Thursday, April 25, 2013

Movie show and discussion on refugees lives in Kiel

Movie show and discussion on refugees lives

Thursday 23rd of May, 7 P.M.
ZBBS, Sophienblatt 64, 24114 Kiel

The Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants and ZBBS e.V. are showing residenzpflichtdoc a documentation made by Brazilian film maker Denise Garcia Bergt. The movie shows the refugees resistance against the racist law “Residenzpflicht”. But it deals not just with a certain law, if not with the refugees struggle for human dignity.

A person is coming here to look after asylum, what means trying to get some sort of protection, but what they get is an 'Open Air Prison' “ saying Denise Garcia Bergt on her experiences while making the documentary. But the film is inspiring. It shows how refugees are breaking the walls of this “Open Air Prison”.

We invite you under the slogan “BREAK ISOLATION SOLIDARITY ACT” for us to watchthe movie, have dinner, get to know each other and share experiences.

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