Friday, August 04, 2006

Lebanon Links

Definitively not a complete list of Links from Lebanon. But theese sites might give a hint about the reality of the war on Lebanon.
My favourite Link! Mazen Kerbaj, an exellent artist from Beirut upoads every day a few more of his drawings. A live documentation of the war, very differently than the usual ones...
(The drawing on the right side is from there).
Live audio/video streaming transmission from Waag Society in Amsterdam, in direct connection with Beirut and surrounding localities. The event was initiated by Streamtime, a web support campaign for Iraqi bloggers.
Offers many more links!
An artistic movie message to the world.
grassroots group working with refugees in central Beirut
The Relief Centre - Sanayeh is a gathering of a number of groups who were in the field from the beginning of the Israeli attack on Lebanon. The centre is coordinating relief efforts in Beirut and gathering and transmitting information from the field, as well as organizing political activities on the local and international levels to challenge the complicity of the so-called "international community".

This blog is for anyone who can provide information on the situation in Lebanon. If you want to contribute please contact to ask for a user name and password.

SAMIDOUN is a grassroots coalition that aims to work in a democratic and participatory atmosphere. The coalition is multi-confessional and diverse in terms of nationality. The coalition is also diverse in its composition in terms of supporting organizations, from student groups, to the gay and lesbian center, to arts and film production collectives, to small political parties, to environmental groups. But the bulk of the work is through young volunteers from all over the country, some of whom are refugees themselves.

Tool of Beiruts Blogging Comunity since the pre war times. Now it has changed ino an anti war site.
News updates from Lebanon. Unless stated otherwise, these are headline items from NewTV, one of the main Lebanese television stations.
Another Link contains also photos from Lebanon (Caution! shocking

Very Interesting analisis from 'A World To Win' News Service
The interests behind Israel’s attack on Lebanon, and the interests of the people

Since the worlds attention is now focused on Lebanon we must not forget Palestine. A good Information site on Palestine:

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