Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Austrian service for British racism

"Asylum Airways", run by Austrian aviation consultant Heinz Berger, will operate aircraft for European countries who don't wish to use established airlines for the forced deportation of asylum-seekers, because in many occasions the victims managed to prevent their deportation by not following the order to sit down quietly, but by resisting and shouting for help to the other passengers. In some cases pilots refused to take deportees who were known to be injured or ill.

Bergers planes have specially designed seats so that the "passengers" can be strapped down and restrained by guards. And for sure there won't be any mercyfull passengers on board who might intervene to stop the madness.

Berger has ties to British security firms already active at British airports.

The British Home Office said that 45,000 people had been deported in the first three-quarters of the year 2007. Prisoner numbers have reached record levels of around 80,000 and two prisons in England are being used solely for foreign nationals.

It seems as if the slave ship is out of business for rather technical reasons than any others claimed by western governments. "Asylum Airways" is the modern version of the slave ship!

Die Grafik "http://www.eriding.net/media/photos/history/slavery/040405_rfoster_mp_his_wil_hse022.JPG" kann nicht angezeigt werden, weil sie Fehler enthält.

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