Friday, December 14, 2012

Oury Jalloh - it was murder!

Again the killer cops who burnt Oury Jalloh to death in police custody in Dessau (East Germany) werde not charged for murder. The court sentenced one police officer to pay 10.000 Euro for not having properly watched....
On 7th of January 2013 - the 9 annual of his brutal death we will march in Dessau

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I have been reduced to silence in Turkey and now, I am a journalist in exile

Necati ABAY
Representative of the Platform for Solidarity with Arrested Journalists (TGDP) in Exile

November 25, 201

I have been reduced to silence in Turkey and now, I am a journalist in exile.

I will try to maintain my journalism activity, press freedom, freedom of thought and expression struggle at exile conditions as a representative of the Platform for Solidarity with Arrested Journalists (TGDP) spokesmanship of which I have been carrying out since its foundation in February 2004.

You may be one of thousands of witnesses of the struggle that I carry on in the fields of press freedom, freedom of thought and expression, freedom of speaking, protest and organization in Turkey.

I have been in prison for three times as “a hardened criminal of thought” . I stayed at Metris military prison in the period of fascist coup dated September 12, 1980.  I stayed at Gebze Prison in the period of postmodern coup of 1997 and at Tekirdağ F Type Prison in 2003 due to the conspiracy suit that still continues.
I have been forced to make asylum application to Germany by the AKP government at this stage.

I was in Europe due to panels with subject of “press freedom in Turkey”.  I had completed my panels in Germany, Sweden and France. I cancelled my panels in Belgium and the Netherlands and gave up with returning to Turkey when the Supreme Court of Appeal declared its decision on October 15, 2012. I had to make asylum application to Germany.
The state showed the way of either F type prison or the exile. I have been reduced to silence in Turkey.
İstanbul 12th High Criminal Court sentenced me to imprisonment for 18 years and 9 months with the claim of being the organization director with its decree dated May 4, 2011. My attorney Gülizar Tuncer and me thought that the Supreme Court of Appeal would reverse the judgment of sentence with request of exculpation because I was sentenced due to “opinion but no evidence” as stated in the court decree. In fact, a non-existing proof could not be found. The decree of the court was not a legal decree but a political decision. In spite of that,  9th Penal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeal  reversed the judgment in favor of me seemingly since it considered the penalty for 18 years and 9 months much with the decree declared on the date of October 15, 2012 (justified decision has not been declared yet) but it clinched the lawlessness and gave a decree against me by stating that I had to be punished between 10-15 years for organization membership.

The summary of the state’s debate is as follows for me: Shall we punish Necati Abay with 18 years and 9 months or shall we give a punishment between 10-15 years!

My search for the justice for 9 years has been ended with exile in that way.

There are some reasons for which they want to punish me with penal servitude.
I conspiracy was organized before 9 years since I was working as editor and author at Atılım, the newspaper. Atılım is punished once more at me in that way. I was arrested before 9 years when I was working at Atılım and I was released by the court pending my trial. After that, we established the Platform for Solidarity with Arrested Journalists (TGDP) in February 2004 with a group of opponent journalists. I have conducted spokesmanship of TGDP starting from its foundation. TGDP, spokesmanship of which I have been carrying on, has a special role in declaring the fact of arrested journalists, the fact that Turkey is the number one in the world in terms of the number of arrested journalists, the severe problems in fields of press freedom, freedom of thought and expression to the public opinion of the world and Turkey and creation of public opinion. I consider critics bombing of the Prime Minister Erdoğan about TGDP, spokesmanship of which I have been carrying on by giving its name on TV on the date of March 7, 2012 as a reason of the fact that they want to punish me and imposition of exile to me.

Moreover, I was one the persons who made the torturer police chief Sedat Selim Ay who was brought to the post of İstanbul Vice Chief of Police and İstanbul Anti-Terror Branch of in torture lawsuit. In addition, we had applied to European Human Rights Court (EHRC) about the state of Republic of Turkey because of dropping lawsuits of torturers due to prescription and executing torture investigation deficiently as intentional. EHRC sentenced Turkey on the date of April 6, 2010. I was one of the persons who had Turkey sentenced in this lawsuit. One of the reasons that they want to punish me insistently and imposition of exile is these torture suits and That I had torturers sentenced.

Last of all, I should state that I was member of Organization of Journalists without Borders (RSF) on the date of October 19, 2012 when I went to Paris for panels.

I greet all of you with respect and love...

NOTE: You can record my phone number in Germany (0049) 152 13 78 74 41

CONTACT: Necati ABAY, Germany Phone GSM: (0049) 152 13 78 74 41

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Asylum seekers on hunger strike in Finland

No to deportations to Afghanistan!


Two Afghan asylum seekers have been on hunger strike in Helsinki since the 10th of  September 2012. For the first two weeks they were three hunger strikers. They have been refused asylum. By going on hunger strike they are opposing deportation to Afghanistan. They have good reason to believe that their lives are in danger there. They ask Finland to offer them protection. The men have demonstrated and camped in front of the Finnish Parliament for almost two months now. Their health condition is worsening all the time. They have both suffered of acute pains and occasional attacks of illness. In addition the autumn in Finland is cold and the first snow has already fallen.

The hunger striking men are prosecuted in Afghanistan because of political activity. One of them has been tortured. Their close relatives have been murdered recently. The background of their individual prosecution in Afghanistan is the war that has been going on in the country for years and the dysfunction of the current government. Ordinary people have no way of getting protection neither against prosecution carried out by the Taliban nor against that carried out by state officials.

The Finnish authorities have not responded to the protesters’ demands for international protection nor have they showed any other signs of willingness to help. The hunger striking men have appealed to the Administrative Court of Helsinki about the negative response to their asylum claims but fear that the appeal will be rejected.

The hunger strikers’ protest has gained attention and many responses. A group of Lutheran priests as well as the Occupy Finland –movement have demonstrated on their behalf. A few MP’s have pled for them. Many Afghan and Iranian asylum seekers and residents have offered their support or willingness to join the protest camp. Priests, doctors and activists have contacted the Minister of Interior Päivi Räsänen urging her to act on the asylum seekers’ behalf before it is too late. Grassroots activists from the Vapaa Liikkuvuus (Freedom of Movement) –network and other individuals have supported the men in practical issues and in spreading word about their struggle. We have made sure that a supporter stays overnight at the protest camp every night in case of emergency. During the days we spend a lot of time at the tents discussing together and monitoring the men’s health condition. In addition we get needed supplies and try to arrange proper health care for the strikers.

Our common goal is to broaden the struggle and to affect the rights of all asylum seekers.
The Freedom of Movement –network demands that international support be granted to the men. The Finnish migration authorities have made a wrong decision and they must right it immediately.
The hunger strikers have had to live in inhumane circumstances in Europe for many years. They have entered the EU via Greece which doesn’t have even the most basic asylum system.
Finland does not send asylum seekers back to Greece. It does, however, deport tens of asylum seekers to Afghanistan each year to areas that have been labeled safe.

These are the hunger strikers’ demands:
Stop deportations to Afghanistan – The country is not safe and refugees coming from there must be granted protection in Europe.
An end to years of waiting – Asylum requests have to be processed quickly and justly.
No to the Dublin treaty – Deportations inside the EU must be stopped and asylum seekers must be granted the right to choose in which country they request asylum.

We are thankful for any information on your country’s policies regarding Afghan asylum seekers as well as on the asylum seekers’ struggles for their rights.
We are also willing to work on international action to end deportations to Afghanistan and other means of co-operation.
In solidarity,
the Freedom of Movement –network,
Contact us via:
Media coverage in English:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hunger strike by refugees at Brandenburger Tor in Berlin

Hunger strike since October 24. Police are confiscating all sleeping bags, blancets etc.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Berlin police arested refugees an activist at hunger strike at Brandenburger Tor

3 people got arrested at Brandeburger Tor

At 1.45 a lot of police came to Brandenburger Tor. They told the hungerstriking refugees to put away their sleeping bags. The refugees are on hungerstrike since 24.10 (they only drink water). At 2:00 the police started to steal their sleeping bags and arrested 3 people. two activists and one refugee. the refugee is brought to a hospital by the police because his leg get injured. Right know there are 40 people at Brandenburger Tor. Even thought the police is away right know, there is the danger of new attacks. Share this and come around.

