Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Resistance of Asylum Seekers in Aub (Bavaria/Germany)

The tragic situation that we have now, just need a fight to change it

After the suicide of Mohammad Rahsepar, the Iranian refugee who lived in Würzburg, Germany, we saw a wave of protests by refugees against the hard and inhuman condition of asylum seekers. Despite that the government and the citizens, who just recognize the consequences of asylum seekers law on a life of a refugee, this suicide just predicted the future of other refugees and encouraged them to react to the situation, with all power they have. Regarding the current protests in Würzburg  (Bavaria), and the incredible resistance of those refugees who chose to remain in the street, after hundred days of sit in and hunger strike, finally hope and motivation to take part in an action has grown between refugees.
Now, we, refugees of Aub camp, see no other way but to fight for our rights. The rights which despite nationality, language, color, race and religion, put us in a common position against these injustices, as we see that the change of these laws relies on a transnational principle. We, Afghan, Iraqi and Iranian refugees of Aub, after breaking these delusive geographic  and historical borders, came together to fight for our rights and in this way, we will move forward in solidarity with other refugees.
not just for me, not just for you, but for us! It’s been a long time that a resistive movement by refugees for their rights are under. We, refugees of Aub, joined the struggle in solidarity with previous and current fights, and we are determined to continue. Our clear demands are:
1-Cancellation of Deportation In our view, the choice of the place of living is a basic right of any human being. Sending back refugees to the country of origin, based on the political and economic exchange between governments, is against this universal right and stopping Germany from this inhuman procedure, is a demand of refugees in this camp.
2-Remove region borders
We are living in a country which has accepted Shengen yet, we have to live in a limited area. A systematic isolation like this is inhuman and we intend to remove any law which reinforces the isolation project, till refugees could travel whole Germany.
3-Elimination refugee camps
Refugee camps operates as dividing  walls which separates refugees from the society. Insufferable situation of refugee camps, protected by high walls, security guards and even barbed wire, and small rooms for up to five persons, make camps a place to survive not to live. We demand that these camps in which refugees do not have any privacy to be demolished.
4-Asylum court process
The record of our asylum seeker process in Germany could go back to three years yet most of us never received any answer from our first interview. We demand an immediate answer to our cases and we believe that to be kept in uncertain situation and waiting is a kind of white torture. In many European countries, there is a time limit for this process and we demand to make this process a shorter one and of course with time limit.
5-Food packages
In our view, it is a human right to choose what kind of food with which quality, he or she wants to eat. Limiting refugees to have food packages is against the most simple right of any human. Without any doubt, eliminating food packages and giving the right of choosing what a refugee wants to eat, is one of our serious demands.
6-unconditionaly work permit
influenced by main stream media it is now a popular belief that a refugee is only a consumer. It is not right! We demand work permit without any conditions because we believe that the right of working is any human’s right and through fair working conditions we can contribute as a member of society.
7- facilities to learn German
In line with the isolation policy, there is no facility provided by the government to let the refugee to learn German in Bavaria. How can someone live in a country without knowing the official language of that country? We believe that learning German, without any force on the refugee, is a right of a refugee and facilities for learning German, has to be approved officially.
8-choosing the place of living
Choosing the place of living in Germany, is impossible for a refugee. Refugees division in Germany, is in the hands of government and refugee, even if when s/he has a close family member like parents in another state, is not allowed to live with them! We demand to have the right to choose the place of our living in Germany.
We, refugees in Aub camp, have come together to acquire our demands and in solidarity with refugees in Würzburg and Bamberg who are on streets now, in our first steps on 02,07,2012, refused to recive our food packages and after building  a self-made tent in the yard of our camp and another tent in the only square of our town, in front of the city hall, we spent the last two nights out of our rooms and until our demands are met, we will not return to our rooms.
We, Afghan,Iraqi and Iranian refugees in Aub camp, invite all refugees from all nationalities, languages and cultures to not leave us alone in this action. We invite all activists who care about refugee issue in Germany and in Europe to help us creating a transnational wave to remove these inhumanity laws until our demands are recognized. Undoubtedly, there is a long way ahead of us to make it happen yet, the difficulty of the struggle should not discourage us.
(The first statement of the asylum seekers from Aub)


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