Friday, October 26, 2012

Berlin police arested refugees an activist at hunger strike at Brandenburger Tor

3 people got arrested at Brandeburger Tor

At 1.45 a lot of police came to Brandenburger Tor. They told the hungerstriking refugees to put away their sleeping bags. The refugees are on hungerstrike since 24.10 (they only drink water). At 2:00 the police started to steal their sleeping bags and arrested 3 people. two activists and one refugee. the refugee is brought to a hospital by the police because his leg get injured. Right know there are 40 people at Brandenburger Tor. Even thought the police is away right know, there is the danger of new attacks. Share this and come around.

Police are confiscating sleeping bags and arresting People

The morning after

 Spontanious demonstration to the police station

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