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Declaration by the Sudanese initiative for pursuit of justice (SIPJ)

Sudanese initiative for pursuit of justice (SIPJ)

Hannover declaration

Sudanese initiative for pursuit of justice is affirming that: Sudan is in armed conflict and war since 1955 up to date. And, although the country is split into two states, in 2011, (north & south), the war is still flaming in four armed conflict fronts, in south kordofan, blue Nile, Abyaii area and Darfur states, that beside the armed tensions between the new states (north and south Sudan).
Sudan wird seit 1989 regiert und kontrolliert von Omar Al-bashir, der vom Internationalen Strafgerichtshof (ICC) wegen Verbrechen angeklagt ist.
Sudan since 1989 is governed & controlled by Omar Al-bashir, a wanted criminal by the international criminal court (ICC).
Minister of defense Abdel Raheem Muhammed Hussein, governer of south Kordofan state Ahmad Harun, a militia’s leader Ali Kushayb and others of Sudanese governmental leaders are also wanted criminals by (ICC) for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Darfur region, western Sudan.
Human rights situation, in Sudan, is deteriorating day by day. Sudanese security forces arrest and torture peaceful demonstrators, university students, journalists, opposite are politicians, social workers.
Negative interference of International community in Sudan, because of oil, makes situation goes from bad to worst.
This destruction in our community, force us to flee our home and live here in Germany as refugees.
The situation of Sudanese refugees in Germany is unacceptable, as all kinds of human rights violation are existed, are starting from restriction of movement & delay of residence permit, passing by isolation & Gutscheine, and ending with police brutality and deportation.
Germany had established, and executes an asylum policy goes in a contradicting line with basic human rights.
Germany supports killing of our people inside Sudan, by backing Omar Al-bashir regime, as we had witnessed it, in Berlin, in January 2013, when Germany had organized an economic conference to fund Sudanese dictator doings.
Sudanese initiative for pursuit of justice condemns, reject and stand against: Sudanese dictator and his crimes in Sudan, violation of human rights of Sudanese people in Sudan by Sudanese government and its security forces, and in Germany by German government and its racist system, and German Sudanese governmental collaboration against people of Sudan and its freedom and basic human rights.

Sudanese initiative for pursuit of justice works for:
  • Pursuit of justice for Sudanese people inside Sudan, Sudanese refugees, and all refugees all over Germany.
  • Bringing Omar Al-bashir (Sudanese dictator), and all criminals those who are responsible for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide in Sudan, to justice.
  • Abolishing all kinds of discrimination policies against refugees in Germany (restriction of movement, Cutscheine, isolation, deportation)
Sudanese initiative for pursuit of justice calls:
  • All Sudanese people for uprising on Omar Al-bashir regime.
  • All Sudanese refugees and all refugees all over Germany to maintain unity and solidarity.
  • Immediate release of political detainees in the prisons of the Sudanese security forces.
  • All freedom fighters, revolutionaries, activists and refugees to support, back and join (Sudanese initiative for pursuit of justice)

20 March 2013, Hannover – Germany

  1. Abdallah Kano Hamad (Hannover)
  2. Abdel Aziz Arabi (Lehrte)
  3. Adam Fadel (Lehrte)
  4. Adam Ismail Hussain (Großburgwedel)
  5. Ali Elsadig Ali Mahmoud (Hannover)
  6. Allam Elsadig Ahmed (Ronnenberg)
  7. Ataf Eltaj (Großburgwedel)
  8. Ibrahim Mohammed (Astapil)
  9. Mohammed A. Ageed (Großburgwedel)
  10. Maissara Saeed (Hannover)
  11. Osman Tigani (Bitterfeld)
  12. Wlid Ibrahim (Hannover)
  13. Yasir Abdallah (Mellendorf) 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mass March for Kimani Gray

Sunday 24th of March 2013, New York City

Join the Mass March to demand justice fo Kimani Gray!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

After the assassination of 16-year-old Kimani Gray

Killer Police declare "Frozen Zone" in Brooklyn

Article from KASAMA Project

The following is an excerpt from a report by Will, a member of Fire Next Time. Will  witnessed nights of protests in East Flatbush following the police killing of 16-year old Kimani “Kiki” Gray. His larger report appears  here. 

We hope to post more reports and information as we get them. And we urge everyone to express strong solidarity and find ways to take action to oppose the police repression and murder. Share with us your thoughts.

