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Support Ali Safianou Touré struggle at administrative court of Schwerin!

Ten years of pending deportation, ten years denial of refugee protection, ten years of agony
Enough is enough!
ALI SAFIANOU TOURÉ against the Federal Republic of Germany
Friday 22th of June 2012 from 9°° AM
(short-term change of date is possible and will be immediately notified)
Administrative Court Schwerin, Wismarsche Strasse 323 a, 19055 Schwerin
Aufenthaltsrecht für ALI SAFIANOU TOURÉ
In 2002 Ali Safianou Touré came to Germany. As a political activist he had to flee the immediate threat by Togos Eyadema-Regime. His application for asylum was rejected in 2004. The same year the campaign of the Togolese refugees against the dictatorship in Togo and its collaboration with Germany has begun. Notwithstanding the refusal of asylum by the German authorities Ali Safianou Touré was one of the most present activists in the campaign and still is a determined enemy of the Eyadema-Regime. When in 2005 the power of the late General was taken over by his son through bloody violence, the Togolese refugees intensified their campaign and sought support for the families that were persecuted by the Togolese regime. Ali Safianou Touré is from Bafilou, a small town in the north of Togo which was hit hard by the regimes repression.
Aufenthaltsrecht für ALI SAFIANOU TOURÉ
Due to Germanys disastrous policy - the denial of political asylum - like many Togolese refugees Ali Safianou Touré saw himself exposed to the second tracking - the threat of deportation to Togo, in effect a delivery to the country of persecution.
We recall the hush-hush operation of the authorities of Mecklenburg against Alassane Moussbaou who was taken from his bed in the infirmary of Bützow prison and deported to Togo under secrecy. Alassane Moussbaou was threatened at the airport of Lomé already. He could save himself only be his immediate escape to Ghana. Meanwhile the regime in Togo managed to bribe some of the opposition and thus gives the impression of overcoming the time of dictatorship. The sellout of resources and the delivery of national sovereignty to France are just now going on, like high employment, extreme poverty, the very poor health care and the impunity of the murderers and torturers of the regime. An opposition that seeks to overcome the regime and gain independence is being suppressed at this time successfully. 

  Michael Ruf, Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit, Ali Safinaou Touré
Ali Safianou Touré never abandoned his principles against unjust. In Germany he has stood up against human rights violations for many years and his solidarity and selflessness are known to refugees and non-refugees all over Germany. Since last summer his life story is presented in the play „Asylmonologe“. In many performances the audience had the opportunity to get to know Ali Safianou Touré in person. Many asked for ways to end his agony of the long-unhealthy, unsafe and humiliating life as a refugee in acquiescence.
Ali Safianou Toure is physically heavily disabled - – Poliomyelitis has left his leg in a heavily underdeveloped and deformed state. When he left Togo, he was able to walk without walking aid. After several falls – he has to walk with crutches.
From 2006 on his health situation deteriorated steadily. Today, he can travel only short distances with crutches, but he often has to take a break. ALI SAFIANOU TOURÉ hast o suffer heavy pain for years. High blood pressure and sleeping disorders are consequences of long life in collective lagers, limited social benefits, the limited social welfare through the German social welfare Law for asylum seekers and the unsecured residence and the threat of deportation. Post-traumatic stress disorders are massive. Friends invite him to Hamburg as often as possible and have bought him an electric wheelchair to give him back more mobility.
Political asylum was rejected which is insane, for many years the decision on asylum for health/humanitarian reasons has not been taken in the council of the Parchim district. A revisiting request of the case at the Federal Office is pending since last year. After intervention of the stage for human rights and Caravane network at the Federal Office, a early treatment oft his case was promised – it is shocking and unacceptable that cases of severe health impairment are not beeing treated for years. Surprisingly the summons came in the case against the Ludwigslust/Parchim district, where Ali Safianou Touré five years ago presented the request to stay for humanitarian reasons.
We call on you to come to the process and to stand aside Ali Toure Safinanou in solidarity.
We call upon you to put on a sign that not again a secure residence and the beginning of a new life plan shall be stolen from him.
We will not allow the german authorities or courts to bring his life in danger.
Stop the deportations - end the LAGER-System in Germany!
KARAWANE für die Rechte der Flüchtlinge und MigrantInnen, The VOICE Refugee Forum
Kontakt: 0176 303 66 55 9 KARAWANE Hamburg Brigittenstrasse 5, 20359

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