Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Casualty of US aided, Turkish bombing in Iraq

'Rozerin Firat Roj' von azadi

Look into the eyes of this young woman, Rozerin Firat Roj, who has become one of the latest casualties of the US aided, Turkish bombing of the Gabar Mountains with Cobra helicopter gunships, F16 fighter jets and artillery shells. And reflect upon the fact that billions of dollars worth of ammunition and technological weaponry has been deployed to kill her.

Billions of dollars that could of been directed towards housing in Diyarbakir, training for employment for Kurdish youth or given to the poverty stricken Kurdish Councils.

Turkish intellectuals, columnists and 'analysts' are always keen to talk solely, about 'economic' solutions of 'The Kurdish Question', so what do they say about the billions of dollars wasted on bombing our friend above.

At this time of Christmas and Eid when loved ones get together and remember those who are no longer with us, please visit the 'martyrs' site and spare a moment of thought for the latest young Kurdish youths who have lost their lives in the struggle for Kurdish Freedom.

Kurdish youths, who left their homes in Turkey sick of the racism towards themselves and their families.

The same Kurdish youths who are the sons and daughters of the Kurdish refugees from the villages that were burnt down by the Turkish army. Their mothers salvaged what they could from their burnt houses and walked to the nearest city where they lived in poverty.

The youths who have many fathers, brothers, sisters or mothers in Turkish prisons and other relatives who have been killed in extra judicial killings or have faced severe physical and psychological torture.

Look into the eyes of our young friend above and think of the minds of the Turkish Generals who would rather drop laser guided bombs and hunt these young people with Cobra helicopters than accept peace offered time and time again.

And think of the Turkish politicians who wave the Turkish flag more furiously than the other, who applaud the killings and lust for more. And the Turkish nationalists who literally, are foaming at the mouth with unbridled pleasure at the death of our young friend and launch racist tirades at any Kurd who does not join in with their hatred and prejudice.

And then think of the Americans who told us they invaded Iraq to get rid of Saddam Hussain and who now aid Turkey to kill Kurds who want nothing more than peace and freedom.

Look into her eyes and know that the Kurdish Freedom Struggle is a just cause against the most barbaric policy of repression known to any people for so many, long and painful years.

Look into her eyes and ask the question...............why?

Why does the Turkish state continue to deny and refuse any solution to The Kurdish Question?

And then think how much longer can millions of Kurdish people continue to suffer with this?

And then, listen to the deafening and echoing silence of the voices of protest from the international community!

And then, ask yourself a question. Which side are you on?

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