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Against the forced deportation of Hameed to Iraq

Hameed spricht in HamburgHameed Abdulhameed Al-Obaidi


At this time we ask you to help us try to avoid the imminent deportation of Hameed. Please take a minute an write to the following addresses:

Example letter:

Da dies internationale adressen sind, schreibt am besten in english (beispiele), aber deutsch und andere sprachen sind auch ok. Hauptsache, sie hören von uns!


EN: Hameed is still in prison. The Swedish authorities even deny him to call his family. We, his friends, haven’t been able to contact him. We fear that he may be forcefully deported any day now.

Some facts about his ‘case’

Hameed was denied the right to choose a counsel he trusts. He asked several times to be allowed to change the counsel he got from the Migrationsverket. All his requests were denied. He asked to be allowed to represent himself in court, yet he wasn’t even informed about the court dates when they decided his asylum request.

For months they didn’t inform him that his asylum request was denied, deceiving him time and time again when he asked about the proceeding in his case.

Besides being imprisoned without having committed any crime, while in prisons he was treated in humilating ways. For a while he wasn’t even allowed to shower or shave. Fearing publicity, the Swedish authorities deny him contact with the outside.

Hameed is not going to agree to be repatriated to Iraq until Iraq is liberated from the occupiers and their puppets. Given his political stance against the double occupation of Iraq and the illegitimacy of the ‘Iraqi authorities’, he will be in grave danger when the Swedish authorities deport him by force against his will.


We got a call from Hameed today that he is indeed resisted to be boarded on the plane in Stockholm, and after some days in prison was now transfered to the Flen Detention Centre, with a capacity of up to 40 inmates.


The Swedish authorities tried to deport Hameed Abdulhameed to Erbil in Iraq via Frankfurt.

His name was on the passenger lists of both flights from Stockholm to Frankfurt, and Frankfurt to Erbil. Yet he was not on board of the flight to Frankfurt, and instead was brought to a prison called Kronobergshäktet in Stockholm, where we assume he is still being detained.

We don’t know any details yet, how he avoided deportation, but we are sure he resisted and forced the Swedish authorities to back off. This is a temporary success, but we fear that they will try again to forcefully deport him.

Hameed was already in US-captivity, and, when deported, we fear he will be in grave danger from both the occupation and their local collaborators.

Iraqi detainees are in danger of death !

Last email we received from deportation prison in Gävle:

Dear readers of this e-mail,

To all it may whom concern…. very important! very important!

A new crime in our name has happened!! in the name of HUMANITY…..

Yesterday the 8th of July 2010 very early in the morning…. an Afghani boy of about 20 years old tried to kill himself (suicide) in the CUSTODY of the swedish Migrationsverket in GÄVLE!!!! because they wanted to *deport him obligatory*, and they do always, the only one witness (a man of about 40 years old) has been prevented by the staff not to go and see the young boy.

As i asked him if he saw blood or if the boy hurt himself hardly, the answer was unsatisfactory, because minimum three of the staff working at that night covered the crime!

I asked all three employee indirekt about this young Afghani, they said they do not know! and one of them lied on me by saying that he was NOT working at this time!!!

If the Human Rights Watch really interested, THEN … WHERE IS the young boy? in the hospital or has been deported to death?? If the Human Rights Watch really interested, THEN…. RELEASE ALL OF US as soon as possible from this PRISON!!! If the Human Rights Watch really interested, THEN…. WE CAME to Sweden for ASYLUM , NOT TO ARREST US and keep us as PRISONERS!!! If the Human Rights Watch really interested, THIS IS NOT the only case!!!

There are many others are SUFFERING , like:

  1. a man from Palestine, he is now half crazy! REALLY!
  2. a man from Africa, he is JUST NOW in this TIME 02:23 o´clock woke up shouting and running outside his 5-beds room!! (we are 14 witnesses) in addition to his craziness in many times!!!
  3. a man from Africa is under a hard stress and his behavior is unstable!!
  4. a women from Russia, she is always alone!! (she began to think about alliens from universe) beginning of craziness!!

and much more!! if you are really interesting, then send a comittee of psychologists to investigate the people here and discover the disaster happening everyday!!!

Please, try to get the truth direct and indirect, but never telling my name, because they will send me to the cell by the police!!! I am already facing BATTLES with the staff because of my criticizing the DEHUMANIZATION we are in!!!!

every things here in Gävle is TOP SECRET!!! why? do we live in a police state? or police kingdom???

EU and the UNHCR has to know about these crimes in our names!!!



Stop ignoring us and telling us per telephone that you cannot help! this is UNLOGIC and double-moral !!!

Please, forward this mail to other organizations!

Wer ist Hameed?

