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Troy Davis Campaign: June 22 Global Day of Solidarity

Troy Davis, who has been on Georgia's death row for the past 20 years, will finally be allowed to present evidence of his innocence before a judge in Georgia at a hearing on June 23.
A vigil in support of Troy is being held in Savannah, Ga., outside the courtroom on June 23. Activists from around the world are traveling to Savannah to support Troy. Anyone interested in making the trip should read the section at the bottom of this e-mail posted from NY CEDP and Amnesty.

A global day of action has been called for the day before Troy goes to court. People are encouraged to hold rallies, vigils, speakouts, tablings and teach-ins to draw attention to Troy's case.

Martina Correia, Troy's sister said, "We need to be out there, holding events and getting the word out to show that we are watching. People from all around the world will be holding events in support of Troy. And that pressure, that attention is felt. So I urge everyone to do whatever they can to be a part of this, even if it's just to stand on a corner with a "Innocence matters - Justice for Troy Davis" sign. And I thank you all."


Troy Davis was recently interviewed in our newsletter The New Abolitionist. He had this to say to say when I asked him if we were making progress in our fight to end the death penalty:

We are further along the lines of ending the death penalty then ever before. Injustice is no longer tolerated; executing the innocent is NOT acceptable. Every death row inmate now has hope of the death penalty coming to an end. We can't slow down now. We will end this death penalty, and I'm blessed to have my case pushing this movement in the right direction. Encourage, Educate, organize, rally and speak out.

When asked what he would like to say to his supporters, he wrote: "Thank you all so very much for being supportive. Together, we are making changes that will end the death penalty. All of you made them listen. You opened the eyes of the world."

The full interview is in the June 2010 issue, which is just out. If you would like to receive a newsletter or a bundle of copies, please contact Marlene at


New York City: Join us on June 22 in Union Square from 5:30 pm to 7 pm for a demonstration and vigil in solidarity with Troy and his supporters. A list of endorsing organizations is being formed. To add your organization, please contact Colleen ( or Lee (

If you are unable to join us in Union Square, consider mobilizing at other sites in New York City.

Austin, Texas: The Austin CEDP chapter is planning a teach-in event about racism and the death penalty to mark the Global Day of Action for Troy Davis on June 22, which also happens to be the 10th anniversary of the state murder of radical activist and Texas death row prisoner Shaka Sankofa. Our event will take place at a local community center, with family members of death row prisoners and activists speaking to the audience about these two cases and others where racism has played such a blatant role. We also want to take pictures to add to the Troy Davis mosaic and encourage people to get involved in activism around Troy's case and against the death penalty. To get involved or to get more information, contact Lily at

Denton, Texas: The Denton chapter is currently working on hosting a candlelight vigil event on June 22. This will be speakers, and someone has offered to sing during the vigil. We are working on getting a banner made that says "Innocence matters: Free Troy Davis" to display at the event. For more information, contact Laura at If other chapters have events in the works to be a part of this day of action, please send your announcement to Marlene at


Thousands of people will be attending the U.S. Social Forum, which will be held in Detroit. It begins June 22, the same day as the global day of action for Troy, and runs through June 26. The Campaign is holding a meeting at the forum on Friday, June 25, which will feature a call-in from death row. Several of us are traveling to Detroit, and we will raise our voice in support of Troy there. Anyone interested in attending and willing to volunteer to help the Campaign at the forum, please contact Pat at


Download fact sheets and petitions for Troy at the Campaign Web site:
here... and here...


Amnesty International is putting together a mosaic of Troy, using pictures of people. Send in a picture of yourself to be included:


The "Freedom Ride" to Savannah will be a total of three days. We will be leaving from New York City on June 22, spend the night in Savannah that night, and we will be leaving the following night, after having spent the day in the courtroom.

Troy's lawyers are working on having him in the courtroom during the hearing, and we think that he will probably be granted permission. This would be the first time in nearly 20 years that Troy will leave his cell and be among people who are not prison staff--and the first time ever that he will be allowed to be among his supporters, friends and family in court!

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in going and also if you have a valid U.S. drivers' license. Contact Gloria at


The hearing is open to the public, though seating is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. The hearing could be as short as one day, but it could last two, three or even more.

We are planning to have space for supporters' area across the street in the public park facing the courthouse. People will hold a vigil in the square during the day as the hearing is underway. We hope to have a large, respectful, quiet presence of Troy supporters. There will be activities throughout the day to keep folks positively engaged. Whether you are able to get into the courthouse or join us outside, your presence will make a difference. So please come out and join our community of conscience.

If you want to see about rides from neighboring Southern states, please e-mail There are many hotels and motels in the Savannah area that you can check out. If you are interested in alternative lodging, please e-mail

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