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Germany - France - Guinea - Benin.... : transnational resistance against deportations

On the 16th of august 2007, six french policemen were beaten up at the airport in Conakry/Guinea, when they delivered two deportees. Not only the two deported Guineans, who had taken part in a hungerstrike of sans papiers in Lille, and some of the passengers, who protested against mistreatment of the deportees, were involved, but also two Guinean policemen. This caused a lot of diplomatic troubles.

Similar problems were created by a dubious delegation from Guinea which came to Germany for the fourth time, after visits in Switzerland, France and on the Canary Islands, to "identify" African refugees in order to enable their deportation. Protests in Germany and Guinea resulted in a declaration of the new Guinean government on the 27th of august to suspend all measures of identification and deportation until a bilateral agreement is signed.

Also a charter deportation on the 10th of september from Hamburg to Togo and Benin caused diplomatic problems, because the German authorities wanted to deport a Liberian to Benin, without having valid papers from this country. Before, they wanted to put him on board a plane of Air France, where trade unionists are campaigning against deportations and denounced the collaboration even with German authorities. The Liberian was released some days before the charter deportation - thanks to all these transnational protests.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Free the Jena 6!

The Case of the Jena 6

Last fall, when two Black high school students sat under the "white" tree on their campus, white students responded by hanging nooses from the tree. When Black students protested the light punishment for the students who hung the nooses, District Attorney Reed Walters came to the school and told the students he could "take [their] lives away with a stroke of [his] pen." Racial tension continued to mount in Jena, and the District Attorney did nothing in response to several egregious cases of violence and threats against black students. But when a white student--who had been a vocal supporter of the students who hung the nooses--taunted a black student, allegedly called several black students "nigger", and was beaten up by black students, six black students were charged with second-degree attempted murder. Last month, the first young man to be tried, Mychal Bell, was convicted. He faces up to 22 years in prison for a school fight.

Justice for the Jena 6

The lives of six young black men are being ruined by Jim Crow justice in Jena, Louisiana.

The District Attorney has refused to protect the rights of Jena's Black population and has turned the police and courts into instruments of intimidation and oppression.

Click here for the full story

We can help turn things around by making it a political liability for the authorities of Jena to continue the racist status quo, and by forcing the Governor of Louisiana to intervene.

20th of September 2007: Thousands rally in Jena 'march for justice'

JENA, Louisiana (CNN) -- Thousands of protesters clogged the tiny town of Jena, Louisiana, Thursday to show their indignation over what they consider unjust, unequal punishments meted out in two racially charged incidents.


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Stop deportation to Iraq

Stop deportation to Iraq!
Stop war ans occupation!
Stop this madness!

Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

Support the Iraqi refugees! Send a fax to the UK Home office!

UK Home Office
Fax: 00442070354745

Proposed text:


Home Office
2 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DF

Ladies and Gentleman,

The UK government is currently arresting and detaining and deporting Iraqi Kurdish asylum seekers. I believe that the deportations could not be happening at a worse time with the recent cholera outbreak affecting Sulaimaniya, Arbil and Kirkuk, in which more than 2000 people have been infected so far. Northern Kurdistan is not a safe place to return Iraqi asylum seekers. The situation in Kurdistan may be relatively more stable compared to other parts of Iraq, but Iraqi Kurdistan is not an independent state and continues to be subject to the outcomes of the policies of the US and occupying forces whilst the Iraq war continues. The two ruling parties in Kurdistan, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) are authoritative and undemocratic. Many people are unemployed in Kurdistan and public services are very poor. The Kurdish authorities continue to persecute human rights campaigners and journalists. Terrorist groups and Islamic parties are intimidating Kurdish people on a daily basis. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and US State Departments reports all indicate violations of human rights in Iraqi Kurdistan. The KDP and PUK are not able to protect Kurdish people and provide public services and utilities. All of the factors above lead to the continuing flow of refugees leaving Iraqi Kurdistan.

