Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Swedish government is responsible for the death of Mewan Omer

Swedish government is responsible for the death of Mewan Omer A crime
against refugee rights

International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR) have been informed that
the body of Mewan Omer an Iraqi Kurdish refugee has been found. Mewan Omer
has been missing for four days. Mewan Omar hanged himself in Olivia,
Valhalbat, Sweden.

Mewan claimed asylum in Netherlands and Sweden but, his claim of asylum was
rejected in both countries. IFIR blames the Swedish Government for Mewvan’s
death. Mewan became depressed after receiving a letter from the Swedish
Government threatening him with deportation. Mewan’s death is a human
tragedy and an outcome of the policy of the Swedish Government to forcibly
deport Iraqi Kurdish refugees

The Death of Mewan should not be forgotten. Human rights campaigners should
continue to put pressure on the Swedish government and press them to prevent
future tragedies such as Mewan’s suicide. Following Mewan’s suicide IFIR
calls on all human rights campaigners, trade unions and civil rights
organizations to join IFIR’s campaign against forcibly deporting Iraqi Kurds
back to Iraq. This is the time to challenge European governments
threatening to deport Iraqi Kurds. IFIR calls on all European countries to
grant refugee status to Iraqi Kurdish refugees.

IFIR expresses its sorrow at Mewan’s death but will continue to campaign
against and challenge the inhumane policies of forcible deportation to Iraq
which led to Mewan’s death.

IFIR held a demonstration on Monday 2nd July 2007, which started at
the front of Gothenburg newspaper marching to where Mewan’s body was found.


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