Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Join the public trial observation of Salomon Wantchoucou

Call for public trial observation of Salomon Wantchoucou

On Monday, 3rd of June 2013 

Verwaltungsgericht Halle , Sitzungssaal 1.063, Thüringer Straße 16, 06112 Halle (Saale)

Meeting Point: Verwaltungsgericht Halle  14:00 Uhr Prozessbeginn 14.00 Uhr

Mr. Salomon Wantchoucou would appear at the Administrative Court against the Wittenberg local government for depriving him of his legal resident permit . The Local government had taken the decision to deny the legal resident permit because Mr. Salomon Wantchoucou had not cooperated with the authorities.
Bases of the Legal Proceeding:

Mr. Salomon Wantchoucou had given his best to identify himself. From the beginning he gave correct information about who he is and where he came from (Cotonou Rep of Benin) but the District Officials has refused to accept his true identity.

The Claim of non-cooperation by the district authority is only a strategy to deny him his right and to persecute him for his role in exposing the living situation of refugees in the local government.

Mr. salomon Wantchoucou is a member of The Voice refugee Forum, The Caravan for the right of refugees and migrants and a founding member of "Flüchtlingsinitiative Wittenberg" now called "Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen anhalt" and has since the past four years brought the abuses of the local government towards refugees to public awareness.

Mr. Salomon Wantchoucou fled Benin Republic based on an assassination attempt on him as a criticizer of the corrupt government of President Mathieu Kerekou and has been political active as well in Germany. Based on his critics against bad government and the bad living situation of refugees, he has always been faced with various forms of threat and intimidation from the local government. Also from Cotonou, Benin

Mr. salomon Wantchoucou had all along cooperated with the District to identify himself by the invitation to the Benin republic deportation hearing in Berlin as well as to the Nigerian Embassy. He had equally presented his Birth Registration Certificate from Cotonou, Benin to the responsible authorities of Wittenberg. 

We hereby demand Justice and the Right to Stay for Mr. Salomon Wantchoucou

Activists and Friends are invited to observe this hearing.

We call out for public trial observation and solidarity.

11 years in repression is now enough!

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