Iraq including Kurdistan is not safe. Iraqi refugees should not be forcibly returned.

Yours Sincerely,


Monday, September 10, 2007


Sign the online petition and send emails to Dutch, Filipino, U.N. and U.S. officials and members of the media!

Joma Sison Questions & Answers Fact Sheet

Declaration of the Caravan demanding Jose Maria Sisons immediate release

'free Jose-Maria Sison' von azadi

What you can do to demand the release of beloved Philippine leader falsely arrested and in detention

On August 28, 2007 Professor Jose Maria Sison, a Filipino political refugee living in exile for 20 years in Utrecht, Netherlands, was lured by Dutch police under false pretenses, arrested and unjustly detained. As the chief political consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), Professor Sison has been an instrumental force in pursuing peace talks between the Government of the Philippines and the Philippine underground movement. Sison was a political prisoner under the Marcos dictatorship and has since been exiled and suffers continuous harassment and persecution by the Philippine Government.

At the age of 68, Professor Sison is one of the most influential figures in Philippine politics, highly regarded by millions of Filipino workers, peasants, women, students, national minorities, and other segments of Philippine society seeking national sovereignty and genuine democracy for their homeland.

Internationally, he is a renowned writer and poet and a highly respected anti-imperialist intellectual providing incisive analysis on the crisis of the world capitalist system. He is currently the chairperson of the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS), an alliance of over 100 peoples organizations from over 20 countries in the world advancing national independence, democracy and social liberation.

At the same time as his arrest, the Dutch police, in Gestapo-like fashion, raided the homes and seized the property of 7 other NDF personnel, This bolsters our belief that Prof. Sison is not the only target of the attacks. The entire NDFP Peace Panel based in the Netherlands are also being subjected to harassment and repression.

According to Netherlands authorities, Sison is being charged with incitement to murder in the Philippines. Dutch prosecutors allege that he ordered the killings of Filipinos Romulo Kintanar and Arturo Tabara. This is only the latest in the long list of politically-motivated false charges being levied against Sison. Recently, the Philippine Supreme Court dismissed the rebellion charges against Sison and 50 other personalities including progressive members of the Philippine Congress and leaders of the mass movement. The court ruled that the pieces of alleged evidence used in the rebellion cases, including the Kintanar and Tabara deaths, can no longer be used in other legal proceedings against Sison and his co-accused.

The attacks on Sison are part of the continuing political repression being implemented by the US-backed Arroyo regime. In the past, this has included extrajudicial kilings, abductions and the filing of false charges against activists and critics of the Arroyo regime.

As Sison is one of the sharpest critics of US imperialism and Philippine President Arroyo's puppetry to the Bush regime, the Bush-Arroyo clique have worked hand and hand to criminalize him, even going as far as placing him on the U.S. list of Foreign Terrorists. Just last month, the Court of First Instance of the European Court of Justice nullified the Council of the European Union�s inclusion of Sison on their "Terrorist List" and they found no basis or due process for the original listing.

The solitary confinement and treatment of Sison, not allowing visitors such as his wife, children, or his doctor to see him, while in detention violates provisions of the United Nations High Comission on the Rights of Refugees. Sison is a recognized political refugee in the Netherlands.

We again call on all truth and freedom seeking people to help defend Professor Sison's rights and demand that the Netherlands authorities release him at once.

Sign the online petiton and send emails to public officials


(Phone numbers, fax numbers, emails and addresses of officials are listed at along with the text of the petition, which can also be used as a script for call-ups or visits to officials. The text can also be printed as a petition and names gathered in support.)

Solidarity Center - 5C
55 West 17th St
New York, NY 10011
For further information call: (212) 633-6646

60 refugees detained in Büren deportation prison on hunger strike

On 02/09, about 60 refugees detained in Germanys largest deportation prison in Büren went on hunger strike in order to demand their liberation.

Below you will find a letter concerning the reasons for the hunger strike that was read out during a demonstration against the prison which took place on that day. Please spread the information, as those on hunger strike in Büren will need our support.