Police are confiscating sleeping bags and arresting People

The morning after

 Spontanious demonstration to the police station

Monday, October 15, 2012

Nigeria Embassy Occupation in Berlin

Ten activists who participated in the embassy occupation were arrested by the police as well as 13 activists who protesteted outside in front of the embassy-
Amongst the ones arrested inside the embassy were Rex Osa from the VOICE Refugee Forum as well as activists of the Caravan for the Rights of refugees and migrants and activists of the protest tent. The police took away two cameras from the press team of the protestmarch/protestcamp and one tablet computer. One person was beaten. The arrested were taken to cells in Tempelhofer Damm. They had to undergo identity control. 10 of them are now together in one cell, others are being kept in single cells.
The police also brutalized the activists protesting outside the embassy building by using pepperspray. At least two were also arrested. Amongst them is Mbolo Yufanyi who was brutalized outside the embassy building. His arrest took place after he entered the building to meet the leader of the police group to denounce the police and come out again. He had to be treated in an ambulance car.
There was a spontaneous solidarity demonstration of more than 100 people from the Nigerian Embassy to Oranienplatz where the protest camp is. Police even went inside the demo in order to arrest people. There are still lots of police car around the protest camp at Oranienplatz at the moment.
According to camp activists the number of persons arrested at the embassy protest and during the demonstration is 23 altogether.
To ask for more information and to protest the arrest, please phone:
Polizeidirektion Tempelhof
Platz der Luftbrücke 6
Telefonnummer: 030-46640
Fax: 030-466482
Report by The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena

Press Information: Nigeria Embassy Occupation in Berlin

Counter Offensive to the Nigerian Government Role in the brutal deportation of African Refugees, Nigerian and Non Nigerian Activists have taken to Occupy the Nigerian Embassy Berlin to demand the cancellation of all deportation agreement with the German State.
Deportation is only possible if a state is ready to „take back“ the person concerned and for this purpose, the German authorities would do anything to obtain traveling certificates to deport Refugees to any Country wherever they could be accepted.
Refugees are constantly summoned to forced deportation hearings where they are interviewed by Embassy Officials who would have to confirm their origin and identity through Physical appearance to aid the issuance of traveling certificates as a legitimation for their deportation.
These forced deportation hearing are randomly conducted in different German City on a monthly basis in an atmosphere of massive Police presence and abuses - From Halberstadt to Koln, Bielefeld to Karlsruhe, Dortmund to Munich, Ludwigsburg to Dusseldorf.
Enough is Enough as we have reached an Offensive threshold to say No to deportation threats and abuses because deportation is Colonial Heritage and Persecution. We are therefore provoked to unlash appropriate action against such acts that continues to traumatize and destroy Migrants and Refugees in Germany
Refugee and non-Refugee Activist have for many years condemned this routine deportation collaboration between the Nigerian Government and the German European Government through the enforcement of militarized Frontex - "Frontex being the boarder Watch dog of the European union with extended artificial Borders up to Refugee Home Countries is mandated with the responsibility of chartered deportation operations from Europe"
The January 2012 agreement between the Nigerian Government (Nigerian Immigration Boss - Mrs. Rose Uzoma)and Frontex stands as a renewed legitimation to the brutal deportation practices thus causing many deaths and Trauma for Refugees thus requiring an immediate cancellation because the same European Government who has made us refugees must be ready to take the responsibility of their act.
It is based on this Position that we are calling on President Goodluck Jonathan to take immediate step to cancel all deportation agreements and collaboration between Frontex with the German State.
The obvious habit of ignoring the call for human rights can no longer be tolerated hence the decision of Nigerian Refugees occupation of the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin as a signal to more offensive counter action against their deportation collaboratory role.
As first step to cooperation, We demand a Stop to the routine practices of Forced-Mobile deportation Hearing with immediate effect (i.e.) 16.10.12 to 19.10.12 deportation hearing planned to take place at the State Police Premises, Alte Weingartner Str. 49, 76227 Karlsruhe-Durlach.
Furthermore, we are undertaken an investigation in connection with suspicion of free access for the German Immigration Service to access Biometric Data of Nigerian Passport Holders - a development from the current act of criminalization of Nigerian migrants with a direct call for President Goodluck Jonathan to withdraw in case there is any of such.
We denounce every form of deportation collaboration because deportation itself is a form of racial persecution and elimination and exists on basic distinction of Europe being the progressive and developed while Africa is defined as backward.
We say No to all forms of deportation collaboration
Stop Deportation
Contact: Tel.: 017610447292
The VOICE Refugee Forum

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Refugee Protest March enters Berlin and sets up Protest Camp

 The Refugee Protest March enters Berlin on the "Glienicker Brücke"  - the famous bridge between Potsdam in former East Germany and former West Berlin

Francais↓   Español↓  Turkish    Urdu   Farsi     Arabic   Russian

We are the asylum seekers from different countries and it’s been over six months since we left our refugee camps to demonstrate for our rights. Now, we march to Berlin to change the cruel commands over asylum seekers’ life forever. We will stop the deportation, stop the „Residenzpflicht“ (obligatory limited residence) and close asylum camps in which we are forced to live in. We don’t ask for these as our requirements, these are indispensable for human beings. To achieve them; we will march to Berlin and won’t step back without reclaiming our rights.
Roommate! Your silence is our death
With no doubt that German government has installed different commands to force us to forget about life and just try to survive in refugee camp under fear of deportation, just wait without any perspective. So, some of us can´t take it anymore and prefer death instead of life and end it by suicide.
It is the time, regardless of countries we are from, reasons we are here and languages we speak; we must join together in Berlin and protest shoulder to shoulder until possessing our rights. Changes in these laws are possible only by our effort as a movement made out of individuals, by the effort of refugees who are systematically oppressed. In refugee camps we have forgotten the life outside the walls so that we even forgot how days between mornings and nights passed before living there.
The asylum seeker protesters will arrive in Berlin and camp in the street. We declare that we prefer living in tents instead of refugee camps and we ask our roommates to join us between 6th and 13th October. A week period shall be enough to gather in Berlin and striking together side by side to claim our essential rights.
Meeting point: 6 to 13 October, Berlin
For more information please contact the following numbers:
English: 017679837911
Turkish: 017669381085
Kurdish: 015233706273
Arabic: 015213170953
Farsi: 017671080087
French: 017634934230

español: 015739094548
Nous sommes les demandeurs d+asyle des pays differents et ca fait 6 mois depuis qu=on a quitte nos camps des refugies pour manifester pour nous droits. Maintenant, nous allons a Berlin pour changer les commands violents sur les vies des demandeurs d asyle pour toujours. On va arreter la deportation, arreter la Residenzpflicht (residence limitee obligatoire) et fermer les camps des refugies ou on nous force d habiter.
On ne le demande pas comme priere, mais il est indispensable pour des etres humains. Pour les achever, nous marchons a Berlin et on ne va pas arreter sans reclamer nos droits.
Pour ceux>celles qui partagent nos chambres dans les camps> Votre silence est notre mort
Sans doute le gouvernement allemand a installe des ordres differents pour nous forcer de oublier la vie et de juste essayer a survivre dans les camps de refugie sous la peur de deportation, ne faire rien qu=attendre sans perspective.
Ainsi, certaines parmi nous ne peuvent plus le supporter et preferent de mourir a la place de la vie et ils?elles se suicident.
Il fait temps que, n=importe d=ou on vient, n importe nos raisons d etre ici et les langues qu on parle, il faut se joindre ensemble a Berlin et protester l un?e a cote de l autre jusqu a on a reclame nos droits. C est seulement possible de changer ces lois avec un effort commun comme mouvement fait par des individus / l effort des refugies qui sont oppresse systematiquement. Dans les camps des refugies nous avons oublie la vie hors des murs, on a meme oublie comment les journees entre matin et nuit se passaient avant de vivre la.
Les demandeurs d asyle qui protestent vont arriver a Berlin et camper dans la rue. On declare qu on prefere habiter dans des tents que dans les Fluechtlingslager et nous demandons a nos compagnons de chambres de nous joindre entre le 6 et 13 d octobre. Une semaine devrait etre assez pour se rassembler a Berlin et pour faire la greve ensemble cote a cote pour reclamer nos droits fondamentals.
Reunion 6 au 13 octobre, Berlin
Pour plus d information s il vous plait contactez les numeros suivants>

Anglais: 017679837911
Turque: 017669381085
Kurde: 015233706273
Arabe: 015213170953
Farsi: 017671080087

español: 015739094548
Francais: 017634934230
Pour les autres langues on peut trouver une solution pour communiquer.

