Monday, May 29, 2006

We demand the return of Alassane Mousbaou!

Stop all deportations to the Dictatorship in Togo!

FC St.Pauli/ 7. Herren

Name: Alassane Mousbaou member of St Pauli 7. Herren since 09/03

What could be said: Sometimes even tries to use the goalpost. And is the only one to try a bicycle kick on a hard court.

Even passion for football and enthusiasm for FC St.Pauli is punishable for refugees under German law if they do not live in Hamburg. Asylum seekers in Germany are denied basic human rights. They are often placed in isolated asylum homes and camps and are forbidden to leave their district (“Landkreis”) without special permission. A violation of this German Apartheid Law, the so-called “Residence Obligation” (Residenzpflicht), is punishable with up to 5000 Euro or one year imprisonment. Alassane, whose freedom of movement was limited to the district (Landkreis) Ludwigslust in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, could have never played with the FC. St.Pauli if he had accepted this racist law. Alassane has another story. He was an active member of the opposition in his home country Togo. This small West African country, has lived under bloody dictatorship for the past 40 years. After the terror of the German and after French colonialism (1918), Togo fought for its independence (1960). With support from Europe, the new democratically elected President Olympio was murdered after only three years and the former foreign legionnaire General Eydema took over power. He made Togo into a puppet regime of Europe. Until today the dictatorship serves Europe as bridgehead for arms traffic, the organization armed conflicts, and coups d'etat in the entire region. After the general´s death in February 2005, his son took over power. His militias killed around 1000 people within a few months and ten of thousands fled to the neighboring countries. Europe continues to support this new old dictatorship.

Alassane came under scrutiny of the regime in 2001. He managed to flee and came to Germany. The banality of evil followed. His asylum petition was denied as unfounded. Alassane continued his political struggle while in exile and got involved with the “The International Campaign Against the Dictatorship in Togo and Other African Countries” (IC). In December 2005, he was detained by the foreign authority (Ausländerbehörde) and placed in deportation detention. When he demanded to call his attorney, one of the authorities grabbed him from behind and choked him. He was brought to the JVA Bützöw Prison. Outside a massive support campaign was underway. Even UNHCR demanded an-examination of Alassane´s asylum proceeding. While the PDS/SPD government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern came under increasing pressure, a secret operation was planned. On January 31, 2006, a police commando stormed the prison hospital ward. Alassane was torn from bed, brought to the airport, and deported under police supervision. His attorney was denied information for hours the next day. At the airport, in Lomé (Togo), Alassane was held. A technical sergeant of the military presented him with photos and documents of the exile opposition in Germany. He was called a bandit of the IC. Only after the intervention of the Togolese human right league was Alassane released. Already on the next day, the militias came to Alassane´s friend´s house to arrest him again. But he was not there. The militias now threatened his friend. When they came a second time, Alassane and his friend fled to Ghana. Even in the neighboring country, the militias of the Togolese regime can operate unhindered, so that Alassane and his friend have remained in hiding in Ghana since February. Alassane´s attorney is still waiting for a court date in his asylum case, in order to make his right to return valid. „The international campaign“ (IC) continues to mobilize against the collaboration of the German authorities with the dictatorship in Togo. On April 14, 2006, the Minister of the Interior of Schwerin, Gottfried Timm, had to issue a six-month deportation stop to Togo. This stop applies only to the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The other Federal States continue the criminal practice of deporting the refugees from the dictatorship in Togo. Hamburg has planned a mass deportation to the West African dictatorship via charter flight at the end of April. The overall asylum recognition rate in Germany is about 0,9 %. Increasingly recognized refugees, who have lived in Germany for years or decades, are having their status taken away by means of a revocation procedure (Widerrufsverfahren). The following justification is given: “You are no longer in danger in your country.” The constantly growing institutional racism of the German government drives Nazis on the street to more and more attacks on everyone who does not look “German.” While the media in Germany has launched a campaign “You are Germany “ (just as during the Third Reich; NSDAP facists already used the same wording in the 30's), refugees and migrants experience the other side the coin: “You Are NOT Germany.” Everyone, with any dignity left in them, must be nauseated by the German football World Cup slogan: “The world as guests with friends” together with a policy and official practice, which puts into practice the Nazi slogan “Germany for Germans - Foreigners Out.”

We call on everyone to fight racism everywhere by all means necessary!
We call on everyone to support the fight for Alassane´s rights and the rights of all refugees and migrants!

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