Thursday, April 11, 2013

Refugees on Hunger Strike in Greek Detention Centres

The “Deport Racism Movement” reports:
“Hundreds of immigrants and refugees are on hunger strike at the Amygdaleza and other detention camps in the country demanding their release”
They say detainees in the euphemistically named ‘closed hospitality centres’, set up and run with funds by the European Union and Greece, are subjected “to abuse and mocking comments, humiliation and torture.” See full English translation of Greek original on Facebook.
Meanwhile reports presence of riot police, fire brigade and ambulances at the Corinth camp, where unrest has broken out, with one person threatening to commit suicide by jumping off the roof. They say it is unclear what is happening inside the detention camp as the view has been blocked by police vans. Yesterday morning, Tuesday 9th April, two Algerians accessed the roof by climbing up inside a chimney, demanding to be freed and threatening to jump otherwise. They left he roof after negotiations. See full English translation of Greek original on Facebook.
Clandestina reports more than 2,000 detainees are participating and quotes Petros Constantinou, United Against Racism and Fascist Violence (KEERFA) coordinator and Athens town councilor at a press conference on 8th April:
“The culmination of the poor detention conditions, the mistreatment and tortures migrants have to deal with in reception centers was the three suicide attempts which happened in Amygdaleza center in northern Athens last weekend”.
According to Eleftherotypia English, the unrest was sparked by police beating a participant in the hunger strike.
“A police statement says officers fired tear gas at detainees alleged to have thrown roof-tiles at them and set fire to buildings in the complex outside the town of Corinth. Ultimately, a group of 47 Afghan migrants were arrested and taken to a nearby police station.”
Also see a longer article with more background information and context on Infomobile.
via Campaign for the Rescue of Unaccompanied Child Migrants from Greece
Greek Detention Centre
Image source UNHCR Greece

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