* * * * * * *
By Will
...The legend of the outside agitator has returned.... I was there at last night’s rebellion, and let me tell you: there were fewer then 10 white people involved in a rebellion of hundreds of young Black militants.  Last night was led by young Black militants. Period.
For hours, Black politicians and activists–many of them veterans of, or influenced by, the 1968 generation–yelled and berated the young people to keep the “peace” and “respect.” The NYC Black establishment brought its best efforts to bear in hopes of keeping the affair civil.  Crowds of Black men and women listened for almost two hours.  They were told that the keepers of the peace felt their pain, that they understood. There was silence from the crowd of angry faces.  The tension could be felt. The crowd had selected no spokesperson to respond, and none emerged organically in the moment. Will one emerge tonight?
At some point at night, the Black militants decided to march. No white people told them to march. As the march moved through the streets of Flatbush, it was Black militants who picked up bricks, cinder blocks, and beer bottles and threw them at the police.  There were almost no white and Latino or African American faces involved in this.  It was largely a Jamaican and Afro-Caribbean rebellion.
And perhaps that is the problem.  We need to flip the script of the outside agigator.   Are brothers and sisters from the Bronx outside agitators? The same people who are stopped and frisked in the Bronx become outside agitators to Jumanee Williams and his friends.   It is time for the rest of the NYC working class to jump in and get involved.  If the divisions of racialization are going to be broken down, white, Brown, and Black working class people must face the cops and go to jail together.  New solidarities must be built.  Now is the time for everyone who has felt the pain of the police to converge in Flatbush. Bring presents, bring your anger, and bring your running shoes.
The target has been the 67th Precinct all week, but we have not had enough forces to take it on.  All the crews across New York should converge in Flatbush and then march towards the 67th precinct.
During Occupy, hundreds of people joined up with Occupy the Hood in hopes of building movement in working class black and brown neighborhoods. Now the opportunity is here. Will those who identify with these goals come down on the side of the people in the streets, or toe the line of the politicians? Only they can decide.


see as well

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In memory of Shambu Lama and strenghtening the refugees community in eastern Niedersachsen towards the Tribunal

On Saturday, 2nd March of 2013, the day started at 11 a.m. with a rally in remembrance of Shambu Lama in Gifhorn. He was forced by the Ausländerbehörde to kill himself on 1st March of 2011. After 15 years of suffering under tortures and steady oppression by the German state and its aggressive executors in Gifhorn they finished the destruction of an individual, by stealing a 10-months old son his father forever. Around 60 activists from the region came together. In speeches it became clear, that they are still trying to destroy refugees and their families. Refugees from Meinersen, Peine and Fallersleben informed about their actual situation of being directly oppressed by racist laws and racist authorities. Activists of The Caravan Network and others expressed solidarity. People passing the rally took some informations with them, several white germans of older age stopped, to swear against us. (Report from the year ago in German:
Afterwards we came together in the Lager of Meinersen, that has a strong history of suffering from and fighting against the brutal conditons people are forced to live in. Being there, the „Lagerleiter“ tried to prohibit a meeting in the Lager but we started in the corridor with the screening of a music video, MC Nuri made in this place a year ago ( The next two shown videos (speech by Osaren The VOICE Forum in Caravan Festival against colonial injustice 2010 Jena and conference and protest in front of the meanwhile closed down isolation-Lager Zella Mehlis were attended by salvos and shoutings „Das Lager muss weg! Das Lager muss weg!“ and it became clear, that we can only quit the systematic torture and killing of people, if we unite and fight together against it.

On the meeting, important upcoming dates were introduced:
From 19th to 21st of April, the Refugee Women´s Conference will take place in Hamburg ( and refugees from Wolfsburg-Fallersleben are organizing a demonstration on the 27th of April in Wolfsburg to bring the struggle and our demands out to the streets.
Local connections were strenghten and the next meeting will be hosted by the friends from the Lager in Peine on 6th of April 2013.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Refugees' Revolution Demo in Berlin

