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Fatenah - animated film on medical access from Gaza


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Fatenah is a 27 year old woman living in the Gaza Strip. Her life is similar to the lives of many other women in Gaza. Her life changes the day she discovers to have breast cancer.

This animation, the first produced in Palestine, shows with great accuracy the scenarios of Gaza city. The 27 minutes long story is a breath-taking journey into Fatenah’s daily struggles. It uncovers the human drama of her fight to survive. This journey into the heart of the Gaza Strip will touch and move you.


Fatenah is an animation that was liberally inspired from a true story. The original story was re-adapted so that Fatenah could represent any young woman from Gaza that embarks on the arduous journey of seeking medical care which is not available within the Gaza Strip.

This animation took one year to be completed; it was produced entirely in Palestine by Palestinian producers and animators. The animation was completed in June 2009. The World Health Organization for West Bank and Gaza supported this project from the very beginning.

Fatenah is both the first Palestinian produced animation and the first story on access to health for patients in Gaza to reach the big screen. Over the last four years, the number of patients that request treatment outside Gaza has been growing due to the lack of specialized health care services in the Strip.

As the producer of the animation, Saed Andoni, and the film director, Ahmad Habash, have said: “Usually Palestinians are treated or are looked at as numbers. You hear that five people were killed, or that ten Palestinians died. But this is not the case. The case is that behind each number there is a long human story, and that’s why we focused on this one story and individual, we wanted to tell the un-told human story behind the numbers.”


Directed by Ahmad Habash

Screenplay Saed Andoni, Ahmad Habash, Ambrogio Manenti

Produced by Saed Andoni

Music Said Murad

Editing Saed Andoni

Animation Ahmad Habash

Director of Photography Ahmad Habash

Sound Designer Zaher Rashmawi

Voice – Actors

Buthaina Sumairi (Fatenah)

Ahmad Abu Saloom (Abu Rasheed)

Shaden Saleem (Amal)

Imad Ahmad (Mualem)

Mesbah Deeb (Ayman)

Waleed Aqel (Dr. Salah / AMB. Driver)

Nibal Thawabteh (Lutfieh)

Hanan El Hilu (Dafna)

Amira Habash (IDF soldier)

Ahmad Habash (Palestinian Dr. / IDF soldier)

Saed Andoni (IDF sergeant)

Gabriel Lambert (Israeli Dr.)

Chiara Stefanini (Israeli nurse)

Voice and Sound Effects Recording Zaher Rashmawi

Script Advisor Ismaeel Habbash

Character Development / Modeling / Shading / Rigging Ahmad Habash

Sets Development / Modeling / Shading Ahmad Habash, Sameer Qumsieh

Visual effects and compositing Ahmad Habash

Still Photography Saed Andoni, Sami Abu Salem

Storyboard Ahmad Habash

Color Correction Saed Andoni, Ahmad Habash


Said Murad (Flute)

Wissam Murad (Oud and Percussion)

Ashraf Qawasmi (Sound Designer)

Issam Murad (Music Mixing)

Music Recording Studio Sabreen Studios

Final Sound Mixing Zaher Rashmawi

Sound Recording Studio Studio 1

Executive Producer Saed Andoni for Dar Films

With the support of

World Health Organization

Sabreen Association for Artistic Development

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