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People resist and fight the police who fired tear gas and rubber bullets, witnesses say they even saw snipers aiming at protestors. Cops also used LRAD on people.

People covering up their ears from LARD, while others hold their hands in the air, right before police unleashing another attack on them.
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 –The  cops are just dressing for the job they want: dystopian totalitarian murder thugs. 

Gas cans and crackers being lobbed into people’s front gardens, via @jonswaine
 – From  to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime! 
 The militarization of the police has a reason: The bosses see us as the internal enemy. Not in US only. Everywhere.  
 – Antonio French has been arrested and we are currently at the Ferguson jail demanding his release
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#OpFerguson #HandsUp,  Solidarity Protests Sunday 3 PM at Your Local  Station. Wherever you are, solidarity has no boundaries:

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@theblogpirate: “Imagine what this little girl from #Ferguson learned about her country and its police today.”
Ferguson police chief, Tim Fitch, seems to have been trained in “counter-terrorism” in Israel by the IDF. 
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The night before, around 1 a.m., local police shot another man claiming “he pointed a gun at them”, he’s in critical condition. A woman was also injured by a bullet and taken to the hospital, following a drive-by shooting in Ferguson.
It’s not clear what caused this. Earlier, the standoff between residents and police resulted in police pulling back and protestors retreating. Soon after that, police started to hunt down residents. See timeline of events as reported by witnesses below.
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Residents attacked with tear gas by militarized police.
 – I’ll just say this. Adding a few more black cops to the  police department WILL NOT solve this problem. It won’t. 
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capture from this live stream
Police have arrested two journalists, Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post and Ryan J. Reilly of the Huffington Post, because they were posting messages on twitter about the police repression, happening nearby:
“Lowery and Reilly tweeted that they were in a McDonald’s near a demonstration when police came inside and asked patrons to leave. “Officers slammed me into a fountain soda machine because I was confused about which door they were asking me to walk out of,” Lowery tweeted after his release. “Was waiting to be taken away, large black man SCREAMING for help in back of police truck. They refused his calls for paramedics. ‘I’m dying. I’m dying. Please call help’ he screamed. They mocked him.”  Lowery said he was released without paperwork or explanation.”
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pic @WSJ
Al Jazeera crew were also attacked with tear gas by police, see video here. These attacks on journalists are relevant when put in the context: for hours, a right wing outlet was the only one allowed to live stream from Ferguson. 
“Almost all of his propaganda plays into the hands of the extreme right wing in the United States. He dismisses feminism and gay rights as part of a New Word Order plot to reduce the population. He dismisses climate change as a hoax, and backs it up by giving weather reports on Mars. He attacks non-existent, nameless, faceless organizations like the Illuminati but ignores the evils being done by right-wing billionaires like the Koch Brothers.” Why the Alex Jones industrial complex must be dismantled
Local media in Ferguson ignore police violence and brutality and project it on the protestors, inciting more racist propaganda and racist violence against the black community. While not explaining that the police are the ones armed, doing the shooting and inflicting violence on legitimate protestors,  local journalists are actually covering up and justifying police violence against a legitimately enraged black community.
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50 years ago and today.
Prosecutors refuse to release information about the police officer who gunned down Mike Brown on August 9, invoking “witnesses’ credibility”. St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch claims they are still gathering data about the killing of Mike Brown and that it will be weeks before they release their information about what happened on August 9 in Ferguson. This contrasts the lack of restrain from the police to release all sorts of data about people protesting.
Trayvon Martin & The Fight Against The New Jim Crow, watch it all here
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Howard University, the historically black college in Washington, D.C. Twitter user @The_Blackness48 posted it, explainingthat it wasn’t so much a planned rally as a bunch of students already gathered for a meeting on freshman move-in “and we also felt we needed to respond to the Mike Brown issue.” via MotherJones
St.Louis police aiming at protestor holding his hands up in the air, Ferguson, August 13. Photo: AP
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Kids sending a message, #Ferguson @AnonAustria 

from William J Jackson: “They “riot” everyday.”
Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly being arrested when police officers suddenly closed a Ferguson McDonald’s restaurant on West Florissant Avenue on Wednesday. (Robert Cohen/St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
UPDATES August 12: Protestors in Ferguson resisted and managed to push the army of cops, armed to their teeth, away, after they inflicted more terror on the community. Some 250 residents refused to obey police orders to disperse, and instead kept protesting and yelling at cops to go home, calling them invaders and an occupying force. Armed cops shot gas canisters at people’s heads, tear-gassing them in their own backyards while they stood there with their hands in the air. Earlier today, a no-fly zone was instituted over Ferguson. Protests and clashes are ongoing with police, see below for updates from tonight, livestreams, and other information.
North St. Louis County Fire and EMS Live scanner feed.

St. Louis County Police Dispatch – 1st Precedent scanner feed: