Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ibrahim Avcıl must be released!

Stopp the state terror in Turkey!

Ibrahim Avcıl must be released!

Some of the journalists, trade unionists, youth and female activisists and activists of the ESP (Socialist Platform of the Oppressed), who filled the prisons due to the Turkish state`s raids on the newspaper Atilim, the ESP, the Socialist Youth Association (SGD), the trade unions Limter-Is and Tekstil-Sen, the Labourer Women`s Association (EKD), the cultural and art institute BEKSAV, the Association Sanat ve Hayat, the radio station Özgür Radyo in whole Turkey and Northern Kurdistan and on the homes of the people working at these institutes, have been taken to court in Istanbul on April 13, 2007. This has been their first trial. Among those arrested, there were many delegates who took part in the 5th International Conference Agaist Disappearances, organised by ICAD together with YAKAY-DER in May 2006 in Diyarbakir.

Ibrahim Avcil, who works for the British Section of ICAD, has been one of the delegates from the UK, as there were many delegates from other foreign countries to come and watch the trials on April 13. On this day, the whole world has been witnessing the brutal attacks of the police on the masses gathering in front of Beşiktaş Court, Istanbul, where the trial was taking place. The Turkish police, who could not accept the demands of hundreds of people requiring the release of the prisoners in a peaceful way, attacked them brutally with gas bombs and truncheons. Thıs attack proofs that the Turkish state stills maintains its fascist structure which is an enemy of human rights.

On April 13, the Turkish state attacked as well as took 114 people under arrest. Among those 20 people taken to prison is also our activist Ibrahim Avcıl. Whilst the Turkish state had to release 10 prisoners at the April 13 trial, it opted for replacing them by 20 other people.

ICAD strongly protests against these attacks and the detentions by the Turkish state and demands the immediate release of its activist Ibrahim Avcıl.

ICAD demands the release of the ESP activists arrested and detained on April 13 and the punishment of the police who were brutally attacking the people waiting in front of the court.

ICAD declares that the Turkish state with its recent attacks on intellectuals and democratic institutions is violating international law and basic human rights and demands an end to Turkish state’s attacks.

April 17, 2007


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