Nosotras y nosotros somos postulantes de asilo de distintos paises y ya pasaron 6 meses, desde que hemos abandonado nuestros campos de asilo, para protestar por nuestros derechos. Nos vamos a Berlín, para acabar para siempre con las leyes crueles sobre las vidas de postulantes de asilo. Vamos a parar las deportaciones, vamos a abolir la „Residenzpflicht“ y vamos a cerrar los centros de detención para postulantes de asilo, donde nos han obligado a vivir. Y no vamos a pedir esto ya que es indispensable para nuestras vidas como ser es humanos. Para obtener nuestros derechos vamos a ir a Berlín y no vamos a regresar, hasta haberlos recuperado.Compañera de cuarto! Compañero de cuarto! Tu silencio es nuestra muerte!Sin duda el gobierno alemán ha creado diferentes restricciones, para hacernos olvidarnos de la vida y sólo tratar de sobrevivir en los centros de detención; sólo esperar – sin alguna perspectiva. Algunas de nosotroas/ algunos de nosotros ya no pueden aguantar esto más. Ellas, ellos se deciden por la muerte antes que la vida y se suicidan.Ha llegado el momento – independiente de los paises de cuales venimos, de las razones porque estamos aquí, de los idiomas que hablamos – tenemos que reunirnos en Berlín para protestar juntas y juntos, hasta obtener nuestros derechos. El cambio de estas leyes sólo es posible con nuestras fuerzas, las fuerzas de un movimiento de individuos, de personas refugiadas cuales son sistemáticamente oprimidas/ oprimidos. En los centros de detención nos hemos olvidado de la vida afuera de los muros, hasta nos hemos olvidado como eran los días antes que nos obligaron a vivir aquí. Los postulantes de asilo en protesta van a llegar a Berlín y acampar alli en la calle. Declaramos que preferemos vivir en carpas que en los centros de detención y llamamos a nuestras compañeras de cuarto, a nuestros compañero de cuarto de unirse del 6. al 13. de octubre. Una semana debería ser suficiente para encontrarse en Berlín y, lado a lado, luchar para obtener nuestros derechos indispensables.Encuentro: 6. hasta el 13. de Oktober 2012, BerlínPara más informacion, contacta estos números por favor:inglés: 017679837911turco: 017669381085kurdo: 015233706273árabe: 015213170953farsi: 017671080087francés: 017634934230español: 015739094548
Biz farklı ülkelerden gelenmültecilerve altı ayonce, bizehakgöstermekiçinmülteci kamplarındaayrılalık.Şimdive sonsuza kadar, sığınmacılarömrü boyuncazalimkomutlarıdeğiştirmek içinBerlin’eyürüyebilirizSınırdışıatilmasi durdurucaz, “Residenzpflicht” (zorunlusınırlıikametdurdurucaz ve sığınmakampları içerdeyaşamak zorundaoldunuzukapaticaz Bizbunlaribizimgereksinimleri gibiiçin degilbuinsan içinvazgeçilmezdirsormayın.Onlaraulaşmak için, biz Berlin’eyürüyecezvehaklarını ıslahetmedengeri adım atmayacağız.
Alman hükümetibize hayathakkınni unutmak ve sadeceherhangi birperspektifolmadansürgünkorkusu altındabeklemegi istiyor.mülteci kampındahayattadenemek içinzorlamakiçin farklı komutlaryüklüolduğuna şüpheile.Yani,bazılarımızartık dayanamıyorum, yaşam yerine ölümutercih edmek veyaintiharla bitemez.
Biz, farkli ülkelerden gelen,bağımsız nedenleri olan, farkli diller konuşanbizimhaklarına sahipolmak için omuz omuza Berlineprotestoetmek zorundayizBu yasalardadeğişiklikleryalnızcasistematikezilenmültecilerinçaba ilebireylerinyapılmışbir hareket olarakbizim çabaile mümkündür.Hattamülteci kamplarındabizduvarları dışındahayatiunutmuş, sabahları vegeceleriarasında bir günuorada nasıl geçtiğiniunutmuş, böyleceyaşiyoruz.
mülteciler gösteri içinBerline gelecek ve sokaktakamp kurucak.Bizkamplarında yaşamayi yerine çadırda yaşamayi tercih ederiz. 6ve 13.Ekim tarihleri arasındabize katılmayaoda arkadaşlarasormakistiyoruzBirhaftalık süre‘ce Berlin’detoplanmak vetemel haktalebineyan yanaçaba gostermekyeterliolacaktır.
Daha fazla bilgi için aşağıdaki numaraları irtibata geçiniz:
English: 017679837911
Turkish: 017669381085
Kurdish: 015233706273
Arabic: 015213170953
Farsi: 017671080087
French: 017634934230
español: 015739094548
ئێمە پەنابەرانی چەندعن وەلاتین وە ٦ مانگ لەوەپێش ئێمە کەمپی خۆمان بەجێهێست بۆ داواکردنی مافی خۆمانئێستا بەرێوەین بۆ بێرلین بۆ ئەوە کە یاساکانی بێرەحم وە دژی مرۆڤایەتی پاک بکەینەوەئێمە دەرکرن رادەوەستێنین، یاساکانی وەخت بۆ پەنابەران رادەوەستێنین وە هەمو کەمپێک کە هەیە دادەخەینداوای ئەم مافەکانی ئێمە پشتگیری لێدەکرێت لە نوسراوەکانی یاسای مرۆڤایەتی دنیابۆ ئەوە کە ئەم مافانە جێبەجێ بکرێت ئێمە دەچین بۆ بێرلین وە راناوەستین تا ئەنجام دراوە.
هاوپەنابەربێدەنگیت مردنتە!
حکومەتی ئالمانی چەندین یاسای داناوە بۆ ئەوە کە پەنابەران ژیانی خۆیان لە نێو کەمپەکان بەرێوەببەن بەس ئێمە قەبولی ناکەین وە ئەگەر پەیویست بێت حازرین کە خۆمان بکوژین ئەوە کە بێ هەدەف وە بێ رێگای هەلبژاردراوی خۆمان بژین.
هیچ فەرقێک ناکات ئێمە خەلکی کۆێین، زبان مان چیە، وە بۆچی هاتوینە ئێڕەدەبێت شان بە شان پێکەوە بچین وە خۆمان پیشان بدەینگۆرانکاری لە نێو یاساکانی ئالمانی بەس بە هاوکاری یەکتر دەکرێت وە ئێمە نابەێت ئەو ژیانە قەبول بکەین لە نێو کەمپ کە بە دیوارەکانی کەمپ بەستراوەتەوە و وامان لێدەکات کە ژیانی دەرەوەمان لەبیر بچێت.
ئیمە دێین بۆ رێگاکانی بێرلین وە لە نێو چەترادا دەژین، حازرین لە نێو چەتربژین تا ئەوە کە لە نێو کەمپ قوفلمان بکەن.
هاوپەنابەرلەگەلمان بە ٦ تا ١٣ مانگی ۆکتوبێر، کاتێک کە دروستە بۆ کۆبونەوەی ئەوە کە حکومەتی ئالمانی تێبگەن لە ئێمە.
6 to 13 October, Berlin
بۆ زانیاری زۆرتر پەیوەندی بکە بەم شومارانە:
ئێنگلیزی: 017679837911
کوردی: 015233706273
فارسی: 017671080087
فەرانسی: 017634934230

