Friday, October 06, 2006

Refugees carry strike inside Oldenburg city center

The refugees of the Blankenburg lager who went on strike on Wednesday organized todays demonstration in the centre of Oldenburg, to inform the public about their demands and to bring their protest to a higher level. Many people have come to support the refugees, even if the demonstration was planed and organized in less than two days.

The refugees demand the right to cook for themselfes and not being forced to eat the incredible bad food of the cantine. the right to achieve money in order to buy food and clothes, they demanded a camp staff and security who are not full with racist prejudies against the refugees they are supposed to work for (and not against), the transfer to other places after a short period of time but the stop of any transfers to Germanys "Guantanamo" in Bramsche Hesepe and generally to be treated with the respect every human being deserves.

The strike against the food and the "one Euro jobs" continues until the administration of the camp agrees for betterment!

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