Monday, October 29, 2018

NATIONAL DEMONSTRATION, on NOVEMBER 10th, in ROME - United and in Solidarity against the government, racism and the Salvini decree

United and in Solidarity against the government, racism and the Salvini decree

It is time to react, mobilize and unite against the attacks of the government (to which previous minister Minniti has paved the way), against the racist escalation and the Salvini decree that attacks the freedom of all and everyone. • For the immediate withdrawal of the security and immigration decree passed by the government. NO to the Pillon bill about family.
• Reception, welcome, hospitality and regularization for all immigrants and refugees.
• Solidarity and freedom for Mayor Mimmo Lucano! Hands off from the town of Riace and from NGOs.
• Against social exclusion.
• No to refoulements, expulsions, evictions.
• Against rampant racism, the fascist threat, violence against women, homophobia and any kind of discrimination.

For these reasons we call for a rally, to march in a a peaceful, supportive, plural NATIONAL DEMONSTRATION, on November 10th , in Rome (Italy)

Platform voted by the anti-racist assembly of October 14th in Rome
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Monday, September 24, 2018

24th anniversary of The VOICE Refugee Forum 24 years of resistance by refugees in Germany

24th anniversary of The VOICE Refugee Forum
24 years of resistance by refugees in Germany
04. to 07. October 2018

Faulloch/Johannistor Am Pulverturm 07743 Jena

Discussion and workshops with Box Black Installation and Performance
Refugee Black Box Installation „City Parade“
Saturday, 6.10.218, 4pm till 6pm, in Jena

The VOICE, Our VOICE, will always be ours and can never be silenced!

24 years of active resistance by The VOICE Refugee Forum in Germany is testimony to the fact that the self-organization of affected people is the only viable alternative in the struggle of the oppressed. Our aim is and remains to end the fears and insecurities associated with the status of a refugee in Germany and throughout Europe.

On the occasion of the 24th anniversary of „The VOICE Refugee Forum“, we will organize 4 days of socio-cultural and political events in Jena from Thursday, October 4th to Sunday, October 7th.
Once again we will address the inalienable human rights of freedom of movement and resettlement and the importance of continued self-organisation of refugees by identifying and exposing our criminalisation through state persecution: the focus will be on the analysis and description of deportations as crimes and the structural cruelty of deportation detention facilities. We will install symbolic BLACK BOXES, analysing, understanding and furthering our struggles.

The self-organization and networking by the directly affected of the collective oppression is the community and it is also the weapon to self-determination of refugees and Migrants.
Please join us for a life decided by our quest for a free society, equality and human dignity.

Share Our Appeal To Refugee Communities And Other Migrants! Let’s become the Ambassadors Of Our Community Networks. Your liberation is bound up with mine! Our Liberty is bound together!
We call on you to endorse and symbolize the Stop deportation struggle with the refugee Black Box. We want to revive the political tools of our struggles on related topics „disrupt the persecution and eu authoritarianism“ against refugees and migrants.

The struggles of refugee resistance and justice is by our continuity in Germany. Support the refugee political movement.

To all Refugee Activists, Asylum Seekers and Migrants:
We are calling on refugees/Asylum Seekers and Migrants to build trustworthy Communities to strengthen our solidarity against the continuous inhumane treatments in Germany and Europe. Self-organization goes beyond telling our stories and our problems to the others. Its objective should be empowering through an independent political platform and self-determination in the refugee/Migrant community with refugee/Migrant activists and for the refugees/Migrants.

Refugees‘ Endless Struggles Against
Deportation | Colonial Injustice | Racism | For Freedom of Movement
Contact us for further information on how to join and become active in our Communities and the NETWORK. You can also inform us about your demands for justice and struggles against refugee repressions and injustice in your localities in the regions of Germany.
We are inviting Refugees and Migrants to compliment this call by sending us your appeals from your communities in solidarity for networking.

Power Up, in Solidarity
The VOICE Refugee Forum
Contact Jena/Thür.:
+49 176 24568988 |
Contact Berlin:
+49 170 8788124 (WhatsApp) |
Donations account: The VOICE e.V., Sparkasse Göttingen,
IBAN: DE97 2605 0001 0000 1278 29, BIC: NOLADE21GOE,
Account number 127829, Bank code: 260 500 01

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Good news: Magsud A. versus the German Deportation Machinery 2:0 for Magsud Victory

