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The dramatic stopping of the investigations and 13th memorial anniversary of the murder of our brother OURY JALLOH

Berlin, 05.01.2018
 Press Release of PEACE (Peer Exchange of African Communities for Empowerment) Network and The VOICE Refugee Forum Network in Germany to the dramatic stopping of the investigations and 13th memorial anniversary of the murder of our brother OURY JALLOH.

“We stated from the beginning of our calls and campaigns since 2005 that Oury Jalloh was murdered but very few believed us. Now the mainstream talks of murder while we suffer from scars inflicted on us by the state and the society, in the span of 13 years” (Mbolo Yufanyi from The VOICE Refugee Forum and PEACE International)

"Oury Jalloh Struggle Lives On ! – Demonstration on 07.01.2018 in Dessau"
On the 7th of January 2018, it will be 13 years since Oury Jalloh, a brother from Sierra Leone was brutally murdered at the hands of the German police in the city of Dessau, Germany. For 13 years, The VOICE Network and the African/Black Community has stood besides the Initiative in remembrance of Oury Jalloh and supported its call for “TRUTH, JUSTICE and REPARATIONS”, especially to our brother’s family. Almost 13 years have gone and the German state and Police have responded with “LIES, INJUSTICE and continuous BRUTALITY”.
The Chief Attorney Heike Geyer from Halle announced in her press release of 12 October 2017, that she had after careful examination of the available evidence [...] “closed the investigation of the death of Oury Jalloh" because allegedly there is not sufficient evidence and new knowledge to his death was not to be expected, since "a multitude of possibilities are conceivable" and consequently a suicide cannot be ruled out.
We should remember that on the day of the murder of OURY JALLOH on January 7, 2005, a hypothesis was already established and documented before the beginning of the crime investigation: "Now I'm going to the basement, where a black African denizen in a detention cell has lit himself." These were the words of the first investigators from Stendal who later destroyed more that 1 hr of video evidence that they collected from the cell where our brother was murdered.
From the different fire investigations and reports independently organised and sponsored by the Initiative in Remembrance of Oury Jalloh and also following recent reports from National media, it could not have been possible for our brother to commit suicide
The majority of the experts in the fields of fire protection, medicine and chemistry came to the conclusion that the condition of the cell and the body after the fire can not be explained without the use of small amounts of accelerators such as light gasoline, according to Monitor. In addition, the theory of self-burning is as good as to rule out: “Oury Jalloh was at the beginning of fire probably completely incapacitated or even already dead", quoting Süddeutsche newspaper from 16.11.2017
Following the chronology of the German history especially with respect to Africa in particular but also Europe, we are not surprised of the heinous crime carried out by the German police and covered up by their justice system. There is an African Proverb that says, "When you follow in the path of your father, you learn to walk like him."
This continuous colonial reality, reflected through organized killing of (to be) Migrants in the Mediterranean, the deportation practices, the investigations against relatives of the victims of NSU or the rise of the AfD and other right-wing entities in Germany and Europe, the criminalization of refugees especially Africans, make it more important than ever for African/Black people to come together to challenge and fight these evils of the 21th Century.
Remembering and fighting for justice for Oury Jalloh, Layé Kondé, Mariama Sarr, Christy Schwundeck, Dominique Kuomadio (the list goes on) and all the others is a matter of self-defense.
The more united we are in challenging and defending ourselves and values against these monsters of the 21th Century, the more we expose the cracks of a world order and systems that have failed us and Humanity in general and will destroy us and Humanity if we do not stop them.
Black Nation Germany: Auf zur Oury Jalloh Demo am 07.01.2018 in Dessau
Pressemitteilung des Zentralrates der afrikanischen Gemeinde in Deutschland
Solidarität mit der „Initiative zum Gedenken an Oury Jalloh“ gegen rassistische Bewegungen“
Aufruf zur Demo am 07.01.2018 in Dessau
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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Solidarity with the 'strike of closed doors' of 209 people from Sierra Leone in the transit camp Deggendorf (Bavaria/Germany)

On Friday, 15th of December 2017, 209 people from Sierra Leone in the transit camp in Deggendorf started a 'strike of closed doors'. In protest, the children and young people refused to attend the German class as access to other educational institutions is denied. The adults haven't left the accommodation and denied to work in the 80 cents jobs. On Saturday, 16th of December 2017 they started a hunger strike. The protest involves 44 children and young people, as well as 40 women (among them 12 pregnant women) and 125 men. The starting point of the protest was the violent deportation of a man from Sierra Leone on Friday morning, which was stopped in the last minute at the airport.


Statement of striking refugees in Deggendorf

We are Sierra Leoneans seeking for protection here in Germany but have been frustrated instead of protected. And we have resolved to strike action based on the following reasons:

Every Asylum seeker from Sierra Leone in Deggendorf gets always negative results in the form of :

1. Dublin deportation
2. Rejection of asylum application
3. Asylum application is 'invalid'

- The next point is that we now stay in a camp for 2 years instead of the initial 6 months, with no schooling, no work permit.
- Very poor accommodation facilities with 8 occupants in a room, with poor hygiene and toilet facilities.
- Very poor quality of food.
- Deportation to Italy with serious torture and no proper arrangements for reinstatement of the immigrants in Italy thereby leaving the immigrants on the street suffering.
- Forceful deportation of pregnant women, children, sick people and sucking mothers.
- No medication for immigrants for certain sickness.
And now established to us that this is a private camp and cannot allow any journalists.

