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Letter of Protest from the Lager in Möhlau (Germany)

The voice and the caravan members of Mohlau, Lutherstadt Wittenberg had united together as refugies to discuss their strugles and surferings to which the following protocol were made,on 05/04/2009.

1. The discussions of deportation treats and the denied of " Aufenhaltsrechts" for refugies who merited to be regulated, such as for the case of Stolla from Kosovo, who have been living in Mohlau since 1999, Saifa from Kosovo, who equally live in möhlau with his several children since 9 years, Toure who have been equally living in Möhlau for almost 11 years now, Ali has been living in möhlau for the past 7-8 years, Kahlaf als from syria has been in germany for the past 15 years and she equally had Diabete and eye problem, also victim of "Gutschien", Alsaid there since 1999 and his chldrens were born here in Germany, Fernando has been living in mohlau for the past 5 years with his familly, from Guinea Bissau, Liu from China has been living in mohlau for the past 13 years and her child were been born here in Germany also "Gutschein" victim and many others.Especially africains are favoured victim in this matter why?

2. The manipulation of the foreing office and social office of lutherstadt Wittenberg concerning "Gutscheine". The use of "identität" as an objet to touture and practice inhuman treatement to innocent refugees, to which some of them had totally lost kontact to the country of residence or their old documents had been destroyed and expired or are Stateless and had no families any moor.

3. The deniyal of working permitte by the same forigne office of lutherstadt Wittenberg to innocent refugees were been discused while other Local governement were now according working permits to refugees living in there local governement.

To all these points mentioned the refugees in Mohlau wittenberg are expressing their anger and protest because thier lives were been systematically destryoyed despite the fact that they were innocent they were angry because of the negetive interpretation of their innocent law as far as it concerns refugees. They were calling for support The voice refugees forum and the caravane for the right of refugees for a public demonstration in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Letter of protest

The voice and the karavane for the right of refugees Mohlau, Lutherstadt Wittenberg were definitely angry and are denoucing the inhuman practices accorded to them by the forigne office and social office of lutherstadt Wittenberg, therfore are calling for their right to be respected and be giving to them because they have had enough patient in these matters, however, the refugees lives were been destroyed instead of the neccessasry proctection from which the law defines in a positive way.

Refugees in mohlau lives in an isolated area, to which integrating themselves into the society is very very difficult never the less they were been tortured, intimadated, abused by some civil servant because of hatred, ignorance etc. Refugees are calling for the abolishment of all these practices.

They were demanding for the abolishement of the so called "Gutschien" . With this practice the lives of innocent refugees were been totured and Luterstad wittenberg knew that it was an inhuman treatement but they applied it, that is racism and non tranperency of democracy.

he refugees were demanding for their right of existence, to compromise that, the german law makers defined what we called "Aufenthaltsrecht" So that refugees can work and contribute to the development of germany.Therefore the refugees were strongly demanding the director of the foreing office to take positive position now! So that the refugees live will be saved instead of destroying their lives.

The refugees in mohlau lutherstadt wittenberg have the right to work , however this has not been permitted because of racial intent, hatred why? So therfore we the refugees were demanding today Lutherstadt wittenberg to abolish all these inhuman treatements and recognise the human dignity, existence.

We the refugges of Mohlau lutherstadt wittenberg were basing on all these reasons mentioned to informe the "Burgermeister", The director of the foreing , the administrative office, Gemeinde rat , and the citicens, indigenes of lutherstadt wittenberg to reforme their hatredness toward refugees and recognise the right of thes refugees and respect the human right and diginity.


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