23.03.2013 -DEMO- logo - pink


refugees revolution demo on facebook

Breaking Residenzpflicht,
Lager & Deportation

“Regarding the right to freedom of movement, the defendant is not a German and therefore does not have this basic right.” (German Judge in a trial about Residenzpflicht, February 2013) The Resistance against racist and nationalist laws that hold “German rights” above the human rights of refugees has reached the oneyear mark. In March 2012 refugee, protest camps began spreading throughout Germany, actions in direct opposition to La- gerpflicht. Shortly thereafter, refusing to accept the unjust practice of Residenzpflicht, refugees organized a 600 kilometre march from Würzburg to Berlin, supported in solidarity by a bus tour crossing western and northern Germany. Arrival in Berlin quickly became the founding of the protest camp on Oranienplatz. 6,000 people joi- ned our demo to the German parliament. We occupied the Nigerian embassy, protesting Nigeria’s collaboration with both the German State and Frontex, the corporation responsible for arranging deportations. Some of us began a hunger strike at the Brandenburger Gate on the 24th of October. We have occupied an abandoned school building to create a safe space for refugees and political infrastructure for our movement. Yet, faced with our movement and our demands, politicians not only continue to look the other way; they shamelessly attempt to manipulate public debate. Their claims about “asylum abuse” victimize our cause and stigmatize our intentions. They don’t get it. We will stay in the streets. We will continue to resist. We will not be silenced until our demands our met!
1. Stop Deportation!
Deportation is an outdated practice tracing back to the racist colonial era. According to the Geneva Convention on Refugees of the UNHCR, a refugee shall not be depor- ted to a country where he or she faces a danger for life and freedom.
More than 15 000 refugees and migrants have died over the past two decades on the borders of the European Union, in detention and in the course of deportation. As the Refugee Resistance of the past year transpired, while the EU doublespeaks human rights, human beings were and are being murdered by Frontex. The rights of refugees are systematically ignored. The so called Dublin-System, an apparatus aiming to establish a Europe wide internal de- portation system, ensures that the movement of refugees is completely under control of European authorities. How can we find protection if we are deported back to countries such as Italy, where we are forced into homelessness? Where there is no social benefit system? We have organized an action at the UNHCR to raise awareness of the Dublin-System and its terrible effects on the lives of refugees. Germany does not have an asylum system; it has an effective deportation system. The EU justifies its policies by labelling refugees as illegal. Yet there is no legal way for them to enter Europe. People are not illegal, they are Berlin-oranienplatz revolution demo 23.3.2013, 2 pm made illegal by the racialized ideals of colonial ideologies. While European passport holders may move freely, others are denied this same right. When Germany signs special treaties with international corporations, ensuring access to natural resources in the countries of refugees. The sta- tus quo is a continuation of colonial practices, where unequal power relations result in exploitation. Such practices lead to economic circumstances that force people from their homes. Which is the terrifying and true answer to the question: Why does the State differentiate between economic and political refugees?
2. Abolish Residenzpflicht!
The law prevents refugees from moving freely by employ- ing monetary sanctions and jail sentences for leaving the „Landkreis“, or the region where we are registered. This law is as well part of the German colonial legacy. It was invented by imperialist invaders to control and op- press the people of occupied lands. The German Federal Republic is the only (former) colonial state to continue this law. This law demonstrates the isolation of refugees and constrains their freedom of movement although, according to §13 of the UN‘s Universal Declaration of Hu- man Rights “every human being shall be able to exercise the right for unlimited freedom of movement.” The European DUBLIN 2 and German Residenzpflicht regulations, for instance, have the same ideology. The national state borders in Europe exist only for refugees. These regulations underlie the same racist ideology: some individuals should not be allowed to choose where to live. The “Asylausweis” we are asked to hold does not provide us with basic rights, but in contrary functions as a tool to limit and control our movement within German territory. But there’s no limit to our movement! We, as the striking refugees, do not accept Residenzpflicht! We have broken this law, and we will keep on breaking it!
3. Close all Refugee Lager!
German institutions force refugees to live in Lager, where we are being isolated from access to social, health and infrastructural services and have faced Neonazi attacks. The lager system is a prison system which we are resisting with our protest on the streets! Lagers are often located in the middle of nowhere. No one sees us, we cannot see anyone. No one hears us, we cannot hear anyone. No one talks to us, we cannot talk to anyone! We are invisible. The German authorities intentionally isolate us from society! We are put in Lagers until further notice – which can last years. We spend long hours lying in our beds. There is nothing to do, nowhere to go, no work, no dreams, no hope. The Lager is a prison where we face our reality and destiny without any chance to work except for a 1€-Job, which we are being forced to do – this is slavery!! These conditions make it impossible to lead anything close to an ordinary life. People obtain psychological problems, become sick and aggressive, often begin to sell or get addicted to drugs. This is why many decide to end their lives as it is also the case during our protest starting last year. Being killed by the German asylum and deportation system! Refugee women, together with their kids, often suffer in lagers. Especially in places where power hierarchies exist, violent attacks and harassment are happening more frequently. As women are subject to racist and sexist suppression, it is irresponsible to strengthen their suppression by forcing them into lagers. Many women are confronted by men convinced that the refugee women are vulnerable, for them any time they want, which is again the reason why refugee women face disrespectful offers and discrimination by men. These violent conditions are encouraged by the German Lager system. We are humans, we are not animals! We have the right to receive asylum! Human Rights! We are not criminals! We, the striking refugees from the Protestcamp at Ora- nieplatz in Berlin, have shown that our resistance on the street is possible and ongoing. Despite of our fears, the permanent control and repression by the state, we are keeping our protest because we are serious with our de- mands. It‘s an ongoing fight and we will stay!
We are not victims, we are fighters! Break the silence, break isolation! Come and join our demonstration on Sa- turday, March the 23rd, 2013 at Oranienplatz in Berlin. Let us hold our refugee banners and be part of the refugees‘ revolution. Become a refugee fighter for equal rights, dignity and freedom of movement for everyone! Think of many ways to mobilise for the 23rd of March. Everyone is invited to stay at least for the whole weekend (22th-24th) in our tents at Oranienplatz!

