Monday, August 14, 2006

Activist against Israels Apartheid Wall was nearly killed by the army

video of shooting of Israeli activist
Traprock Peace Center homepage

Israeli activist heavily injured, probably brain damaged
original article
12 Aug 2006

In an international demonstration against the occupation of Palestine and the war in Lebanon, an Israeli activist has been seriously injured, apparently brain damaged, by Israeli police. He is presently undergoing emergency surgery in a Tel Aviv hospital.

On 11 August 2006 a demonstration took place in the Palestinian village of Bil’in ('in), carried out by Palestinian and Israeli activists together with about 100 international activists from the International Solidarity Movement and from the Queeruption festival. The aim of the demonstration was to oppose the occupation of Palestine and the war in Lebanon.

Police declared the village to be a closed war zone and immediately attacked the demonstration with rubber bullets and sound grenades. There was a confrontation when police tried to remove people from the village. After some time they succeded.

During the police attack, an Israeli activist was heavily wounded in the head and neck. According to doctors, he has suffered permanent brain damage. At the moment he’s in a hospital in Tel Aviv, where a complicated operation is taking place.


even if it seems not to interest anybody what is going on in the westbank because it is war...

friday in the weekly Bil'in demonstration against the fence and annexing land of the village, a friend of us got seriously injured by a rubber bullet shot in the head in short distance! the soldiers were shouting that there isn't a demonstration today and started immediately shooting teargas and rubberbullets!

Limor got shot out of ten meters range, the soldiers refused to evacuate him and continued shooting! The bullet cracked his skull and entered the head, he got operated at the same day and it wasn't clear if he could see or move because of braindamage. fortunatly he woke up saturday and was kind of ok, recognizing us, able to move...

he was lucky as hell that the bullet didn't cause seriously damage to the brain or his death!


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