ما پناهجویانی از کشور های مختلف هستیم که بیش از شش ماه است از کمپ های پناهجویی خود خارج شده و برای مبارزه به خیابان آمده ایم.اکنون با پیمودن صد ها کیلومتر با پای پیاده به شهر برلین می رویم تا قوانین ضد انسانی جاری بر زندگی پناهجویان را برای همیشه تغییر بدهیمدیپورت را متوقف خواهیم کرد، محدوده تردد را برخواهیم داشت، کمپ های پناهجویی را برای همیشه خواهیم بست و زندگی اجباری در آنها را پایان خواهیم داد.این سه خواسته نیست، سه باید است که برای تحقق اش، مسیری یکطرفه را به برلین می پیماییم و تا زمانی که این سه مطالبه تحقق نیافته اند، از برلین برنخواهیم گشت.
هم اتاقیسکوت تو مرگ هر دو ماست
تردیدی نیست که دولت آلمان قوانینی را وضع کرده و می کند تا در کمپ های پناهجویی، در حالت انتظار و بلا تکلیفی، به زیر وحشت دیپورت، زندگی کردن را فراموش کنیم و صرفا زنده بمانیم؛ کمانکه برخی از ما در برابر این ستم سپر می اندازند و با خودکشی،مرگ را به این زنده ماندن ترجیح می دهند.
زمان آن رسیده است که فارغ از آنکه از چه کشوری می آییم، برای چه به اینجا آمده ایم و به چه زبانی حرف می زنیم در برلین به یکدیگر بپیوندیم و تا تحقق مطالباتمان شانه به شانه مبارزه کنیم چرا که تغییر این قوانین صرفا با تلاش فرد فرد ما ممکن استتلاش ما پناهجویانی که بدن هایمان به زیر این ستم سیستماتیک خمیده گشته است و در کمپ های پناهجویی، زندگی جاری بیرون از دیوار هایش را چنان از یاد برده ایم که حتی فراموش کرده ایم که پیش از به اینجا آمدن، چگونه روز به شب می رساندیم.
ما پناهجویان اعتصابی در آلمان روز ششم اکتبر وارد برلین خواهیم شد و با چادر زدن در خیابان های شهر برلین اعلام می داریم که زندگی در چادر را به بازگشت به کمپ های پناهجویی ترجیح می دهیم و از هم اتاقی هایمان می خواهیم تا از ششم تا سیزدهم اکتبر در برلین به ما بپیوندند.این مدت زمان یک هفته ای (از ششم تا سیزدهمکافی است تا در برلین حضور به عمل رسانیم و در کنار هم، برای رسیدن به خواسته هایمان، دست به اعتصابی هماهنگ بزنیم.
وعده ماششم تا 13 اکتبر، برلین
برای کسب اطلاعات بیشتر با شماره های زیر تماس بگیرید:
اننا طالبي و طالبات اللجوء من بلدان مختلفة وقد مرت أكثر من ستة أشهر منذ أن غادرنا مخيمات اللاجئين للتظاهر من أجل حقوقنا. الآن نسير  إلى برلين لتغيير الاوامر و الشروط القاسية على حياة طالبي اللجوء إلى الأبد.  سنقوم بإيقاف الترحيل، بوقف “ريزدنز بفلشت” ( إلزام الإقامة المحدودة)  و إغلاق مخيمات اللجوء التي نحن مضطرون للعيش فيها. هذه ليست مطالبنا الشخصية بل انها  ا شياء ضرورية و  لا غنى عنها للكائن البشري. لتحقيق هذه الأهداف سوف نسير إلى برلين ولن تتراجع دون استعادة حقوقنا.
شريك السكن!  صمتك هو موتنا
لا شك في أن الحكومة الألمانية قامت بانشاء شروط مختلفة لإجبارنا على نسيان الحياة ومجرد محاولة البقاء على قيد الحياة في مخيم اللاجئين في ظل الخوف من الترحيل، والانتظار فقط دون أي منظور.  لذلك، البعض منا لم يعد امكانهم التقبل  ويفضلون الموت بدلا من الحياة واضعين  حد لها  عن طريق الانتحار.
هذا هو الوقت، بغض النظر عن الدول الاتين منها أسباب وجودنا هنا اوالغات اللتي نتكلم،  يجب الانضمام معا في برلين و الاحتجاج الكتف عل الكتف حتى حيازة حقوقنا.  تغييرات في هذه القوانين ممكنة فقط   إلا بموجب جهودنا كحركة متكونة من أفراد، و من خلال جهد اللاجئين و اللاجئات  الذين يعانون من الظلم بشكل منتظم. في مخيمات اللاجئين نسينا الحياة خارج الأسوار بحيث أننا نسينا حتى كيف مرت الأيام بين الصباحات  و الليالي قبل العيش  هنا.
 طالبات و طالبي اللجوء المتظاهرين  سيصلون إلى برلين و سيخيمون في الشارع. نعلن أننا نفضل العيش في الخيام بدلا من مخيمات اللاجئين و  نطلب   من شيكات و شركاء السكن للانضمام إلينا بين 6  و  13  من أكتوبر.  يجوز لفترة أسبوع ان تكون كافية للتجمع والتظاهر في برلين معا    جنبا إلى جنب للمطالبة بحقوقنا الأساسية.
نقطة الالتقاء:  من 6 إلى 13 أكتوبر، برلين
لمزيد من المعلومات يرجى الاتصال على الأرقام التالية:
الانجليزية: 017679837911
التركية: 017669381085
الكردية: 015233706273
العربية: 015213170953
الفارسية: 017671080087
الفرنسية:  017634934230
Мы - просители убежища из разных стран. Шесть месяцев прошло с тех пор,
как мы покинули наши лагеря для беженцев, чтобы бороться за наши права.
Сейчас мы идём маршем на Берлин, чтобы навсегда изменить те унизительные
правила, по которым должны жить беженцы. Мы остановим депортации,
остановим "Residenzpflicht"(предписания о невыезде) и закроем лагеря для
беженцев, в которых нас заставляют жить. Это не просто наши требования -
это условия, необходимые для жизни любого человека. Чтобы добиться их,
мы идём на Берлин и не отступим, пока не получим свои права обратно.
Соседи! Ваше молчание - наша смерть!
Нет никакого сомнения, что немецкое правительство напринимало различных
правил, чтобы заставить нас забыть о жизни, заставить нас выживать в
лагерях для беженцев под страхом депортации и просто ждать, не имея
никаких перспектив. Некоторые из нас не смогли больше принимать это и
предпочли смерть такому существованию, покончив жизнь самоубийством.
Время пришло. Независимо от того, из какой мы страны, причин по которым
мы оказались здесь и языка, на котором мы говорим; мы должны все вместе
встретиться в Берлине и протестовать плечом к плечу до тех пор, пока мы
не получим свои права. Изменения этих законов возможны только как
результат наших совместных усилий как движения, состоящего из отдельных
людей, как результат совместных усилий беженцев, подвергающихся
систематическому угнетению. В лагерях мы забыли, как выглядит жизнь по
ту сторону стен, мы даже забыли, как дни сменяли ночи до того, как мы
оказались здесь.
Протестующие просители убежища разобьют палаточный лагерь по прибытию в
Берлин. Мы заявляем, что лучше жить в палатках, чем в лагерях для
беженцев. Соседи - присоединяйтесь к нам с шестого по тринадцатое
октября (6-13.10). Недели должно хватить, чтобы собраться в Берлине и
бастовать всем вместе, спина к спине за наши неотъемлемые права!
Место встречи: 6 - 13 Октября, Берлин
Чтобы получить более подробную информацию (на разных языках) звоните по
Английский: 017679837911
Турецкий:  017669381085
Курдский: 015233706273
Арабский: 015213170953
Фарси: 017671080087
Французский:  017634934230

Monday, October 01, 2012

Arash on protest

Arash is onprotestagainst Germanys inhuman asylum policy Fotograpy by Andrzej Walkusz

Report on the demonstration in Weiden on September 28, 2012 after the suicide trial of two asylum seekers

Around 35 to 40 people gathered for the demonstration after two young refugees had tried to kill themselves. It started at 10 am and lasted until 12:20. The refugee organizers said: “Even if the number of the participants was not high, the action was very successful because of its result.” After a few minutes the members of the Foreigners Office (Auslaenderbehoerde), the Welfare Office (Sozialamt) and the city administration came and spoke with the refugees. They asked the refugees to write their demands and requests and send it to them. Within two weeks they said, they will give an answer. The refugees made clear, that if they do not receive a positive answer, they will leave the lager and built up a tent in the city centre of Weiden.

The demands of the refugees are:
  • Special and immediate attention to the cases of Majid Dehghan and Mojtaba Khoubyri. Mojtaba is actually in a psychiatric clinic and Majid is since more than four days now in coma.
  • Abolishing of the forced work or slavery work which is called “1-Euro-Job”.
  • Receiving Residents Permit in Germany - One who is not entitled to resident permit in Germany lives an unclear life in the asylum camp and faces many limitations and inhuman conditions. All of her/his life is postponed to an ambiguous future. We, the striking asylum seekers of the demand an urgent procedure of our cases. We also demand to be entitled to resident permits in Germany.
  • German citizenship for Children born in the camps - The children who are born during their parents asylum seeking procedure, face an ambiguous situation from the very beginning. Although they are considered to be born in Germany, but even for receiving an asylum passport they need a separate procedure than their parents. During this time, which is one of the most critical periods of one’s life, they have no access to sufficient facilities. We demand German passports to be issued for children who are born in the camps during their parents’ asylum seeking process.
We share the rest of our demands with our friends in who are now marching towards Berlin:
  • Abolition of Deportation laws - We believe that the right to choose where one lives is of the most basic human rights, and that the sole determining factor of this choice is the individual’s will. The deportation of asylum seekers to their original countries is a violation of this universal right, especially when it occurs due to the economical and political arrangements between the governments of the original and destination countries. The striking asylum seekers demand the German government to stop the current common yet inhumane deportation of asylum seekers.
  • Abolition of Residenzpflicht - meanwhile Germany is a part of the Schengen agreement that abolishes boarders between European countries, asylum seekers are not allowed to move beyond a 40 kilometer invisible limit. We consider this systematical isolation of the asylum seekers as unacceptable and condemn it as inhuman treatment.
  • Abolition of laws forcing asylum seekers to live in asylum camps - Asylum camps isolate the asylum seekers from the public and sometimes even the urban spheres. The guarded camps and the lack of facilities has turned them in to a place not for living but merely surviving. We demand the abolition of asylum camps where no asylum seeker has any access to a privet space.
  • Acceleration of the process of asylum seeking - We demand the procedure to be as fast as possible, we believe that the current waiting time is an indicator of white and psychological torture. We demand a time limit regarding the procedure and result of the asylum case.
  • Food packages - We believe any human being is entitled to choose the quantity and the quality of one’s daily meals. Limiting them to a certain food diet is an obvious violation of basic rights of people. We certainly demand the limited food packages to be replaced with the right to choose the diet by the asylum seeker, her- or himself.
  • Work Permit - Many of the mass medias have created the illusion that asylum seekers are merely consumers. We believe that it is the current limiting regulations which lead to such situations, therefore we demand unconditional work permit for asylum seekers since we believe any person is able to work to make living and it is also one‘s right to do so.
  • German language - As a result of systematic isolation of asylum seekers, they are denied the right to learn German language. We believe that voluntary access to learning German, is ones obvious rights, we demand equal rights to learn German in appropriate institutions to be legally issued.
  • Right to choose the location of settlement - In Germany it is not possible for an asylum seeker to choose one’s location of residence even if one’s close family members are living in a certain place, the asylum seeker cannot defiantly stay in the same place. We demand the right to choose the location of residence for all asylum seekers in Germany.
We are all asylum Seekers of the camps in Weiden, governmental district (Regierungsbezirk) of Oberpfalz in Bavaria, Germany.

Refugee Protest March welcome to Berlin

Demonstration on October 13 at 3PM at Oranienplatz in Berlin

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Refugee protest march to Berlin – Bus route

The bus tour will start on the 8th of September in Würzburg.
The idea of the bus tour is to support the foot march that starts on the same day in Würzburg. The bus tour goes through the west and north of Germany to get in touch with refugee camps that are further away from the foot route.
With the bus it will be possible for people who can not walk the way from Würzburg to Berlin to still join the protest.
A representing person of the protest tents will be in the bus from the start. On the way, more refugees have confirmed to become part of the bus tour. Every refugee who can not make the foot march of 600 kilometers but still wants to be part of the protest tent in Berlin is welcome to join.