Hameed Abdulhameed ist Iraker. Seit beginn des überfalls im März 2003 und der folgenden besetzung des Irak kämpft er gegen die besatzer und ihre irakischen kollaborateure (die illegitime ‘irakische regierung’). Von den besatzern inhaftiert und gefoltert (er hört seitdem mit einem ohr schlecht), und angesichts der repression gegen seine familie, entschloß er sich zur flucht nach Schweden, um dort asyl zu beantragen.

Zur schwedischen politik gegenüber irakischen asylsuchenden

Nachdem in den ersten jahren der besatzung die schwedischen behörden zumindest fast jeden zweiten asylsuchenden Iraker eine aufenthaltserlaubnis in Schweden erteilten, änderten sie diese politik hatten jedoch grundlegend seit 2007. Der ‘Swedish Migration Court of Appeals’ entschied damals, das es keinen ‘internen bewaffneten konflikt’ in Irak gäbe. Nur vereinzelt wurden seitdem asylsuchende aus Irak von Schweden anerkannt. Die schwedische regierung erklärte 2009 zum ersten ‘jahr der rückkehr’ für irakische asylsuchende, und begann abgelehnte irakische asylsuchende zu internieren und zwangsweise abzuschieben.

Mehr informationen zur schwedischen asylpolitik gegenüber irakischen asylanten findet ihr hier:

Sofortige Freilassung und Asyl für Hameed!

Hameed Abdulhameed kam als asylsuchender ende 2008 nach Schweden. Zu spät für eine anerkennung. Er wurde in einem wohnheim für asylanten im norden Schwedens untergebracht, in der stadt Boden bei Luleå. Ihm wurde ein anwalt zugewiesen, von dem er sich nicht angemessen vertreten sah, und bald kein vertrauen mehr hatte. Mehrere anträge auf wechsel des anwalts wurden abgelehnt. In abwesenheit, und ohne anwaltliche vertretung, wurde sein ayslantrag auch in letzter instanz abgelehnt.

Hameed Abdulhameed suchte sich selbst so gut wie möglich vor den behörden und gerichten zu vertreten. Seine briefe und emails wegen seines einspruchs gegen die ablehnung seines asylantrages blieben jedoch von den schwedischen behörden unbeantwortet. Bei anrufen wurde er abgewimmelt. Selbst von der entgültigen ablehnung seines asylantrags wurde er monatelang nicht informiert.

Konfrontiert mit ausweisung nach Iraq und ohne hoffnung auf faire behandlung durch Schweden, wendete er sich an den European Court of Human Rights (29767/10 Hameed v. SWE).

Hameed Abdulhameed wird nicht ‘freiwillig’ nach Irak zurückkehren. Schweden muß ihn schon gewaltsam zwangsdeportieren. Gegen die zwangsdeportation, und für seine sofortige freilassung aus der haft und die wiedereröffnung seines asylverfahrens protestieren menschen wie hier in Luleå..

Friday, October 29, 2010

Demonstration in memory of Jimmy Mubenga

Demonstration in memory of Jimmy Mubenga RIP
Jimmy Mubenga

Died while in the hands of G4S private security guards

Friday 12 November 2010
Assemble 10:30am
Angolan Embassy
22 Dorset Street
(nearest tube stations: Baker Street/ Marylebone)

March to the Home Office
2 Marsham Street

On 12 October 2010, Jimmy Mubenga an Angolan man died during a forced deportation from the UK. The Guardian reported that Jimmy was handcuffed and restrained by three private security guards on a British Airways flight from Heathrow. Shortly before he died, Jimmy was heard by other passengers crying out for help.

There have been fourteen deaths (twelve men and two women) since 1991 during forced deportations. The official cause of death in most cases was positional asphyxia or cardiac arrest. Of the fourteen that died, ten were Africans (of which six were Nigerians).

The full list of deaths:
* 2010 Jimmy Mubenga (Angolan - UK)
* 2010 Joseph Ndukadu Chiakwa (Nigerian - Switzerland)
* 2007 Osamuyi Aikpitanhi (Nigerian - Spain)
* 2003 Mariame Getu Hagos (Somali - France)
* 2002 Ricardo Barrientos (Argentinian - France
* 2001 Samson Chukwu (Nigerian - Switzerland)
* 2000 Christian Ecole Ebune (Cameroonian - Hungary)
* 1999 Aamir Mohamed Ageeb Sudanese - Germany)
* 1999 Marcus Omofuma (Nigerian - Austria)
* 1999 Khaled Abuzarifeh (Palestinian - Switzerland)
* 1998 Semira Adamu (Nigerian - Belgium
* 1994 Kola Bankole (Nigerian - Germany)
* 1993 Joy Gardner (Jamaican - UK)
* 1991 Arumugam Kanapathipillai (Tamil, Sri Lanka - France)

Manuel Bravo was a 35-year-old Angolan asylum seeker who took his own life in Yarl's Wood removal centre in Bedford the day he and his 13- year-old son were due to be deported to Angola in September 2005. Leaving a note saying: 'I kill myself because I don't have a life to live any more. I want my son Antonio to stay in the UK to continue his studies.'

