Friday, September 11, 2015

Smiling again

This is the Syrian refugee and his son who were purposelly tripped by that Hungarian camerawoman as they were fleeing the border police. In better times he used to be a football coach. In any case he is a loving father.

Imagine seeing your country descend into violence, because your countrymen wanted freedom and its rulers responded with bombs. Imagine having to leave your friends, your sports team, your favorite cafe, your job, your house, your pets and most of your belongings. Imagine being a parent knowing that the place where you grew up and hoped to raise your children, is not safe enough for them to grow up in anymore. Imagine to be forced to go somewhere without knowing whether you will arrive, without knowing whether you and your family will be welcome, without knowing whether you will be able to survive.

These people aren't invaders, they haven't come to steal our jobs, they aren't risking their lives and paying thousands of euro's to cross the Mediterranean on a flimsy boat to come live here on benefits.

They are heroes for having the courage to make the choice of leaving everything behind and fighting for a better future for their families.

And to those who attack them, like that horrible Hungarian camerawoman, history will not be kind to you. #EuropeSaysWelcome #RefugeesWelcome

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