Friday, October 26, 2007

Germany - Police raids refugee camp in Remscheid

On October 24, early in the morning at 6:20 am 250 policemen raided the refugee camp in Remscheid. They broke into the rooms of the refugees, forced them to the ground and hancuffed them. Thereafter they searched in the rooms for "drugs". The refugees had to wait at least two hours until they were released. The police raid was accompanied by the press, that reported in detail ((rp-online, Remscheider General Anzeiger) to spread the criminilization into the brains of the people.

For the refugees of the camp this raid in the dark morning was not the first time. Most of them have already experienced such raids and each time the society and the media shouts, "See the criminals in our neighbourhood!"

We will defend ourselves against the state terror imposed on us and we request the state persecuter to doo his job correctly and not forget the crimes committed by the state. Mohammad Selah one young refugee from the same camp had to die last January, because the city administration of Remscheid refused to give him the health card to go to the doctor. The rejection of the health insurance is the normal status in Remscheid and elsewhere. But the state persecutor in Wuppertal who should investigate remains silence and instead sends the police to the camp. He send the same police to the refugees which is known in Wuppertal and Remscheid because of their racist insults and brutalities against migrants and young Punks, and which increases the rage of the people not only in Wuppertal and Remscheid.

Next week we will go to the streets to name the crimes of the German police and government and inform the poeple about the situation of the refugees. Be aware of calls spreaded by email or throughthe caravan homepage. We will name the crimes of the German police that burns refugees like Oury Jalloh in police cells, that shoots young men like Dominique Koumadio on the streets of Dortmund and rapes refugees in deportation prisons like they did in Bremen. When they attack one of us, they aim at all of us, and they should know we will not stop us from naminig the criminals and their bosses, who bring racism and hatred into the society and prepare the ground for all the racist attacks and the poeple for the wars in other countries.

Solidarity against the state terror, deportation, racism and war.
Down with racism.

The Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants
Düsseldorf & Wuppertal

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