Thursday, August 16, 2012

Declaration of Solidarity with the Refugees on Hunger Strike in Ankara (Turkey)

Declaration of Solidarity with the Refugees on Hunger Strike by the Coordination Committee of Refugees in Protest in Germany

We speak to you by the powerful voice of a five months long resistance.

Dear Comrades,

we support your protest and resistance by the whole of our hearts and powers. The fascist and racist attitude of the state of Turkey against Kurds is obvious for years now. There are many of us who have also lived in Turkey as refugees and can therefore completely understand your situation. You shall know that we will put representative institutions of Turkey in Germany under pressure, just like we already do with the German state. This resistance cannot be limited to one place or a country but it is bad for all capitalist countries in the West. Problems of bad politics are always shoved on the oppressed in capitalism - and in these countries the lowest strata of the proletariat is composed of refugees.

We don`t care about the problems of those despised capitalists. But now we say a few words to them: It is you who made the world as it is today. By your exploitation, you force people to leave those regions where they were born. You have pushed us into this situation - you are responsible for our problems! So do at least your duty by your signature under the Human Rights Convention. If won`t do your duty, we will do our historical duty. Potential for struggle and resistance is already there, as you can see. Do your task, otherwise we will do ours. And we are many.

Now we talk to the Turkish state and the UNHCR. Refugees are humans. Refugees have the same human rights as everyone else. You should be happy that it was not us who wrote the Human Rights Convention, this contract between capitalistic countries. And you all have put your signatures under it. Keep your promises and practice what you preach. Otherwise it`s just a fraud.

We have already said it once in history: struggle and resistance.
And we still say today: struggle and resistance.
We keep our promises.

Big solidarity with the refugees on hunger strike in Turkey. We won`t allow anything happen to you. We are with you.

August 15th, 2012
Refugees on strike in Germany
(Aub, Bamberg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Nürnberg, Passau, Regensburg, Trier, Würzburg)

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