in the artillery attack of Sri Lanka Army are dead and dying now without receiving medical attention. The LTTE has repeatedly requested the ICRC through Mr. Pathmanathan to evacuate the injured through Vadduvaakal or Iraddaivaaikkaal, but there was no IC response. Within a 2 square kilometre area, there are dead bodies everywhere while the remaining thousands are in bunkers amidst the use of every kind of weapon by Colombo's forces. The SLA is not even allowing the people to flee but prefers to fire at them, Soosai said.

Meanwhile, latest reports from Vanni indicate that several thousands of civilians have been captured by the SLA, but only after first firing at them at random, causing the death and injury of many.

LTTE's head of international relations S. Pathmanathan in a statement Sunday, following an hour after Soosai's message, said the LTTE is prepared to silence its guns if that is what needed by the International Comunity to save the life and dignity of the Tamil people.

Voice: Soosai's message to media from Vanni Sunday noon (in Tamil)

What is happening to the surviving civilians captured by Sri Lankan army or who are "liberated from the LTTE" as Sri Lankan government used to call the capture shows the following article published by :

Tamil women raped by the government forces! President must reveal the names of Tamils taken to execution chambers!

News reaching from very reliable sources from the IDP Camps in Vavuniya, have alleged that up to 300 Tamil women have been allegedly mistreated and in most cases raped by members of the Sri Lankan army. A majority of the victims were gang-raped by Sri Lankan soldiers, whilst in the transition camps prior to their arrival at the permanent camps in Vavuniya district. There are upto 16 IDP camps at present with over 150,000 IDP’s.

Mistreatment of young Tamil women aged between 18 and 25 years is almost a daily occurrence with some victims so scared they voluntarily act as sex slaves for prying desperate Sri Lankan Army personnel. Up to 45 women escaped from the LTTE controlled areas three months ago were recently interviewed discreetly and it was confirmed that they are pregnant as a result of being the victims of rape. The SL Army on the other-hand is denying the allegations and blaming the LTTE instead for the war crimes.

It is also claimed that the government forces have taken large numbers of young Tamil men and women from the transit points to undisclosed places. Their whereabouts are been kept secret and it is claimed that by barring the International Non Governmental Organizations like the ICRC, the government forces are able to carryout untold human rights violations against the arrested persons. Sources also said the government death squad operating in the war torn areas have become so sophisticated that they are carrying out the murders without traces of evidence.

It is claimed that over one thousand young Tamil men and women have been executed by the military death squad since the government operations started against the LTTE.

(End of Article from

That theese genozidal acts by Sri Lankan forces are not likley to end after defeating the LTTE shows the current mood in colombo, described by TamilNet on Sunday, 17th of May 2009:

Flaunting 'victory' to Tamils in Colombo

Sinhala mob carrying the Lion Flag of Sri Lanka, and shouting 'jeyawewa' (victory), menacingly hover around the Tamil suburbs in Colombo such as Ko'l'lup-piddi, Ve'l'la-vaththai, Bambalapiti, Dehiwela, Koddaagn-cheanai and Maddakku'li, news reports from Colombo said. Their vehicles in which they roam around, are also guarded by flag-carrying police and intelligence vehicles, the reports said. The Tamil pedestrians are humiliated and ridiculed by this gang and by the armed personnel at security points by being specifically addressed and told that their leader Pirapaharan has been captured and everything was over, the reports further said.

The Lion Flags were hoisted on both sides of the Galle Road in Colombo and police personnel were seen distributing flags to shopkeepers and householders and enforcing them to hoist the flags.

'Kiri-bath' (milk-rice) served on auspicious occasions by the Sinhalese was seen being offered to pedestrians in different parts of Colombo as part of the 'celebrations'.

Meanwhile, video clippings Sunday showed Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, being received at the airport after his Jordan visit by a jubilant crowd of colleagues and well-wishers, including Mr. Douglas Devananda, giving him a welcome kiss.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sri Lanka: 1200 bodies counted, hundreds seriously injured

[TamilNet, Sunday, 10 May 2009, 11:26 GMT]
Rescue workers within the Mullaiththeevu Safety Zone have counted more than 1200 bodies after the large scale slaughter Saturday night and Sunday morning by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) with the use of cluster ammunition, multi-barrel rocket launchers and cannons, sources from Vanni said. The workers fear that there may be additional bodies yet to be uncovered, and the numbers killed will likely rise. Rescue workers also said several hundreds were very seriously injured, and the critical shortage of medicine at the makeshift hospital in Mu'l'li-vaaykkaal will lead to many more deaths. Meanwhile, Mu'l'li-vaaykkaal Hospital staff said, until 3:00 p.m. the number of bodies brought to the hospital was 378, injured totaled 1122. The staffers added that 106 of the dead, and 251 of the injured were children.

