Thursday, July 02, 2009

Life threatening racist fire attack on Refugee in Möhlau (Sachsen-Anhalt / Germany)

The refugee initiative Mölau is informing the press about the ongoing attacks on innocent refugees living in Mölau

At arround 2 pm yesterday being Tuesday the 29th of june 2009 a refugee named Azad Murad hadji from Irak were been attacked and burned alive here in his Heim Möhlau while he only went to walk around the compound, to which Azad, the victim is presently at the Hospital.The criminal police of investigation are presently investigating on the matter and they arrived in Mölau at about 4am today. A lot of past intimidated attacks had been reported.

The refugees in Möhlau are feeling insecure and they were been consistencly traumatized including thir innocent children, having the humour of fear which have a negetive impact to thier days to days lives.

The refugees initiative are calling for the immidiate closure of the Heim which is quite isolated and had no adequate protection in terms of protecting innocent refugees.

For more information contact the speaker of the refugees innitiative Möhlau
Salomon Wantchoucou

Pictures from Möhlau - End of June

Stop further intimidations of the refugee Activist and Speaker of the Refugee
Initiative in Möhlau-lager

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