The route of the bus tour is:
Würzburg 8.9
Frankfurt 9/10.9
Mainz/Wiesbaden 11.9
Kassel 12.9
Köln 13.9
Bonn 14.9
Düsseldorf 15/16.9.
Duisburg 17.9
Essen 18.9
Dortmund 19.9
Büren/paderborn 20.9
Bielefeld 21.9
Münster 22.9
Osnabrück 23.9
Hildesheim 24.9
Braunschweig 25.9
Magdeburg 26.9
Berlin 27.9

Everyone who wants join the bus tour / is able to support it can contact the bus support team per e-mail: or phone 0049-15223608273
Special support is needed for vehicles / minibusses / coaches between the 14th and 16th of September and after the 23rd of September.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Gold miners killed more than 80 members of Yanomami tribe

Brazil is pressing Venezuela to determine whether Brazilian gold miners crossed the border and massacred a village of about 80 indigenous people from a helicopter.

The alleged assault, which a tribal group says could have killed more than 70 people in early July, came to light this week when the group asked Venezuela's government to investigate. Because of the remoteness of the region and the scattered nature of the native settlements, fellow tribe members were able to alert the government only on Monday.

Brazil's foreign ministry said on Friday that its embassy in Caracas had asked the Venezuelan government to provide it with any information that could help it determine whether the attack had happened and whether Brazilians had been involved.

Brazil's National Indian Foundation, a government body that oversees indigenous affairs, said it would seek a joint investigation by officials from both countries at the site.

The border area between the two countries – a long, dense swath of the Amazon rainforest – has increasingly become the site of conflicts between indigenous people, gold miners, and others seeking to tap jungle resources.

The tribe that was allegedly attacked, the Yanomami, says it has given repeated, but unheeded, warnings to Venezuela's government that the conflicts are intensifying.

On Wednesday, Venezuela's public prosecutor said it would investigate. By late Friday, however, Venezuela's government still could not confirm whether the attack had occurred.

The Venezuelan interior minister, Tareck Al Aissami, said in televised comments on Friday that officials had managed to speak with seven of the nine known groups of the Yanomami tribe and thus far had no proof of an attack in any of their settlements. Officials would soon meet with those and the other two groups to further clarify the matter, he said. "God willing, there won't have been any violence among the other two groups either."

In the document presented to Venezuelan authorities this week, Yanomami leaders said tribe members in the area had spoken with three villagers from the community where the attack allegedly took place.

The three villagers, the only inhabitants of the community known to be alive, said they had been hunting away from the settlement when they heard a "tokotoko" – their indigenous word for helicopter. They also heard gunfire and explosions, the document said. Other Yanomami who visited the village later said a communal hut had been burned and that they found charred bodies and bones.

The attack was the latest in a growing number of conflicts with Brazilian gold miners, the Yanomami said in the document. The tribe alerted soldiers in the region in late July about the attack and the soldiers interviewed some of the tribespeople who had seen the destroyed village, according to the document. Venezuela's army has not commented.

The remote settlement is a five-hour helicopter flight, or 15-day walk, from Puerto Ayacucho, capital of the southern Venezuelan state of Amazonas. Because of the distance and isolation of many indigenous settlements, the government is often unable to protect tribes from incursions by outsiders. Much of the violence goes unreported, and followup investigations are difficult once conflicts take place.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Refugee Protest March to Berlin 2012


The human being’s mission to achieve freedom is not to stand in line but to disrupt the queue.

You, all the asylum seekers that live under inhumane conditions in Germany and see your lives and the lives of your children going through a gradual death, you who like prisoners are kept in asylum seekers’ camps, facing all the Apartheid discriminatory conditions that treat you like second class citizens, you who expect your deportation order to arrive at any moment, you who stand at the lowermost layers of the society, carrying all the weight of the unfair society on your shoulders, whilst the only thing you are allowed to do is to obey the cruel and inhuman rule of limited travelling range, NOW is the time to rise up against all this!
NOW is the time of our uprising because we do not want to passively witness the death of one of us, since the inhumane treatment of the asylum seekers in Germany can lead any human being to a gradual or a sudden death. Now after 5 months since the start of the asylum seekers’ protest in Germany, that began on 19th of March 2012 in Würtzburg and inspired asylum seekers of other cities to rise up, the movement strengthened by the resistance and perseverance of the asylum seeker is going to aim for a much bigger step.
We will NOT respect the laws that do not respect us as human beings!
The striking asylum seekers all over the Germany who have initiated a strong and coordinated joint protest, have decided to launch a new action on 8th of September: on this day asylum seekers will move towards Berlin from 2 different routes and after gathering in this city they will show to the German government that any action towards implementation of the inhumane deportation law will be responded back by the asylum seeker’s movement and will not remain unopposed. They will shout louder than ever that they will continue their struggle until the asylum seekers’ camps with their catastrophic conditions are abolished. In fact by gathering in Berlin, the asylum seekers will actively disobey the discriminatory law of limited travelling range, which forces the asylum seekers to remain within a certain area. This well coordinated action, which is solely organized by the asylum seekers themselves and is independent of any political party or group, will be a way to strongly voice the opposition against the ‘limited travelling range’ law.
As mentioned before, the march towards Berlin will start simultaneously from 2 separate routes:  one in which asylum seekers will walk from Würzburg towards Berlin and the other where they will use transportation means and will pass through west of Germany. The two marches will arrive at the same time in Berlin and will join each other. This action will first  be launched by the asylum seekers from two provinces of South Germany (Bayern andBaden-Württemberg), but will not remain limited to only these two provinces. All asylum seekers living in camps and places that are on the way to Berlin will be visited and they will all be invited to join the protest.
We call all the asylum seekers who like us will no more bear the inhuman conditions and have in different ways revolted against them, to join us so that by uniting our forces we can bring the decades of struggles for the asylum seekers’ rights to its long awaited goal.
In Berlin we will stand hand in hand and in solidarity and we will once more announce our legitimate demands;
- we demand the abolishment of all the asylum seekers’ camps in Germany
- deportation is an inhumane law, a law that solely serves the political and economic interests of those who are in power, this law must be abolished
- we demand that the law of the limited free travelling of the asylum seekers is abolished.
To all asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants in Germany:
we have all left our countries for different reasons, and we all came to this country hoping for a better and safer life. Most of us have come from thousands of kilometers away to this place, going through all sorts of  agony, danger and suffering to get here. We have tolerated all the hardship hoping for a better life in future. It is perhaps now the time to wear the same shoes we were wearing when we crossed all the borders on the way to here, it is perhaps now the time to travel for some more tens of Kilometers ahead, this time not alone but all together towards creating a better world.
To the asylum seekers of southern provinces: on 8th of September we will all gather in Würtzburg and will be looking forward to all and each of you joining us.
The asylum seekers of other provinces who share our concerns: we will do our best to come to your camps and to move together with you towards Berlin.
For more information please contact:
Contact for South and East Germany
Tel: 017679837911
Contact for North and West Germany
Coordinating committee of the strikning asylum seekers  in Germany

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Declaration of Solidarity with the Refugees on Hunger Strike in Ankara (Turkey)

Declaration of Solidarity with the Refugees on Hunger Strike by the Coordination Committee of Refugees in Protest in Germany

We speak to you by the powerful voice of a five months long resistance.

Dear Comrades,

we support your protest and resistance by the whole of our hearts and powers. The fascist and racist attitude of the state of Turkey against Kurds is obvious for years now. There are many of us who have also lived in Turkey as refugees and can therefore completely understand your situation. You shall know that we will put representative institutions of Turkey in Germany under pressure, just like we already do with the German state. This resistance cannot be limited to one place or a country but it is bad for all capitalist countries in the West. Problems of bad politics are always shoved on the oppressed in capitalism - and in these countries the lowest strata of the proletariat is composed of refugees.

We don`t care about the problems of those despised capitalists. But now we say a few words to them: It is you who made the world as it is today. By your exploitation, you force people to leave those regions where they were born. You have pushed us into this situation - you are responsible for our problems! So do at least your duty by your signature under the Human Rights Convention. If won`t do your duty, we will do our historical duty. Potential for struggle and resistance is already there, as you can see. Do your task, otherwise we will do ours. And we are many.

Now we talk to the Turkish state and the UNHCR. Refugees are humans. Refugees have the same human rights as everyone else. You should be happy that it was not us who wrote the Human Rights Convention, this contract between capitalistic countries. And you all have put your signatures under it. Keep your promises and practice what you preach. Otherwise it`s just a fraud.

We have already said it once in history: struggle and resistance.
And we still say today: struggle and resistance.
We keep our promises.

Big solidarity with the refugees on hunger strike in Turkey. We won`t allow anything happen to you. We are with you.

