Thursday, January 17, 2013

International Tribunal against the Federal Republic Germany
(June 13-16 2013 in Berlin)
Refugees rising their voices and denouncing the massive abuses committed by the German state.
Invitation to the first gathering for information and mobilization
Saturday, 26th of January 2013, at 1 pm
Lager Fallersleben, Hafenstrasse 28, Wolfsburg

In a coordination meeting in November 2012 refugee activists from North Germany (Schleswig-Holstein, Niedersachsen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Hamburg) discussed about the preparation for the Tribunal and a mobilization plan for the north region. It was agreed to have a common first gathering in the refugee camp in Fallersleben. Activists from this place informed already their fellow refugees in three other Lagers nearby.
The invitation is addressed to all refugees especially from that area. We also want to invite delegates from the other regions in Germany – south, east and west – and as well serious supporters who are willing to help in the further preparation.
The agenda for the gathering contents:
1 pm – 3.30 pm
  • Welcoming and short presentation of the participants
  • Presentation of the forgone discussion on the Tribunal 2013 and the meaning of testimonies
  • Presentation by delegates of the Lager Fallersleben, Meinersen, Salzgitter, Peine
Break (30 min)
4 pm – 7 pm
  • Discussions on preparation and contributions by the refugee community Niedersachsen for the Tribunal
  • Further mobilization events and documentation work
Lunch ( 60 min)
After the meeting we plan to present some film/video material connected to the topics
We also want to use the opportunity to record some video statements – refugees interview refugees - on the upcoming Tribunal 2013.
Since decades the German state has modified the asylum right to its virtual abolition. … The Tribunal will strengthen our self-confidence and express our solidarity among each other. Too long we remained in fear, too long we believed in their lies about democracy and human rights … It is high time to put the facts on the table and bring it to the Tribunal: Here we are!” Salah from Palestine
We take our right to charge and to judge every act of injustice committed on us! We organize ourselves to protect ourselves against all forms of oppression and persecution and we denounce publicly the crimes and the perpetrators

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