Further information in German you can find at:

20. August 2007
Noel Asanga Fon

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Comrades in combat. It's with mixed feelings that we prisoners of circumstances here in Büren are welcoming your ceaseless efforts in a struggle against the fundamental violation of human rights and freedom. We are comforted as we know there still exist people of good faith and humanitarian organisations in Germany and the world at large who care of victims whose rights are violated. Mixed in the sense that the circumstances under which we are detained are intolerable in 21^st century Europe.

We salute your efforts, people of good faith, human rights ambassadors, humanitarian organisations, press and media, the old and the young, who have mobilised themselves from all corners of the globe to manifest their grievances against gross violation of human dignity.

We know this is not going to be an easy struggle but eventually victory will be ours. Never in the history of Mankind has the cry of the masses gone in vain. Politicians have and will always give reasons to the rule of democracy, 'power to the people' 'the force of masses'.

There is great emergency for politicians of the 21^st century to recognise the necessity and importance for the respect of human dignity. And to exercise their duties without discrimination and prejudice.

We call for total respect of the fundamental rights of mankind as a whole, against the discrimination by the colour of the skin, faith, race or political and religious conviction. Political interest should under no circumstances jeopardise the integrity of the fundamental rights of mankind.
We prisoners of circumstances; victims of violence, war, plaques and disasters come from different angles of the universe, are prejudiced and held in captivity in Büren detention camp and other concentration prisons of human abuse in Germany. We are vulnerable and without any defence under the discriminatory racist laws mandated against us. Yet we have good people like you out there to advocate on our behalves.

We say thanks once more !

Büren prison is a multipurpose business arena. It has similarities to the nazist concentration camps. The idea behind this prison is criminal and for wicked agenda. It is a mini industrial complex, where prisoners work and make money to private pockets. Prisoners work for less than 50 Cents an hour, for a firma Löer and Schäfer, who pays about 20 Euros an hour for the services rendered to the prison authorities. There exists a provision store in Büren for prisoners, prices are 2 times or more higher than of Aldi, Penny Markt, Plus etc. A bottle of water costs 85 Cents. I have sent a shopping list ?Einkaufs-Shop Mewes JVA Büren?. You people can compare the prices yourselves.

Again the prisoners are given alarming bills to pay for their staying in prison. Some amount up to 14.000, 00. A German civil servant will not earn or save this money annually or in his life time, and what about a prisoner who earns just 50 Cent an hour or has no income?

Deportation Prison Büren an idea behind it is to promote and experiment the pro-nazist ideology on immigrants and why not later pass onto the Germans?

I call for German awareness!

To detain a victim of circumstances for a period of 3 months renewable up to 18 months is a racist practice and aims to eliminate the victim, not physically but psychologically and spiritually. Büren prison is a sect !

We have cases getting to 12 months awaiting deportation. Some are sick and insane.

The nutrition is poor, bread remains a large proportion of our daily menu and many prisoners suffer from constipation and other diet related sickness. When a prisoner dares to complain, the response will be? Do you have a better meal in your homeland? Prisoners are scared of the prison dispensary, because there is alleged conspiracy of ill treatment of immigrants and suspicion of body organ transaction and misappropriate treatment given to immigrants to destroy them mentally.

The prison doors are apparently locked throughout, less than 3 hours is accorded for both sport and sunbath. This is below recommended standard.

Prisoners are dressed in rags, representing caricatures or comedians to the amusement of prison authorities. Prisoners are forced to sign documents without understanding the content and implication behind such suspicious documents. Any resistance against such order and you will find yourself in the keller.

There exists a court within the prison buildings where verdicts are pre-prepared to the hearings of the persecuted. The persecuted has nothing to say in front of these judicial monsters, who smile at the desperation of the victim, as he receives his over 3 months extended sentence with tears. Nobody knows exactly when he will be released or deported. The action and decision is always sudden to the confusion and desperation of the victim who remains helpless and knows not what awaits him ahead. More so, victims are deported to a land which is not their homeland.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the suffering in Büren prison is enormous and every aspect here is abusive, unlawful and internationally unconstitutional.