August 15th, 2012
Refugees on strike in Germany
(Aub, Bamberg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Nürnberg, Passau, Regensburg, Trier, Würzburg)

Monday, August 13, 2012

First press release by the striking refugees in Nuremberg

145 days ago the protest of refugees against the inhuman german asyl politics started in Würzburg. From there it spreads to several cities. Right know there are protest camps in Aub, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Passau, Regensburg, Würzburg and finally also in Nürnberg.
On friday (10.8.2012) at 12 o`clock a group of refugees will start their protest at Hallplatz/ Pfannenschmiedgasse. This is the way we would like to get in contact with the people to inform them about our problematic situation and to talk with them.
9.08.2012,The striking refugees of Nürnberg

145 روز پیش اعتصاب پناهجویان بر علیه قوانین غیرانسانی پناهندگی آلمان در ورتسبورگ آغاز شد. از آنجا به شهرهای دیگر منتشر شد و امروز شاهد چادر های اعتراضی در شهرهای آوب، دوسلدورف، پاساو، رگنزبورگ، ورتسبورگ برلین و در نهایت در شهر نورنبرگ هستیم.
درساعت 12 روز جمعه (10.08.2012) گروهی از پناهجویان در تحصن خود را در هال پلاتز شهر نورنبرگ آغاز خواهند کرد. این راهی است که ما می خواهیم از طریق با مردم ارتباط داشته باشیم تا آنها را از شرایط مشکل خود آگاه کنیم و با آنها سخن بگوییم.
09.08.2012 پناهجویان متحصن در نورنبرگ
وبلاگ :

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anaheim (California) fights back against outrageous police killing

Memorial for Manuel Diaz, killed by Anaheim Police

Woman shot point-black by rubber bullet after diving to save her child from police attack dog
Photos: Doug Kauffman/Liberation News
On Saturday, July 21, Anaheim police shot and killed Manuel Diaz. According to the OC Register, "A 17-year-old who lives in the neighborhood said she saw the shooting from about 20 feet away. She said Diaz had his back to the officer and was shot in the buttocks area. Diaz went down on his knees, and she said he was struck by another bullet in the head. The other officer handcuffed Diaz, who by then was on the ground and not moving, she added.'They searched his pockets, and there was a hole in his head, and I saw blood on his face,' she said."
Witnesses say Manuel Diaz was simply hanging out when police began harassing him. In response to the killing, friends and neighbors began gathering in their front lawns. Then, without warning, Anaheim police began firing rubber bullets, beanbag shotguns, and pepper-spray bullets indiscriminately into the crowd which included children--even unleashing a police attack dog on a woman holding a child. In the harrowing video, you can clearly see baby strollers and toddlers in the line of fire.
In response to the killing, people immediately came from the area to protest. On Sunday, a large group picketed outside the Anaheim Police Station where the police were holding a press conference about the killing. As the protest grew, demonstrators, who were led by victims of police abuse (including young children), held a protest inside the police station.
As the community continued to mobilize, the Anaheim police then killed another resident on Sunday night. Witnesses say the victim was already handcuffed when he was shot. Another spontaneous demonstration continued until about 4am.
As the situation develops, the ANSWER Coalition will continue to be on the ground supporting the community in their struggle for justice. History shows us that there is no accountability or justice unless the people fight for it. The community will continue to mobilize in order to hold the killer cops and police department accountable.
How you can help:
ANSWER LA has been organizing against police brutality in southern California for years in response to the scourge of police violence directed at working-class communities.

Demonstration in Downey, California to demand Justice for Mike Nida!

End Police Violence! Justice for Mike Nida!

Date: July 28, 2012
Time: 10am
Location: Mike Nida Memorial Site
Imperial Hwy & Paramount Blvd
Downey, California
Contact: or 213-251-1025
Join the Campaign to Stop Police Violence and others as we organize to win justice for Mike Nida. We'll have volunteer meetings, pass out flyers, gather petition signatures and organize for a mass march on Downey police headquarters.

Click here to join the Campaign to Stop Police Violence, a project of ANSWER.
Mike Nida, a union carpenter and father of four, was murdered by Downey police on Oct. 22 with an MP5 submachine gun. Mike had been stopped for 'fitting the description' which is a standard euhpemism for being Black or Latino in a working-class neighborhood. After being stopped for no reason, Mike was assaulted, and fled for his life at which point the officer walked back to their vehicle, popped the trunk, removed the machine gun, and shot Mike in the back multiple times rather than attempting to chase or subdue Mike with non-lethal methods.
Downey police prevented any life-saving efforts or emergency medical personnel from assisting Mike for nearly 15 minutes. His wife was prevented from saying goodbye despite only being a few feet away from where he was left to bleed to death by callous, racist officers.
Since Mike's killing, his family and friends along with the Campaign to Stop Police Violence have sprung into action by attending Downey City Council meetings, holding press conferences, walking local neighborhoods, and petitioning to demand justice. The City Council has fallen into comfortable complicity and silence on the horrific killing and police chief Esteves has done everything in his ability to shield the officers responsible for Mike's death. The time is now to send a clear message to the local government and the Downey police that racist and brutal terror will not be tolerated in the community! Join us as we march to demand:
  • Justice for Mike Nida!
  • Stop racial profiling and police brutality!
  • Jail all racist, killer cops now!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Aurora Today’s Sand Creek Massacre 1864

n July 20th 2012, James Holmes, a 24 year old white man, entered a Colorado movie theatre and opened fire on the audience, killing 12 people and injuring 58. 
The Uhuru Solidarity Movement shares the following piece from Mohawk Nation News as a reminder that the Euro-American culture of violence  rests on the pedestal of the genocide of the Indigenous people and the enslavement of Africans.
We recognize that what occurred in Colorado was not an anomaly, but the inevitable by-product of a social system fueled by unceasing violence and brutality waged against the majority of the world’s peoples. Overturning the culture of violence means standing in solidarity with the liberation of Africans and Indigenous people.
Posted by Mohawk Nation News on July 21, 2012
MNN.  July 21, 2012.  The Aurora theatre killer, James Holmes, grew up in San Diego California.  His mother sent him to Denver to study for his Phd in neuroscience.
Americans are horrified about the chaotic, horrific, tumultuous and bloody mass murders in the movie theatre showing “Dark Night Rises”.  Yet they live unconcerned over the top of our graves. This hemisphere is soaked in our people’s blood, all killed by psychotic mass murderers.
Aurora is 100 miles from the site of the Sand Creek massacre, November 29, 1864.  Old Denver families were behind this mass murder of Cheyenne and Arapaho men, women and children.
In the spring of 1864 the Cheyenne and Arapaho were ready for peace.  They met with US Officers, Evans and Chivington, at Camp Weld outside of Denver.  No treaties were signed.  The Indians were offered a sanctuary at Fort Lyon.  Black Kettle and over 500 Cheyenne and Arapaho travelled south to set up camp on Sand Creek, near Eads, the town later built on top of the massacre site.  Some dissenters headed north to join the Sioux.

General Samuel Curtis sent a telegram, “I want no peace till the Indians suffer more”.  700 Cavalry volunteers called “100 Dazers”, assembled in Denver.  The camps of Chief Black Kettle, White Antelope, Left Hand and others, lay in the valley before them.   Chivington, with mostly drunken troops, headed to Sand Creek with 4 Howitzers.   Black Kettle raised both flags of peace.  Chivington raised his arm for attack.   Cannon and rifles pounded the camp.  The Indians scattered.  The frenzied soldiers hunted down and murdered the men, women and children.   A few warriors managed to fight back.  Silas Soule of Massachussets did not allow his soldiers to fire into the crowd.
Troops continued the murders all day.  One bragged about killing 3 women and 5 children who were screaming for mercy.  They murdered all the wounded, mutilated and scalped them.  They cut open the pregnant women’s bellies and laid the fetus on the bodies.  They plundered tipis and divided up the herd of horses.  Black Kettle’s wife was shot 9 times and survived.  The Cheyenne Dog Warriors who opposed the peace treaty provided sanctuary for the survivors.
The Colorado volunteers returned to Denver as heroes, with scalps of women and children.  Colorado residents celebrated.  Chivington appeared on a Denver stage telling war stories and displayed 100 Indigenous scalps, including pubic hair of women.  Many of the elite of Denver society today are the children of these murderers.
Eye witnesses came forward and reported the murders.   Silas Soule testified against Chivington, and was murdered by Charles Squires.  It was found to be a carefully planned massacre.  Asked why kids were killed, “Nits make lice”, said Chivington.
As word of the massacre spread, the Indigenous resistance to white expansion stiffened.  This massacre led to the Little Big Horn battle on June 25-6, 1876 where General George Custer and his men were wiped out by the Lakota lead by Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull.
In December 29, 1890, the US 7th Cavalry commanded by Samuel M. Whitside lead the massacre of over 350 Lakota at Wounded Knee Creek.
We have had to live with these horrors since the arrival of the invaders, while they send their “cry babies” to doctors for counselling.
That mindset to slaughter people was brought here.  80 are shot and killed daily in the US, not counting stabbings and death by other means.
Orders always come from the top.  On December 26, 1862 Lincoln sanctioned the hanging of 38 randomly picked Indian men and boys without trial, the largest mass hanging in US history.  One week later, January 1, 1863, Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation to free the slaves.  The Blacks then formed the regiment called the Buffalo Soldiers who proudly massacred the Indigenous for their masters.  Today both races celebrate their plunder with medals and the theft of our land.
Was James Holmes trying to mimic the mindset of those Denver people? If he is insane, then Washington, Grant and Lincoln, and all the other presidents who gave orders to totally annihilate us, are all insane as well.
The Americans must be reminded of this continuing genocide.  If they don’t know their history, it is bound to repeat itself.  The lesson is: be careful what you ask for,  you might just get it.
The movie-goers went to the theatre to see murder, death, chaos and plunder.  Then they got it for real!
As Bob Marley sang about, “Buffalo soldier, dread-lock rasta.”
MNN Mohawk Nation News  For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0

Saturday, July 21, 2012

No Drones To Turkey!


