Friday, November 05, 2010

Free Mumia!!! trial on 9th of November


MOBILIZE NOW FOR NOVEMBER 9TH IN PHILADELPHIA! RALLY AT 12 NOON AT 6TH AND MARKET STS. MUMIA’S HEARING IS AT 2PM AT 601 N. MARKET ST. AND THE STREETS MUST BE PACKED WITH SUPPORTERS!! D.A. SETH WILLIAMS STATED VERY CLEARLY THAT WHEN THE TIME COMES, HE WILL DEFINITELY ASK FOR THE DEATH SENTENCE FOR MUMIA. THAT TIME IS HERE — NOVEMBER 9! We have very few days to do what is necessary to bring thousands of people to the streets of Philly. People must begin organizing NOW to get there — schools, colleges, labor unions, churches, mosques, temples and every group and individual that can be reached. - CALL D.A. SETH WILLIAMS’ OFFICE AT 215-686-8000 AND TELL HIM HANDS OFF MUMIA!! - CALL/FAX/E-MAIL THE NEWS MEDIA ABOUT THE NEW EVIDENCE W/THE PICTURES (see

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