Friday, March 08, 2013

Refugee Strike Bus Tour arrives in Nördlingen (Bayern)

The Refugees in Nördlingen continue their Boycott of the food packets with Mobilisation for Solidarity within the Region.

Visitation of other lagers in the Region is in progress as the refugees join the Refugee Strike Bus Tour to bring their situation to the public.
The Refugee Strike Bus Tour has been spontaneously routed through Nördlingen in solidarity with the ongoing action of the Refugees who are continuing with the Food package Boycott for the third time today.
Spontaneous actions are expected to take place at the arrival of the Bus Tour in Nördlingen. Now the Refugees make a siting strike at the entrance to the Rathaus. The mayor (Bürgermeister) of Nördlingen just walks in through the protesting Refugees and ignores their protest. Police threat to forcefully evict in 5 minutes!
They claim that the Burgermeister cannot address the protesters because he is not responsible for the situation.
We expect supporting network to be at alert and closely observe the ongoings because we are very sure of attempted intimidation from state repressive element which may requires your spontaneous solidarity.
Please spread the message to your different email contacts and the media.
Activist of The VOICE Refugee Forum from Stuttgart is at the scene to observe the situation as it goes.
For contact:
0176 – 1044 - 7292

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