Magsud A. versus the German Deportation Machinery 2:0 for Magsud Victory
Disrupt the German Deportation Machinery and the persecution of refugees by the authoritarian state!
Read below on the dubious persecution of refugees in Apolda and the recent struggle of Dr. Magsud Aghayev against the Foreigner’s Office in Apolda and the Bundesamt in Nürnberg
Dr. Magsud Aghayev and his son Rafael got their residence permit back after 3 years (M) and 9 years (R) without permanent residence from the Foreigners’ Office in Apolda!!! This is really great news because their defiance and determination in the face of persecution and intimidation by the state is once again proof that we can resist and win even against the monster.
Both of them arrived in Germany in 2005 as father and son. Rafael, his son, is the father of an 8-year-old boy who lives with his German mother in Apolda. Dr. Magsud and his son were transferred to Apolda after he led the struggle with other refugees to close down the infamous Katzhütte isolation camp in 2008. The struggle of Dr Magsud for the rights of refugees did not end with the closure of the notorious Katzhütte camp nor in Apolda. As Dr. Magsud so often stated „We will fight till the end“.
Dr. Magsud was granted the right to stay in Germany in 2010 by the administrative court of Meiningen without further deportation threat. In 2012, Maqsud's permanent residence permits were withheld and substituted with normal white A4-papers renewal for him and his son without justification with bi-monthly to three months maximum extensions. All the while, Magsud was being intimidated and criminalized, persecuted and threatened with court processes, and by the deportation deal between the Foreigner’s Office and BAMF. This deal was meant to review his positive court decision to enable the nullification of his residence permit granted by the court.
In his struggle he had to face many awkward and funny situations:
As a result of these shenanigans Magsud and Miloud from The VOICE Refugee Forum
went to BAMF Hermsdorf in Thueringen in Febuary 2018, where they were told that the
BAMF Nürnberg was in charge of his case. So Magsud tried to contact Nurnberg but to no avail. A delegation was planned by Magsud to meet with the officials of BAMF in Nürnberg on 2nd March 2018. This was without notification because all attempts to reach them on phone before had failed.
Our delegates from Thueringen informed the officials at the BAMF Nürnberg that we needed an answer to Magsud’s situation and that the visit will not be the end of the protest. The BAMF officials then promised to see to the case but said that the official in charge was actually in Hermsdorf. Yet, they refused to name the official in BAMF in Hermsdorf when asked. They responded that the officials were secret. In the so-called rechtsstaat, the name of a public official suddenly becomes a secret. Bravo!!! Wonder they say shall never end!!!
No official in the office of the Bundesamt directly involved in his case was known by name and there was no official letter or other correspondence. It is important to know that the right to asylum is of political and public interest and for the interest of the refugee community. There must not be any secret about it.
Shortly after Magsud led the delegation of refugees and activists on the 2nd March 2018 to the BAMF in Nürnberg the Foreigner’s Office informed Rafael and Magsud in the middle of March on the success of their struggles against the Foreigner’s Office and the BAMF. They would get back their stay permits with four years extension. We never doubted!
The most fascinating lesson for us all here was Magsud’s self-determination to fight politically. He refused to bow or solicit paternalistic support but instead relied on the time tested solidarity and the overriding common interest that is at the heart of our struggle for justice. He could not afford to succumb to the discriminatory bureaucrazy that intimidated, criminalised and persecuted him without any reason other than to punish him, suppress his voice and silence him for his fight for justice. He refused to take a lawyer for his political protest and his unyielding determination coupled with the ironclad solidarity from fellow refugees amongst others saw the case of BAMF and the Foreigners’ Office collapse like a pack of cards and a hoax that it was.
It is obvious Dr. Magsud has been persecuted because of his political activism in the refugee migrants community, The VOICE and the Caravan, and in the break deportation network in Thueringen. He committed no crime, activism is no crime and we’re all supremely proud of him! He is a worthy example to young and new refugees in Germany and the message is clear: If you do not fight for your right, the so-called rechtsstaat will deny your rights! Basta!!!
After three years of fighting, Magsud and his son Rafael got his residence permit back!
"I will fight till the end" he says, and we reply, “We will fight with you all the way!!!
We are proud of every supporter as we congratulate especially the refugee activists from Bamberg refugee camp who were very motivated to support Magsud A during his delegation meeting in the BAMF in Nuremberg on the 02.03.2018.
More information on the persection and criminalisation of Magsud in
Apolda will be televised by the community!
Find links to protest actions and activities of Magsud Aghavev
The VOICE Refugee Forum
Break Deportation Network
Caravan Refugee/Migrants Network

Friday, March 16, 2018

Biji Berxwedana Afrine Newroz Piroz Be!

Mass detention after protest in Donauwörth on 14/03/2018

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In the early morning of March 14, 2018, a deportation was successfully prevented in the Donauwörth reception centre. Afterwards, a large police operation was carried out in the afternoon. Those residents who were in their rooms were locked in, both entrance and exit doors of the reception centre had been locked as well. Room searches and identity checks were carried out. 29 people were arrested.On the one hand, the police operation in the afternoon of 14 March 2018 has been triggered by the deportation, which was prevented in the morning between 3:00 am and 4:00 am, when approximately 100 people left their rooms in the reception centre and demanded that the deportation be stopped. On the other, there a strike against the 80-cent jobs and the German courses in the reception centre has been going on in the last few months. The refugee activists demand the recognition of their asylum claims, or that they may leave Germany if they do not obtain a right to stay.
The German bureaucracy prevents people from leaving the country and keeps them imprisoned for several years, while forcing them to be inactive through work bans and education bans.
While preventing the deportation in the early morning, no violence, resistance or the like emanated from the refugees. People joined the corridor collectively and demanded to stop the deportation of one person. Despite the legal protest, the names of the activists were recorded, some of them were taken away by police in the afternoon. More than 100 police officers were on duty.
This operation follows a tactics of criminalisation and intimidation on the part of the police, aimed at refugee activists who are fighting for their right to stay.
According to current information, 28 persons are in custody, 1 activist is in detention awaiting trial (“Untersuchungshaft”). They are accused of trespassing and “ringleadership”. 

Video: Police at EA, 14.03
Video: Festnahme