Dear comrades in combat, we want to make our voices heard. Germany as a signatory of the international convention for the fundamental protection of human right and freedom is violating the same convention that paved a save passage for German refugees during post war Germany to seek protection and asylum without restriction, all over the world from 1948 to 1990 precisely. The fall of the Berlin wall in 1990 also marked an end of the cold war in Europe and western Europe especially registered increasing socio-political stability.

War, political instability, violence, plagues remained an Afro-Asian, Latino-American and Eastern Communist European problem.

Hence there were no more German refugees, so Büren saw its days in 1994 to prevent world refugees to benefit from the same privileges, German war and political refugees had benefited for almost 2 decades. Eurodac Regulation 2003 is also an egoistic political mechanism.

Comrades, today, 02/09/2007, will mark another historical page to the liberation of mankind. Our fight for equality and freedom is real and remains a prime issue throughout the world.

Our fight against illegal detention and deportation of victims of circumstances is legitimate and unless it doesn?t go as far to the total and complete liberation of mankind caught in any prejudice, discrimination and bias, in all legal and civil society, our effort will be meaningless.

We declare today, the Day of our Liberation and the total and complete liberation of Mankind, we call for a total and complete closure of all deportation chambers and prisons of human abuse in Germany and the world as a whole.

We challenge the racist laws mandated upon immigrants and asylum seekers in Germany. We call for the total respect and the obligation of the German government to protect the rights of people within and outside German territory without discrimination and prejudice.

Unless ! this demands, which are not negotiable, are met with present effect, we are declaring ourselves sacrificial lambs for freedom.

In effect we announce today the long awaited prisoner hunger strike, our civil disobedience, for the immediate release of all victims of circumstances, not charged with any criminal offence, in all German deportation camps.
Dear fellow comrades, we wish you all farewell back to your various destinations, as you enhance and propagate our suffering.

We are paying a price for freedom.
May God bless the world.
Long live F. R. Germany
Long live freedom.
Long live A.A.C.D.I.D ((action against corrupt detention and illegal

Done in Büren 20/08/2007
Noel Asanga Fon

African activist detained, humiliated and strip searched by Israeli security

An African activist of The VOICE Refugee Forum, Germany detained, humiliated and strip searched by the Israeli security at the Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv.

Mr. Yufanyi Mbolo, a leading activist of The VOICE Refugee Forum Germany, on Wednesday the 5th of September 2007 received a racist and humiliating treatment from the Israeli security at the Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv when returning to Germany. Mr Mbolo was on a trip to Israel/Palestine with his girlfriend Miss Mai Zeidani also an activist, to visit her family.

On his visit, he also met with some homeless families in Israel who are now staging a squatting protest in the centre of the city in Jerusalem. In Israel/Palestine, there are at the moment about 53,000 families without home or support from the Israeli state. He also visited the office of the Physicians for human rights based in Tel Aviv, were he met with some African refugees and migrant activists.

On his return back to Germany, Mr. Mbolo was told at the airport to take another lane when he told one security officer after being asked that he had a Cameroonian Passport. He was left to stand there for some time until he protested through his girlfriend, to be attended to. He was then taken aside by one security personnel and interrogated with questions like why he came to Israel. He then told the personnel that the reason for his trip was nearby, the family of his girlfriend. At this stage, Miss Zeidani and her mother were some metres away and she was then called to answer some more questions in Hebrew so he could not understand and her identification was noted.

After thorough consultations with other agents and presumably with the realisation that Miss Zeidani has a Palestinian father, Mr. Mbolo was ushered again further aside but in the mist of everyone at the airport. His three luggages were striped apart and individual and personal items x-rayed in search for bombs or bomb traces. This lasted about 30 minutes and as if this was not enough, Mr Mbolo was then taken to a private room by two security agents where he was strip searched and part of what he was putting on taken away and x-rayed.

