Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hunger strike in deportation centre Bramsche Hesepe

For months the tension about the inhuman conditions in the deportation centre in Bramsche Hesepe in the German state of Lower-Saxony is boiling. As the protests of the refugees and their supporters is getting more and more attention. the authorities are trying an old nasty trick. Those who are protesting are to be transfered to another camp. Michail, a refugee from Palestine was regarded as one of the main "trouble makers", because he never shied talking to the press about the scandalous conditions in the deportation centre and was to be punished by transfer to a different place.

When he received the transfer order on Wednesday 26th of July 2006 he first was climbing a tall tower on the compound of the lager he is living inside, redy to make an end to his life. After three hours on the tower ready to jump he received a written statement that the transfer was canceled and Michail climbed down to the ground again and he was brought to the hospital.

In the hospital the police were coming on the 27th of July, and they have beaten up Michail there they handcuffed him and brought him to the psychiatry in Oldenburg. Since then he is on an unlimited hunger strike.

He escaped psychiatry and he spoke in a Rally in Bramsche organised by his friends and political supporters. (Listen the Interview in German)

But after the rally he has collapsed and had to be brought to hospital again.

From there they have brought him again into the psychatry where he is continuing the hunger strike.

More protests will follow! Close down Bramsche Hesepe deportation centre.

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