Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Freedom for Joseba Alvarez!

Solidarity with the liberation movement of the Basque people –

Freedom for Joseba Alvarez!

Joseba Alvarez Forcada. Foto: Ralf Streck.

ICAD expresses full solidarity with the liberation movement of the Basque people, with the party of Batasuna and its leader Joseba Alvarez, who has been arrested last week by the Spanish police.

This repressive action against Joseba Alvarez and other members of Batasuna is part of a strategy all over Europe, especially in Italy, Germany and Turkey, where the European States try to restrict the freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of association, i.e. restriction of fundamental human- and democratic rights. ICAD is very much concerned about the European development. The so-called fight against terrorism is used to get rid of critical opposition and to criminalize social movements of the people.

Besides the attacks on Batasuna in Basque, equal operations took place in Italy and hit the (new)Italian Communist Party. The Turkish State operated against the MLCP (Marxist Leninist Comunist Party). In Germany G8 opposition where attacked and arrested days before the meeting started. These people were arrested, imprisoned and procecuted, because of their antifascistic, antiimperialistic opinions. They open spoke out against neo-liberal economy, facism in Europe and supported national liberation movements. That’s why they were attacked and imprisoned.

ICAD supports a common international front against repression, occupation and war.

Freedom for Joseba Alvarez Forcada!

Freedom for all political prisoners!


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