Friday, October 01, 2010

Abu-Jamal-News issue #4

Abu-Jamal News issue #4:

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Be In Philadelphia!
World Day Against The Death Penalty
October 9, 9am, Fraternal Order of
Police HQ (Broad & Spring Garden)

We demand 100% abolition of the death penalty NOW!
No Exceptions (including Mumia Abu-Jamal)!
Several key members of US death penalty organizations have recently made a move to exclude Mumia from the movement to abolish the death penalty, arguing that
Mumia’s inclusion alienated potential law enforcement supporters of the abolition movement. This position cause an international uproar. Oct. 9 will be a reaffirmation
of a real and unifying abolition movement.
We demonstrate at the Fraternal Order of Police HQ because of their long term vicious commitment to executions, even in cases of innocence, and their terrorist attacks against those who fight for justice.
Featuring Philadelphia journalist Linn Washington, The Welfare Poets, international representatives, former death row prisoners, and many others. More information:

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