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Friday, March 08, 2013

Refugee Strike Bus Tour arrives in Nördlingen (Bayern)

The Refugees in Nördlingen continue their Boycott of the food packets with Mobilisation for Solidarity within the Region.

Visitation of other lagers in the Region is in progress as the refugees join the Refugee Strike Bus Tour to bring their situation to the public.
The Refugee Strike Bus Tour has been spontaneously routed through Nördlingen in solidarity with the ongoing action of the Refugees who are continuing with the Food package Boycott for the third time today.
Spontaneous actions are expected to take place at the arrival of the Bus Tour in Nördlingen. Now the Refugees make a siting strike at the entrance to the Rathaus. The mayor (Bürgermeister) of Nördlingen just walks in through the protesting Refugees and ignores their protest. Police threat to forcefully evict in 5 minutes!
They claim that the Burgermeister cannot address the protesters because he is not responsible for the situation.
We expect supporting network to be at alert and closely observe the ongoings because we are very sure of attempted intimidation from state repressive element which may requires your spontaneous solidarity.
Please spread the message to your different email contacts and the media.
Activist of The VOICE Refugee Forum from Stuttgart is at the scene to observe the situation as it goes.
For contact:
0176 – 1044 - 7292

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Refugee Strike in Nördlingen (Bayern)

Urgent appeal by the striking refugees of Nördlingen to the civil society
Letter from Nordlingen Refugees to District Authourities

Refugee Lager in Nördlingen

As part of the strike of Refugees in europe, Refugees in Nördlingen are at the moment embacking on a Food Package Boycott and demand their right to Choice without discrimination. The Refugees have stopped the Food distributor from offloading what they identified as unhealthy food that is forced on them by the German State.

The Police are already there with their usual game of asking for the leader of the Protest. The Refugees have confirmed that they are all responsible for the action and that they have no leader.
The Police are calling for more backups to possibly excise their usual culture brutality...
They are requesting the Refugees to allow the Truck leave since they dont want to accept the Food packages.

We are calling for Solidarity Nationwide and Request Networks in the region to observe the situation.
Self organised Refugee Community of Schwäbisch Gmünd are also present at the scene to express their Solidarity on behalf of the Nationwide Caravan Network.
Detailed report will be communicated soonest.

The Voice Refugee Forum Stuttgart
tel. 017627873832

The demands of the refugees:

Today the 28/02/2013 we the refugees in Nordlingen are going on a protest to demostration for their demand for the following:

1.we demand food package stop.
2.we demand giving of cloth should be stop
3.we demand close of larger
3.we demand deportation should be stop.
4.we demand stop to payment to permission to travel out of our lager.
5.Idris Solomon should be release from deportation camp.

Protesting Refugees, Nördlingen