Campaigning organisations:
No Borders -
Corporate Watch -
Inquest -
Free Movement -
London No Borders -
Medical .Lstice -
National Coalition of Anti Deportation Campaigns -
Union of Angolans in UK (UAUK)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Battle For Attica Square - Racism in Greece

It's the first time that an EU country has seen its treatment of refugees described as a humanitarian crisis by the UNHCR. This report gets to the heart of the escalating tensions in Greece. The Battle For Attica Square - a Norwegian documentary on racism in Europe .

Friday, October 01, 2010

Abu-Jamal-News issue #4

Abu-Jamal News issue #4:

Download this newspaper at:

Be In Philadelphia!
World Day Against The Death Penalty
October 9, 9am, Fraternal Order of
Police HQ (Broad & Spring Garden)

We demand 100% abolition of the death penalty NOW!
No Exceptions (including Mumia Abu-Jamal)!
Several key members of US death penalty organizations have recently made a move to exclude Mumia from the movement to abolish the death penalty, arguing that
Mumia’s inclusion alienated potential law enforcement supporters of the abolition movement. This position cause an international uproar. Oct. 9 will be a reaffirmation
of a real and unifying abolition movement.
We demonstrate at the Fraternal Order of Police HQ because of their long term vicious commitment to executions, even in cases of innocence, and their terrorist attacks against those who fight for justice.
Featuring Philadelphia journalist Linn Washington, The Welfare Poets, international representatives, former death row prisoners, and many others. More information:

CONAIE on the Attempted Coup in Ecuador

Written by CONAIE
Thursday, 30 September 2010 19:11
A process of change, as weak as it may be, runs the risk of being overturned or overtaken by the right, old or new, if it does not establish alliances with organized social and popular sectors, and deepen progressively.

The insubordination of the police, beyond their immediate demands, lays bare at least four substantial things:

1. While the government has dedicated itself exclusively to attacking and delegitimizing organized sectors like the Indigenous movement, workers' unions, etc., it hasn't weakened in the least the structures of power of the right, or those within the state apparatus, which has become evident through the rapidity of the response from the public forces.

2. The social crisis that was let loose today was also provoked by the authoritarian character and the non-opening to dialogue in the lawmaking process. We have seen how laws that were consensed around were vetoed by the President of the Republic, closing any possibility of agreement.

3. Faced with the criticism and mobilization of communities against transnational mining, oil, and agro-industrial companies, the government, instead of creating a dialogue, responds with violence and repression, as occurred in Zamora Chinchipe.

4. This scenario nurtures the conservative sectors. Already various sectors and people from the old right are asking for the overthrow of the government and the instalation of a civil or military dictatorship; but the new right, from inside and outside the government, will use this context to justify their total alliance with the most reactionary sectors and with emerging business interests.
The Ecuadorian Indigenous movement, CONAIE, with its regional Confederations and its grassroots organizations states before Ecuadorian society and the international community their rejection to the economic and social policies of the government, and with the same energy we reject the actions of the right that in an undercover way form part of the attempted coup d'état, and to the contrary we will continue to struggle for the construction of a Plurinational State with a true democracy.

Consistent with the mandate of the communities, peoples and nationalities and faithful to our history of struggle and resistance against colonialism, discrimination and exploitation of those who are below, of the poor, we will defend democracy and the rights of the people: no concessions for the right.

In these critical moments, our position is:

1. We convene our bases to maintain themselves alert and ready to mobilize in defense of true Plurinational democracy and against the actions of the right.

2. We deepen our mobilization against the extractive model and the imposition of large scale mining, the privatization and concentration of water, and the expansion of the oil frontier.

3. We convene and join together with diverse organized sectors to defend the rights of workers, affected by the arbitrariness which has driven the legislative process, recognizing that they are making legitimate demands.

4. We demand that the national government firmly depose every possible concession to the right. We demand that the government abandons its authoritarian attitude against the popular sectors, that they not criminalize social protest and the persecution of leaders: the only thing this type of politics provokes is to open spaces to the Right and create spaces of destabilization.

The best way to defend democracy is to begin a true revolution that resolves the most urgent and structural questions to the benefit of the majority. On this path is the effective construction of the Plurinational state and the immediate initiation of an agrarian revolution and a de-privatization of water.

This is our position in this context and in this historical period.