Saturday, February 19, 2011

A letter from Libya

A Letter From One Human Being To Another.

I am urging all the international communities who believe in human rights and freedom of speech, in particular, the Obama administration, to Support the Libyan people and help them to express their views and voices, without fear of getting murdered.

The Libyan people wish to express their views via peaceful demonstrations without fearing for their lives. Why is the West turning a blind eye to what is currently happening across Libya?

In civil, western democratic Countries, you don't get shot, tortured or murdered for voicing your opinion. S0 why do western governments think that Libyan people don’t equally deserve to have these basic human rights?

It's a massacre by the criminal regime in Libya. Innocent people are getting murdered, tortured, threatened by SMS, murdered randomly by Secret Police and very intently by hired contractors aka African mercenaries brought in and paid specifically to murder. The regime is using helicopters to fire live ammunition from above on unarmed and peaceful demonstrators. The regime is closing hospitals and purposefully allowing medical supplies to run out.

Why isn't the western media allowed to bring the truth from inside Libya? Why is the regime state TV allowed to tell us that everything is fine?

Don’t be silent, express your voice, call upon your government and ask them to act. Act now before it's too late.

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