Friday, October 27, 2006

Petition to Chairmanship of TBMM the Grand National Assemby of Turkey

Women constitute to half the population of our country, unfortunately they only represent 4.36 percent of the parliament and only 1 percent in local municipals. Due to the male dominancy in the political field it makes it difficult for women to participate and be represented. It is quite clear that not having the representation of women in politics is by all means is a deficient democracy. An arrangement is essential to overcome this deficiency, such as a quota system. “Joint Presidency” is also a positive practice in political parties to serve and establish gender equality in society. Our country has accepted CEDAW and expressed that they will ensure social gender equality during the EU adoptation process, however, the quota sistem has not been adopted in laws and regulations and it also according to Act 2820 of Political Parties Act prohibits “Joint Presidency”. The supreme court has found that “Joint Presidency” is contrary to the Political Parties Act in accordance with article 15, which states the following: “The Party president is elected at a general congress during an election with concealed vote and quorum (the overall majority of full member participation)… The presentation is belongs to the general president… The general president is the natural president of central decision and administrational board…”

We who have signed this document below: Believe that the joint presidency (the general presidency executed by more than one person) system will give an end to the leadership culture of party administration, it will give positive support to women in the political field and we call for article 15 of Act 2820 of the Political Parties Act to be changed in order to open the way for join presidency.

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