In December 2011, the Turkish military launched an operation using U.S.-supplied F-16 jets that resulted in the killing of 34 civilian Kurdish boys and young men along the Turkey-Iraq border. As reported by mainstream outlets such as the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Associated Press, the attack was guided by predator drone intelligence that was provided to the Turkish military. The Turkish government has demonstrated grave irresponsibility by continuing to avoid a public investigation, threatening members of the victims’ families, and disallowing them to file cases with the courts.
The Kurdish Grassroots Advocacy Group, a grassroots group supported by a collection of American and Kurdish-American organizations, communities, and individuals in the United States, strongly encourage Congressional opposition to the sale of armed aerial drones to the Turkish military on the grounds that the proposed deal could put civilians in Turkey at great risk and generate new security problems in the region.
Letters to Representatives


Press Release



Thursday, July 19, 2012

Demonstration of the striking refugees in Regensburg (Germany)

28th of Juli at 2pm Demonstration: No one is illegal! Start: Neupfarrplatz, Regensburg (Bavaria/Germany)

Thursday, July 12, 2012


web banner - gross

Join us at the camp and in the struggle against racism

An action camp featuring protests, workshops, discussions and networking
From 13 to 22 July, there will be a NoBorder camp in Cologne which is being organised by an open collective of anti-racist groups and activists. Come to the camp! Contribute your ideas, actions, and workshops! Get involved in the decentralised preparations! The camp will be what you make it!
(short version of the call below)


Europe’s borders have many shapes. They encompass the European Union and they also show outside of the Schengen area in neighbour and “transit states”. There are also interior and invisible borders that pervade society. Similarly they express themselves through relations characterised by exploitation and dominance, which are also based on gender. While non EU states such as Ukraine and Tunisia have been committed to intercept migrants and refugees before they can even reach the Schengen area, the EU member states make use of structural violence: racist stop-and-search operations carried out by the police, precarious working conditions, detention in refugee camps or deportations operated from the airports of major European cities. These are only a few examples of manifestations of racism towards those who are perceived as “different”, exposing the deeply entrenched racism in European societies.
However, these borders are constantly transcended: When refugees revolt in camps near the EU’s external borders, when migrants stay despite precarious living conditions or when they organise themselves in solidly united collectives. What’s more is that discrepancies have become apparent between states maintaining the European border regime. Even though 2011 turned out to be the most fatal year for refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, the Arab spring caused a temporary collapse of Europe’s extended borders. And also within the European Union, political conflicts have erupted concerning the austerity measures authoritatively pushed forward by the German state. They are particularly evident in Southern European protests against economic attacks which were justified by the crisis and the impoverishing policies imposed by more affluent European states.


As participants of the camp, we’d like to create a space in which demands can be made, listened to, supported and knowledge shared – where refugees/migrants/PoCs1 can find room to organise themselves. We’d like to develop strategies that allow us to surmount existing divisions amongst people and to unite in our fight against racism. Through our actions we’d like to raise awareness and to overcome the feeling of powerlessness. Because structural racism has its effects, the group organising the preparations predominantly consists of white2 people. However, we intend to create an environment that enables and encourages everybody to participate in the preparations of the camp. The camp will exert political pressure on the people responsible for the deportation apparatus and on those profiting from it. Actions during the camp can temporarily suspend the border regime and resistance and self-organisation can effectively prevent deportations! An action day against the deportations from Düsseldorf International Airport is scheduled on the 21st of July which won’t leave beneficiaries of the deportation apparatus like Air Berlin unmolested.

Living conditions of refugees and migrants in Düsseldorf and Cologne

The camp will also look into refugees’ living conditions at the respective locations and try to reinforce present struggles and self-determination! The compulsory internment in asylum seekers’ accommodation far away from city centres are part of a racist segregation policy. It harms people both physically and psychologically and refugees constantly try to take action against this kind of accommodation as a systematic attempt to humiliate and to isolate them. The aims of the detention centres’ refugee policies, which heavily rely on deportations, are followed up by other repressive measures, like the Residenzpflicht or the interrogation of refugees who try to obtain a permit to travel that take place at the central alien office in Cologne.
There are many places in which people who are directly affected by these measures have initiated actions: Conferences or campaigns against the Residenzpflicht and protests against accommodation in refugee camps and the food stamp system, also bringing up the issue of racist police violence. This may saw people in Berlin having action days against deportation hearings, in Thuringia, Eastern Germany, the Break Isolation Camp against accommodation in refugee camps will be held and people are joining them from all over.
Other spots in Cologne represent the conditions which migrants/PoCs/black people (…) and their descendants who, despite having grown up in Germany are still considered “foreign”, have to face: In 2004 in Köln-Mülheim the far right terrorist group NSU committed an attack aimed at the colour population using a nail filled bomb. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution which has some involvement in the NSU’s serial killings has its headquarters in Cologne as well. In Mülheim and in other parts of Cologne, Bulgarian and Romanian migrants are currently subjected to public hostility and continuous police raids. The central record of foreigners which registers people without a German passport on racist criteria, and which thousands of “partner departments” can access, is one of the most extensive databases in Germany and is also in Cologne.

Main focus Anti-Romanyism

In Germany and in Europe structural discrimination, social stigmatisation and everyday-racism are historical continuities. During the 3rd Reich Roma were persecuted, defamed and murdered. The Federal Republic of Germany has never assumed responsibility as the successor state. Instead many Roma and Sinti are still being denied the right of residence, stigmatised and face deportation. Anti-Romanyism, the stereotypical perception and the widespread rejection of Roma and Sinti does not only manifest in marches and pogroms which have recently taken place in various Eastern European countries. They only represent the violent climax. In Germany Roma are confronted with racist agitation in the media and social exclusion. Roma who migrate from countries such as Romania or Bulgaria to Western European countries, because of an increasingly aggressive racism and their extreme poverty, will find themselves persistently discriminated against and subjected to general suspicion in populist campaigns directed at them. This is currently happening in Leverkusen where the media uses terms such as “Mafia” when speaking about Roma families, the police carry out raids and make use of racial profiling when stop-and-searching people in public transportation.
On a local level, racist prejudices enter public discourse without resistance, the media being more than complicit in this. The social situation that’s constituted by the consequences of persecution, expulsion, and poverty is considered an intrinsic trait of Roma people, followed by a demand for more repression against them. An ostensible cause for the imagined threat in one of the anti-ziganist campaigns in Dortmund was the presence of people working as sex workers who migrated from Bulgaria. Stigmatised in multiple ways (as sex workers and as women) their work has been put on a level with violence and organised crime to illegalise their already precarious working conditions.
Other than that, social exclusion manifests in regular collective deportations which even concern families who have lived in Germany for more than twenty years, based on so-called readmission agreements, to Kosovo, Macedonia or to Serbia. The deportation practice and the methods used against Roma in Germany traumatise the people affected and force them to live under inhumane and marginalised conditions in the ex-Yugoslavian states. All over Europe, the white majority tacitly accepts the fact that Roma are only allowed to stay in camps, “in their part of town” where they can “move freely” while white people ponder how they might be able to colonise the moon.
The campaign “alle bleiben!” (“everybody stays!”) which fights for the right of residence to be granted to Roma has staged protests at the latest collective deportations from Düsseldorf Airport which lead to a life without perspectives that’s characterised by social exclusion in Kosovo and Serbia. The activists stick up for people threatened by deportation and try to get the flights to depart with as few passengers as possible. The No Border camp intends to pick up on these struggles against deportation and for better living conditions and to bring attention to the resistance of Roma activists. Let’s support and show our solidarity with Roma-activists! Stop all deportations!

From detention camps to deporations, from Sarrazin to the NSU – let’s attack racist realities!

What do the “NSU” (National Socialist Underground, a far-right German terrorist group), the right-winged organisation “Pro Deutschland” or the controversy about Thilo Sarrazin’s theories (a German politician promoting a restrictive immigration policy) have in common with deportations carried out in practice by the German authorities and the everyday life of refugees in detention centres? We conceive racism as a widespread societal and institutionalised reality that cannot be assigned to the margins of society or be trivialised as isolated cases. Racism is ubiquitous, people are turned into “others” on a daily basis, pushed to the fringes of society having to endure generalised stereotyping and prejudice. This resulted in the serial killings of the Neo-nazi murderers of the NSU remaining unknown to the public.
Instead, the victims and their families were accused of having been involved in criminal activities by the investigators. This strategy of reversing guilt has a long tradition in Germany. The refugee Safwan Eid was accused of an arson attack on a refugee camp in 1996; the asylum seeker Oury Jalloh who burned to death in a police cell in 2005 had allegedly caused his own death by setting fire to the mattress that he was tied down to. According to this logic, people who are discriminated against in a racist manner represent the cause of just that discrimination – it thus being a problem of those who have to endure it and not those who gain privileges from it, i.e. the white German majority. Anti-Islamic racism often claims that Muslims, or those who are perceived to be Muslims, are associated with terrorism and fundamentalism. In anti-Islamic racism, the sexualistation of women defined as “Muslim” works through the urge to “unveil everything” in an interplay with their deprivation of self-determination and emancipation.
This widespread racism saw another climax in 2010 in the controversy caused by Thilo Sarrazin in which the social democrat combines his biologism with cultural racism. Whether people use the colonialist category of “race” as a pretence or replace it with the term “culture”, both inevitably ascribe certain characteristics to people. Thus turning them into “representatives” of some arbitrarily defined group. And it wasn’t just during the Sarrazin controversy that people were classified according to their “usefulness”. This is the point where racism becomes something ordinary and gains the support of the tacit majority, when Roma are collectively deported to the hard winters of Kosovo, when refugees have to put up with discriminatory laws such as the heavily criticised German Residenzpflicht or when PoCs keep being asked “where they’re really from”.

