Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stop deportation to Iraq

Stop deportation to Iraq!
Stop war ans occupation!
Stop this madness!

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Support the Iraqi refugees! Send a fax to the UK Home office!

UK Home Office
Fax: 00442070354745

Proposed text:


Home Office
2 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DF

Ladies and Gentleman,

The UK government is currently arresting and detaining and deporting Iraqi Kurdish asylum seekers. I believe that the deportations could not be happening at a worse time with the recent cholera outbreak affecting Sulaimaniya, Arbil and Kirkuk, in which more than 2000 people have been infected so far. Northern Kurdistan is not a safe place to return Iraqi asylum seekers. The situation in Kurdistan may be relatively more stable compared to other parts of Iraq, but Iraqi Kurdistan is not an independent state and continues to be subject to the outcomes of the policies of the US and occupying forces whilst the Iraq war continues. The two ruling parties in Kurdistan, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) are authoritative and undemocratic. Many people are unemployed in Kurdistan and public services are very poor. The Kurdish authorities continue to persecute human rights campaigners and journalists. Terrorist groups and Islamic parties are intimidating Kurdish people on a daily basis. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and US State Departments reports all indicate violations of human rights in Iraqi Kurdistan. The KDP and PUK are not able to protect Kurdish people and provide public services and utilities. All of the factors above lead to the continuing flow of refugees leaving Iraqi Kurdistan.

Iraq including Kurdistan is not safe. Iraqi refugees should not be forcibly returned.

Yours Sincerely,


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