Sunday, January 06, 2008

Racist attack in Rome. 250 Rroms risk being burnt to death

Rome. January 4th, 2008. Last night, at about 10 p.m., a devastating fire broke out inside the two sheds of the former Mira Lanza warehouse (each about 500 mts square) in the Marconi area of the city.

250 Rrom citizens had take shelter in the sheds, living in very harsh conditions. The fire broke out suddenly and spread with unprecedented speed throughout the sheds of the derelict warehouses.

Some of the Rroms noticed the flames and gave the alarm, allowing all the families, including 100 children, to make their escape. The fire was obviously a case of arson because it broke out in the same moment in both sheds, which stand many metres apart. It is impossible that the flames spread from one shed to the other. What is more, the speed with which the flames developed and spread and the height of the flames are typical of fires caused by Molotov cocktails.
The survivors of the fire told the authorities it was an incendiary bomb. The online press has not made any reference either to the evidence of an anomalous fire (arson), which developed in the same moment in two separate sheds (and which were not adjacent) or to the witnesses accounts (except for Il Velino, edited by Daniele Capezzone which reports the fire correctly). The presence of gas cylinders inside the sheds shows that the racist assassins intended to cause a massacre. The Rrom families have been transferred to the pavilions of the former Fiera di Roma. from where – it has already been announced – they will soon be ordered to leave. An investigation is underway, but experience teaches us that they are unlikely to reveal the cause of the fire, which was without doubt a case of arson. (further news about the persecution of Rroms in Italy)

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