Action focus Deportations

This year’s No Border Camp will focus its actions on Düsseldorf International Airport which serves as a hub for the European deportation apparatus. Collective deportations are coordinated by FRONTEX, the European border protection agency which wages war against refugees on the EU’s borders. The agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union also fights refugees and migrants long before they reach the actual European borders, for instance at the West-African coast and turns people in the need of protection into “illegals” while they’re still on their way to Europe. FRONTEX uses more than 10 million Euro to finance the so-called “Return Operations” during which charter planes head for various airports in different EU states to “collect” the deportees to then secretively deport them using violence. These flights depart from all over Europe – we know of collective deportations to numerous countries departing from Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK – amongst others. However, there are protests against charter deportations operated by Frontex at many points of departure. Most collective Frontex deportations concern migrants and refugees from Nigeria, and are obviously meant to intimidate migrants who have left Nigeria, which is one of the most populous African countries. Refugees who have organised themselves have been trying to defend themselves against the “hearings” carried out by the German Federal Police in cooperation with the Nigerian embassy for years. People are simply “identified” as Nigerian citizens to be deported using the papers which are then issued. These hearings and deportations will also be a topic to be discussed over the duration of the camp.
The biggest airline in Düsseldorf, Air Berlin, provides planes for deportations to Kosovo and Serbia and therefore profits from the nasty deportation business. That’s why people have started to organise resistance: 70-75 seats were booked for a collective deportation in early February 2012 – ultimately only 16 people could be forced to take the flight. Demonstrations and blockades at the airport meant a significant interference with the business as usual at Düsseldorf International and we’ll try to follow up to this with further actions!


The aim of the camp is to point out the connection between everyday and institutional racism and to link them to other fields or forms of discrimination. We want to criticise racism as a power relation in society as a whole and to intervene by performing actions. By providing critical media we’d also like to interfere in discourses which relativise racism and trivialise it as a problem of isolated fanatics. In order to achieve this, racism must be put into the context of neo-colonial dominance and capitalist exploitation – following up on the slogan coined by self-organised refugees and migrants many years ago: “We’re here because you destroy our countries!”. The subjects concerning this, issues and challenges will be addressed throughout the camp, we’re planning to do a big action against the sell-out of fertile farmland to banks, investment funds and big corporations that has rapidly increased since 2007. The land grabbing has turned into a massive wave of expropriation which leads to the loss of livelihood of hundreds of millions of peasants and fishers in the global south and as a consequence, migration to cities and to “Western” countries.
We’ll raise the issue of exploitation of migrants and their labour conflicts at the airport, which are linked to other struggles against precarious work conditions: Not only Greece saw mass protests and strikes. The immense consequences of the crisis have exacerbated the already disastrous conditions under which refugees and migrants/refugees/and many PoCs try to make a living. In this case the camp could serve as a space that allows us to intervene by taking into consideration current developments in which protests against everyday impoverishment are combined with migration as a movement against global inequalities. The No Border Camp should be a space that allows refugees, migrants and everybody who wants to join their struggles to develop visions, analyses and practices uniting different kinds of struggles. The camp will give us the chance to combine anti-racist, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist and (queer-)feminist or anti-patriarchal perspectives in order to oppose the concurrence of different forms of discrimination and dominance by providing various resistance strategies to ultimately fight a united struggle against all forms of racism.
white awareness and Empowerment
Racism affects all of us, everybody who is not affected by it in a negative way unknowingly or knowingly benefits from the privileges that it grants them. Racism occurs in the neo-colonial contexts of white supremacy and a white culture of dominance. It defines white as normal and is by no means simply a personal view, prejudice or stereotype. It’s obvious that racism affects people in different ways depending on their social standing, whether they’re white, black, people of colour, people with or without experiences of having to flee their country, as illegalised individuals, as women or men etc. That’s why people who are critical of racism from a white perspective need to fight their own privileges and to actively break through their white normality. Racism won’t just vanish thanks to altruistic intentions! The privileges of the white majority must be named if racism is to be fought since that’s where it emerges from.
We will try to provide the framework during the camp to establish safe spaces to exchange with other PoCs/migrants/Slavic people/Sinti/Muslims/Roma and to network. We want to break isolation and test strategies to focus and to strengthen ourselves. In doing so, we will attach great importance to anti-authoritarian visions. Solidly united we’d like to concentrate our experiences to direct them as strong energies against racism and any form of authority.

No Border Camps
No Border Camps have been organised since the ’90s both inside and outside the European Union, trying to bring transnational protest to border regions and to the European Union’s main offices. No Border camps combine the raising of public awareness and the networking of anti-racist initiatives at hot spots of migration control. They establish a provisional and autonomous space allowing local anti-racist organisations to network, activists to exchange experiences and to reflect and to discuss. No Border camps represent the attempt to get a little closer to the vision of “freedom to move – freedom to stay” by joining people in taking action.

1 PoC – Person of Color / People of Color – Is a term describing people who have experienced racism and serves as an empowering self-designated name. PoCs/migrants/refugees/Jewish people(…) are all self-positionings which are very powerful in political struggles. We oppose an oppressive uniformity and the attribution of external terms thus trying to always mention other positions. One is a PoC if one chooses to use that term for oneself.
2 white – The term white and PoC/ black/ migrants (…) does not refer to biological traits but to social constructions based on arbitrary racist characteristics. White defines a dominant social position which can never be relinquished and always remains effective (just like it would lose its meaning in a non-racist society). To emphasise global power relations, and to reverse them on a linguistic level, we’ll always write white in lower case and in italics.
(German for “mandatory residence”) is a legal requirement affecting applicants for refugee status (Asylbewerber_innen) living in Germany, or those who have been given a temporary stay of deportation (Geduldete). Those affected are required to live within certain boundaries defined by the applicants’ local foreigners’ office (Ausländerbehörde).

Short version of the call

No Border Camp 2012 in Cologne/Düsseldorf
From the 13th to 22th of July a No Border Camp will take place in Cologne. The Camp is prepared by an open network of groups and activists fighting against racism.
The Camp is supposed to be a place in which racism can be fought collectively, with actions, demonstrations, discussions and workshops. We want to actively deal with: everyday racism, institutionalised racism, migration control, antiziganism, living conditions of refugees and migrants, root causes for migration, colonialism etc.
Many people who are part of the preparation process of the No Border Camp are not personally affected by racist exclusion. They did not experience flight or know what it is like to live in an asylum-seeker-camp, to live a life under racist laws, racist harassment and police brutality. But they don’t want to accept this racist status quo. A state from which they all to often even personally profit. They know, that change does not just happen, it always has to be fought for.
People who are discriminated against racially consistently fight against the racist system of abasement and isolation. Resistance by Refugee-activists, People of Colour (PoC), Roma etc. happened and happens in many places throughout Germany. This resistance is a huge problem for the German racist policy and it shall become an even bigger problem!
These anti-racist struggles have to be strengthened even more. The No Border Camp in Cologne can be a place to get to know a lot of different people, to network, to exchange experiences and perspectives, and a place of solidarity.
Not everyone has the same possibilities to organise and to participate in such a camp. Thats why the No Border Camp in Cologne provides:
Legal Help
In case of repression during the Camp and actions, i.e. “violation” of Residenzpflicht or the right of assembly. There will also be addresses to visit. If you have any questions regarding the Residenzpflicht, contact ( in any language):
Financial support
For train and bus tickets, food etc. Tents and sleeping bags can also be provided on the camp.
Empowerment spaces
Spaces which are only open for people who experience racism and/or have experienced migration.
Awareness group
Structures which support a respectful and sensitive mutual interaction.
There is a common agreement on how much risk will be taken during the actions. It is important that everyone can participate and can feel safe doing so. Absolute safety can never be guaranteed.
Communication and Decisions
There will be translations into many different languages. It has to be possible to discuss and to make decisions collectively.
A day of action against deportations will take place in the context of the No Border Camp on the 21th of July at the Düsseldorf Airport. It is also possible to only come to this action.
If there are questions or if specific support is needed, contact ( in any language):
More information regarding the camp:
Fight Racism!
For a world without borders!
Refugees Rights! Right here! Right now!
Some people from the preparatory circle of the No Border Camp 2012 in Cologne/Düsseldorf