On this basis we have started on 15th December 2017 a close door strike with no schooling and on Saturday 16th December and Sunday 17th December hunger strike and on Monday, we will be going to city council to get clearances to have a peaceful protest accross Deggendorf with continuation of no schooling and hunger strike.
This is to let the whole world know how Germany is treating the immigrants.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Parade of solidarity in Bremen

No one talks about our situation. People talk a lot about us, but not with us. You might look us strange and change to the opposite street. Sometimes they call us immigrants, sometimes refugees, but always pejoratively. As if we are not humans. We are told we have to adapt. Whoever does not, can fly out. Out to Afghanistan, back to the war. A war your democratic government has brought upon our lives. Or out to Serbia, Kosovo, Albania. There is not even a war there, they say. Next it will be ‘Go back to Syria’.

They build expensive apartments that we, and like many, cannot afford. They say, we should wait a little longer. Put some effort. Then it will work. With the integration. We are diligent on the language-course, work, children at home, minimum wage and zero job-security. Now can we please stay?
Your police are controlling us. Day after day, Night after night. Because we look different. Because we have black hair? We are a danger, experts say. Many believe it. You can choose to do so too. There are already too many who do.

Yet, we are the happy survivors. The ones who made it. Too many do not succeed. Starving in Libyan concentration camps, paid for their failure at their fences, to try it over the sea. That is why they want to build even higher fences, even further south. For that there is plenty of money. But not for cheap apartments, they say. Or for more Kindergartens. For all our children.

But we are many. And not alone. Many want to understand, many want to help. But we do not want any help, no charity event. We want solidarity! We want everyone to have the same rights. We stand for the right to stay. We do not want anyone to be humiliated by the likes of Job Center or the police. That money is there for the needs of all and not for their weapons and profits.

That is why we come together. That is why we show ourselves. Show our will and our ideas for a completely different living together!

Monday, November 06, 2017

Libyan Coast Guard killing refugees on Europes demand

Dramatic first rescue operation for Sea-Watch 3

The violent and reckless behavior of Libyan Coast Guards has caused at least five deaths on the Central Mediterranean Sea this morning, as the crew of the Sea-Watch 3 was called to their first rescue mission by the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Center. A helicopter of the Italian Navy had to intervene to prevent more fatalities. 58 people are now safe aboard the Sea-Watch 3, despite all efforts, our medical team was not able to revive an infant in our clinic. The Libyan Coast Guards forced a few of the passengers on their vessel and took them back in direction Libya. By interfering in the rescue operation, the Libyans clearly violated international law: The incident took place at 30 nm off the coast, in international waters far outside of Libyan territorial waters.

At approx. 7 am, the crew aboard Sea-Watch 3 received a call of Rome MRCC. North of Tripoli a sinking inflatable boat in international waters had sent a distress call. The Sea-Watch 3 crew arrived on location at about the same time as a Libyan Coast Guard patrol boat and started boarding of people in distress. The Libyan Coast Guard approached the boat as well and took over people from aboard the boat, however beating and threatening them. Onboard panic started and a numerous refugees fell overboard. The Libyan ship took off with inappropriate speed while people were still latching onto the side, being dragged by their vessel. After Sea-Watch had already repeadtedly alarmed the Libyans about their life-threatening practice, an Italian Navy helicopter had to intervene, briefly stopping the Libyan ship, to prevent further deadly maneuvering. At least 5 people were killed in the boat’s sinking, among them a child whom the medical crew onboard Sea-Watch 3 was not able to reanimate.
“Probably, nobody would have had to die today if only we had the possibility to operate reasonably in a calm environment. Instead of coordinating the rescue operation with the vessels present such as a ship of the French Navy, the Libyans tried to take as many people as possible back to Libya – and accepted the loss of several lives”, says head of mission Johannes Bayer. “These deaths have to be blamed on the Libyan Coast Guards who have obstructed a safe rescue with their brutal behavior. The responsability is on the side of the European Union, however, who trains and finances these militias. They act in the EU’s will. The European governments finally have to draw conclusions from this incident and stop the collaboration with the Libyan Coast Guards. The EU has to stop to rate migration control higher than human rights!”
Libyan Coast Guards have clearly breached international law by bringing an unknown number of people onboard their vessel, probably with the goal to take them back to Libya. “We were at high seas, outside of libyan territorial waters, about 30 nm north of Tripoli – even outside of the consecutive zone. There, the Libyans have no sovereign rights whatsoever”, says Sea-Watch captain Pia Klemp.
Almost a year ago, October 21 2016, in a similar disastrous event many people died when, during a rescue operation of Sea-Watch 2, the so-called Libyan Coast Guard had tried to displace refugees back to Libya from international waters.
All 58 survivors are now safe aboard the Sea-Watch 3. We will post updates here!
Photos: Lisa Hoffmann / Sea-Watch