Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Demonstration by the refugees in Weißekreuzplatz (Hannover)

Invitation for a demonstration, Saturday, 20th September,at 14.00 H,
Start from: Weißekreuzplatz, Hannover
The refugees in Weißekreuzplatz in need of your support

We are demonstrating in 20th September, after nearly four months of protesting outside in the street and in Weißekreuzplatz, in Hannover, to say no for ignorance of our basic human rights. And we had announced it clearly that, we are as refugees from Sudan, we has the right to be protected, and to be recognized as refugees.
We are demonstrating, to declare again and again, our rights right here and right now. We are demanding from all those who are believe in Freedom, equality and justice to support our demand which is to have a residence permit here in Niedersachsen according to article 23, from the German law. But what is the article 23? and why do we raise it like an crucial demand? to answer this questions, we want to clarify the following:
In 24th May 2014, (when we started our protest camp), we declared our political position and our demand, which is to be recognized as refugees and to be granted residence permission in Germany in order to be able to avoid the violation our basic human rights which we are facing now.
After rounds of talk with politicians and officials, in the last week of May 2014, we, all of us, negotiators from both sides, came to a conclusion that, the best way to find a correct entrance to solve this problem at the level of city and the state is to write a paper of detailed demands from the refugees in the protest camp.
In 26 June 2014, we submitted to you our Note of demands, which included detailed points that allow Hannover city and Lower Saxony state to contribute in solving this problem.
And to make it more clear, direct and well defined legally, we had In 31 July 2014, in an (half day) symposium and discussion podium organized by Amnesty international and Hannover city mitte, we proposed and explained how can this problem can be solved through implementation of the article (23).
"Paragraph 23 Aufenthaltsgesetz enables the state lower saxony to give a group of refugees the permission to stay and work, because of humanitarian reasons, civil rights or political interesets."
Now is the time, to turn the nice, open and respectful talk of politicians and parliament members beside others stakeholders, to concret, solid and practical decisions and doings.
Ladies and gentelmen,
we asking you kindly to support and back us in our campiagn, our right to stay and be protected according to article 23 of German law.
Our rights right here and right now.

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