Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mistreatment of Kurdish children by Turkish authorities

Munich, 28.03.08

Ladies and Gentlemen,
this year again numerous children and young persons in Turkey became brutally arrested, abused, kidnapped and tortured by members of the Turkish police, constabulary and military and special operation units during the Newroz celebrations . Defense by a lawyer and medical care for the victims are prevented.

There are numerous photographs and videos from the incidents. On videos attached by us is to be seen how members of the civil police and/or the Turkish secret service, members of special-purpose forces in civilian clothes, are breaking through the arm of the 15-year-old Cuneyit Ertus in front of the unit's running camera.

They call: „We break the arms which throw stones.“ The Turkish idiom, originally used by the former Turkish Prime Minister Tansu Ciller: "We break the hands which rise against Turkey, the tongue which speaks against us is cut off".

According to our information, Cuneyit Ertus is still kept captive without medical care since the incident on 23.03.2008 in Hakkari/Yüksekova. More children and youngsters in Turkey suffer the same in this very moment. Right now we have received news from a member of the bar association of Hakkari that another kid apparently has lost both eyes and suffered a scull fracture. The boy has been brought for emergency operation to Ankara.

The arrested children must be helped immediately.

Therefore we are addressing to you. Please pass on the information to your contact-lists and communicate us quickly who got involved in the matter.

If you need further information, you can contact us at any time. We ourselves are for the moment depending on publications in the Internet and the abroad working Kurdish media etc. We have the information about the whereabouts of
Cuneyit Ertus over Roj TV, a Kurdish television station, which referred to the information from the child's father. If we get informations about the other children we will inform you.

In hope, Yours sincerely

Memo Arikan

Directorate of Kurdish Community Bavaria &
Member of Munich Foreigners' Council
Kurdische Gemeinde Bayern
Bergmannstr.35, 80339 München,
Mobil: 0171/5324986

Cüneyit Ertus Video
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