Thursday, January 27, 2011

Walk Like an Egyptian

The struggle for freedom in Egypt is not just for the liberation of Egyptians from the oppression of a tyrannical regime, rather, it has far reaching implications for the entire Middle East region. That is why this is important for you to do your part even if you are not Egyptian.

Hosni Mubarak has enslaved the nation and stopped it from progressing in collusion with other powers that stand to gain from it. While the aid that Egypt receives might seem on paper as helping to subsidize food and assist the needy, fact is that it is mechanism of creating a dependence on the master who provides the aid and to carry out his will.

The war on Gaza and the continued starvation of Gazans via the blockade will perish along with this tyrannical regime. Other wars in the region, for the supposed new World Order would not have occurred without the tacit collusion of the selfish dictator, Mubarak. The title is meant to convey this very fact. One is very passionate when it comes to the Palestinian cause owing to their decades of suffering. If Egypt is liberated, not only will the suffering of Egyptians end, but several countries in the region will see an end to their misery.

It is very sad that some lives are being lost in the process. The powers that be would be unflinching in their support of the dictator and would care less for innocent lives, let alone care for any human rights.

While Facebook and Twitter can make the calls to action, they cannot make the noise on the street to bring down this brutal dictatorial regime. All people of conscience, who care for human rights and the sanctity of life, need to do their share by not merely expressing solidarity with Egyptians, but perform a tangible action whether protest on the ground in Egypt or call your lawmakers in your respective districts to urge for their support to the cause of the oppressed people of Egypt.

Life is precious. Let not history record as waste the lives of those who died so far as a result of brute force by the riot police. No more lives need to be lost. If you live in the US contact your representative and urge for their support. Show your support by 'liking' FB pages like "We are all Khaled Said "- If you tweet, tag #egypt #jan25. But do your share, even if it is just a repost on Facebook.

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