The whole open and private sessions took about an hour and twenty minutes and when they could not find anything, Mr Yufanyi Mbolo’s things were separated and hastily parked. A luggage containing his clothes and some presents and a bottle of Arak (taken away and extra parked by the security agents) were taken to be extra checked-in. The extra checked things only arrived the next day after he was already in Germany. Only God knows what the agents did with his belongings after they took it from him.

When his girlfriend and her mother asked almost at the end of the racist humiliation what happened inside the room, Mr. Mbolo told them in front of the Israeli agents that it was one of the worst experiences of his life.

They tried to ask the agents what the problem was and were answered in Hebrew that they were just doing their job. On the question of Miss Zeidani in English to the agents why such humiliation, she was told to speak in Hebrew. During this time, the so-called security supervisor or chief Mr Jonathan Bar-lev, (known to the security agents as “Max”) was called. He then again noted the identity of Miss Zeidani and Mr. Mbolo.

Miss Zeidani asked why all these harassment when one protests against humiliation in Israel and the answer she got from the security boss in Hebrew was, “You are wasting your time, I am being paid to do this”. After Mr. Mbolo had already left, Miss Zeidani asked Mr Bar-lev for his personal number for future reference. Not only did he not show his card but upon request he hid the personal numbers that were on it and insisted that all Miss Zeidani needed is the number 15922.

This kind of racist humiliation at the hands of Israeli security agents is not an exception in the Ben Gurion airport or by the state of Israel. On the 19th of July this year, the South African Municipal Workers' Union (SAMWU) sent out a Press Statement ( about the racist and aggressive treatment of their First Vice President who was detained, strip searched by Israeli security and underwent even a more horrible experience in South Africa and Israel/Palestine. The experience of Mr Yufanyi Mbolo also at the Israeli embassy (in Berlin) before acquiring his visa can only confirm this racist behaviour. He was mocked at by Israelis in Hebrew, asking the security guard if they allow people who have not had a bath to enter the Israeli embassy; and they all laughed, including the guard. They meant that because he was black, he did not have a shower. All this was at the entrance to the Israeli embassy. Even in the embassy itself, when Mr Yufanyi asked for a visa on paper and not in his Pass because he would like to go to other Muslim countries like Sudan, he was asked by the Consul, “What do you want to do in a country like Sudan where they are killing each other?” On arrival in Israel, he was told that his visa from the embassy was just a recommendation for a visa and not a real visa and that he should have gotten into contact with the internal ministry for a visa. The Palestinians have more horrible stories to tell.

We, The VOICE Refugee Forum condemn in the strongest terms, the racist and fascist treatment of our member and leading activist. The horrible treatment received by Mr. Yufanyi and also the experience which he reported to us, about the maltreatment and deportation of other Africans and migrants in Israel/Palestine are unacceptable. Israel, a country which should have learnt most through the last century about the effects of racism through European persecution of the Jews is doing nothing but repeating these on others.

- We demand that an investigation be carried out to prosecute the initiators of these racist acts. We demand an explanation of what happened to Mr. Yufanyi Mbolo’s belongings after they “somehow” got missing on the way to Germany.
- We demand an open apology to him and Miss Zeidani’s family.
We also demand a quick resolution of the problems of the families presently squatting at the city centre in Jerusalem and a political solution to the homeless families in Israel/Palestine.
- We demand the deportation stop for African refugees ( and refugees in general and the recognition of the Palestinian refugees.
- We demand the abolition of Israeli apartheid against the Palestinians and an end of Israeli occupation of Palestine.

For more information, contact Mr Yufanyi Movuh Mbolo.
The VOICE Forum Göttingen,
Tel.: +49 (0)551/58892 or 2712898
Handy: +49 (0)170/8788124
Fax: +49 (0)551/58898