Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tamil protest still going strong / 8th April 3pm

Up to 1500 Tamil people died 6th of April 2009 in Sri Lanka during a gas attack, that's what triggered the London protest.

Police are carrying out small raids to snatch the flags, and beating and ill treating people in the process, including the kids and the elderly. A man had a heart attack, allegedly because of the police tactics.
Lots of students and school children are in the protest.
I copy as it stands the leaflet distributed by the British Tamil Students :

-Between 250 and 300 thousand Tamil civilians are currently encircled by five full divisions of Sri Lankan armed forces within 12 square kilometers, moving in for a mass execution as we speak.

-The international community has been hoodwinked by the Sri Lankan propaganda that has concealed the genocide of Tamils under the cloak of 'War On Terror'

-Empty statements and expressions of concern from the politicians have so far not delivered any results towards addressing this human catastrophe in Sri Lanka. Continuos engagement with the UK political wstablishment has not yield any meaningful results to save the Tamils from the genocidal agenda of Sri Lankan state.

-International community's failure to act promptly in Rwanda and Darfur resulted in genocide that could have been prevented. Act now before it becomes too late for the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

-Britain has the moral responsibility of rectifying the historical injustice committed to the Tamilo nation.

-UK should refer Sri Lanka to the UN Security Council for Genocide of Tamils and War Crimes.

-Immediate UK Govenrment response required:
Intervene in Sri Lankda to agree for a Immediate and Permanent CEASEFIRE on humanitarian grounds
International Media Access to the War Zone
Immediate access to Humanitarian Aid and Aid workers
Rosalba Dean

The numbers have swelled over the past 4 - 5 hrs to about 2000+ people by 14:00 hrs.
A vast majority are teenagers, children (on school holidays) and even a lot of toddlers (with prams)
After two bouts of trying to unsuccessfully snatch flags hoisted by the children in the middle of the square the police are looking on in amazement on the edges of the square.
Even the police seem to recognise the energy projected by the young protesters who are leading the chants 'we want ceasefire; Sri Lankan president -- War Criminal' etc.
But the protestors on the square are serious about their clear demands that Gordon Brown himself attend to the ceasefire call.
Everyone is sitting down patiently and there are few trains of people are snaking through the crowd with the chants.
Following the two minute silence observed last night there was another five minute silence observed as we write this at 14:15. It is not clear what it is for as the 'criminalisation' of the whole event on unclear basis seems to prevent clear communication from those who were organising this silent solidarity of some sort (must have been for those who have been subject to the accelerating Genocide of Tamils).

The Tamil protesters and the few activists present urge others to come join this event as the innocent Tamil civilians are being slaughtered (including the 1500 killed in a gas attack by the Sri Lankan government forces) so indiscriminately -- they do deserve our support

Tamils solidarity

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