The casualties and the seriously injured include many elderly, women and children.

The bombing which subsided until noon Sunday increased after 12:00 noon when Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) fighter jets carried out two bombing raids at 12:45 p.m. Sunday, sources from inside the safety zone said.

Rescue workers said the counting of the dead is continuing and the actual number killed in the worst-ever man inflicted carnage by Sri Lanka state will not be known for a few days.

The large scale slaughter is believed to be a result of India prodding Colombo to finish the war before the change of government, political circles in Colombo said adding that the 'war on terror' has appeared to have been translated into 'war on civilians' in the time of Obama Administration.

May 10th carnage in Safety Zone
May 10th carnage in Safety Zone
May 10th carnage in Safety Zone
May 10th carnage in Safety Zone

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Letter of Protest from the Lager in Möhlau (Germany)

The voice and the caravan members of Mohlau, Lutherstadt Wittenberg had united together as refugies to discuss their strugles and surferings to which the following protocol were made,on 05/04/2009.

1. The discussions of deportation treats and the denied of " Aufenhaltsrechts" for refugies who merited to be regulated, such as for the case of Stolla from Kosovo, who have been living in Mohlau since 1999, Saifa from Kosovo, who equally live in möhlau with his several children since 9 years, Toure who have been equally living in Möhlau for almost 11 years now, Ali has been living in möhlau for the past 7-8 years, Kahlaf als from syria has been in germany for the past 15 years and she equally had Diabete and eye problem, also victim of "Gutschien", Alsaid there since 1999 and his chldrens were born here in Germany, Fernando has been living in mohlau for the past 5 years with his familly, from Guinea Bissau, Liu from China has been living in mohlau for the past 13 years and her child were been born here in Germany also "Gutschein" victim and many others.Especially africains are favoured victim in this matter why?

2. The manipulation of the foreing office and social office of lutherstadt Wittenberg concerning "Gutscheine". The use of "identität" as an objet to touture and practice inhuman treatement to innocent refugees, to which some of them had totally lost kontact to the country of residence or their old documents had been destroyed and expired or are Stateless and had no families any moor.

3. The deniyal of working permitte by the same forigne office of lutherstadt Wittenberg to innocent refugees were been discused while other Local governement were now according working permits to refugees living in there local governement.

To all these points mentioned the refugees in Mohlau wittenberg are expressing their anger and protest because thier lives were been systematically destryoyed despite the fact that they were innocent they were angry because of the negetive interpretation of their innocent law as far as it concerns refugees. They were calling for support The voice refugees forum and the caravane for the right of refugees for a public demonstration in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Letter of protest

The voice and the karavane for the right of refugees Mohlau, Lutherstadt Wittenberg were definitely angry and are denoucing the inhuman practices accorded to them by the forigne office and social office of lutherstadt Wittenberg, therfore are calling for their right to be respected and be giving to them because they have had enough patient in these matters, however, the refugees lives were been destroyed instead of the neccessasry proctection from which the law defines in a positive way.

Refugees in mohlau lives in an isolated area, to which integrating themselves into the society is very very difficult never the less they were been tortured, intimadated, abused by some civil servant because of hatred, ignorance etc. Refugees are calling for the abolishment of all these practices.

They were demanding for the abolishement of the so called "Gutschien" . With this practice the lives of innocent refugees were been totured and Luterstad wittenberg knew that it was an inhuman treatement but they applied it, that is racism and non tranperency of democracy.

he refugees were demanding for their right of existence, to compromise that, the german law makers defined what we called "Aufenthaltsrecht" So that refugees can work and contribute to the development of germany.Therefore the refugees were strongly demanding the director of the foreing office to take positive position now! So that the refugees live will be saved instead of destroying their lives.

The refugees in mohlau lutherstadt wittenberg have the right to work , however this has not been permitted because of racial intent, hatred why? So therfore we the refugees were demanding today Lutherstadt wittenberg to abolish all these inhuman treatements and recognise the human dignity, existence.

We the refugges of Mohlau lutherstadt wittenberg were basing on all these reasons mentioned to informe the "Burgermeister", The director of the foreing , the administrative office, Gemeinde rat , and the citicens, indigenes of lutherstadt wittenberg to reforme their hatredness toward refugees and recognise the right of thes refugees and respect the human right and diginity.


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