Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stop the voucher system now!

A call to the local governments of Lutherstadt-Wittenberg & Dessau-Rosslau

Why "Gutschein" to some innocent, non criminal, poor refugees who are fighting only for their lives in other for them to be not dead in their different countries, to which the German government benefits some economical accords and interest?

Gutschein is an inhuman treatment applied by some certain local government in Germany by some certain social office in collaboration with the foreign office.

The world at large creates a system, in which every individual on planet earth must have an access to what was defined as medium of exchange, which is money. Both poor man and rich man needs this medium of exchange in other to contribute to the mechanism of the functioning of the world
economical system.

The civil servants working at some certain local social offices of every local government knew about this world international principles. Despite that, they contrarily and intentionally develop a systematical system of diverting innocent human being not to have access to this world unified accord called money.

This refugees, to which they attributed to be given Gutschein were innocent human beings, despite the fact that the German law makers defined it precisely in a compromisery way, on how the law should be applied, in their so called "Asylbewerbungliestungsgesetz".

However, some unsympathetic civil servants of some certain local government, under the department of refugees social affairs, prefers to interpret the law in a negative, racial, hatred way together by using their own self interest, to discriminate and make the matter worst
for the refugees.

why is it that some sympathetic local government instead of handling the so called "Gutschein" prefers to abolish the use of it because they are aware of its inhuman nature that it contains. While other wicked, non-sympathetic local government continues to apply it in an inhuman form.

While they knew how their social, economical, and integral system of living where been sophisticatedly coordinated to indirectly torturing innocent human beings.These refugees were been attributed to stay in an isolated area,they were been interdicted not to work to earn their living,and no train, bus, taxi need any other thing less than money for
his work.

They knew that some shopping centres, where these refugees could buy their necessary needs, do not need any other things less than direct physical cash. Equally, these shopping centres could find themselves 10 kilometres away from their attributed places.

The introduction of this ideology leads to criminalized, traumatized even cause sicknesses and death to innocent refugees in Germany because they have been forcefully directed what to eat. Therefore, our organisations The VOICE Refugee Forum and the CARAVAN for the rights of
refugees and migrants were calling the local government of Lutherstadt wittenberg, Dessau-Rosslau and others to abolish all these inhuman practices now!

Close the isolated heims and stop Gutschein now! They need international solidarity now!

Salomon Wantchoucou

Möhlau, Lutherstadt Wittenberg

06.02.09, The Protest of The VOICE Refugee Forum, By Salomon W. from the Refugee Heim in Möhlau (Sachsen-Anhalt)

beginning of 2009, Pictures from the Lager in Möhlau

9th of November 2008, Saxony-Anhalt: Salomom Wantchoucou's deportation threat http://thevoiceforum.org/node/972

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